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Ubisoft Has A Bad Day: Delays Games And Is Sued For Sexual Harassment By French Union

July 18, 2021

Ubisoft Is Delaying Riders Republic and Rainbow Six

Ubisoft recently announced new delays for Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Extraction and Riders Republic.
According to the publisher, this change will allow titles to receive more player feedback.
We are delaying both of these games to allow players to test, play first-hand, and give feedback so we are able to deliver the best possible experiences and allow them to reach their full potential,” the company said.
“The new release schedules will allow us to accomplish that goal. This is the right choice for our players and our long-term performance.”
The new release date for the Riders Republic is October 28, 2021, and the new release window for Rainbow Six Extraction is January 2022.
Rainbow Six Extraction and Riders Republic have both been delayed once before, in October and January, respectively.
Skull & Bones has been delayed again by Ubisoft.

French Union Is Suing Ubisoft Over Sexual Harassment

The French union Solidaires Informatique has filed a lawsuit alleging institutional sexual harassment against Ubisoft.
Yesterday, the union filed a suit in a French court. The company first announced its intention to sue a year ago, after allegations were made against senior Ubisoft executives.
As per the report, the publisher “has put in place, maintained and strengthened a system where sexual harassment is tolerated because it is more profitable for the company to keep harassers on staff than to protect its employees.”
Chief creative officer Serge Hasco * t and head of HR Cécile Cornet, editorial department member Tommy François, and CEO Yves Guillemot are named in the suit, along with Hasco * t’s assistant and several employees of the HR department.
After investigations into their behavior, Mascot and François left the company. Originally, Cornet stepped down from her role but remained with the publisher. Her LinkedIn profile indicates she parted ways with Ubisoft in March.
Solidaires Informatique said Guillemot was chosen because the CEO must be held accountable for what happens at the company. Only Guillemot remains with the company and in the same role.
The union is still asking other victims of abuse by Ubisoft or its employees to testify or sign on to the lawsuit. All legal fees will be covered, and union membership is not required of participants.
A Ubisoft representative told us they had no further information regarding the claim filed against them and referred us to a statement made by Guillemot in May saying that “considerable progress” had been made since the allegations first surfaced.

Game Bits: Twitch Sets New Hours Record, The Leadership Shake-Ups At Gaming Companies Continue At Ubisoft Massive

June 18, 2021

According to StreamElement’s monthly data report, put together with its analytics partner, Twitch has set a new record for viewership for the fourth time this year.
In May 2021, Twitch users watched 2.2 billion hours overall, up 37% year-over-year and slightly above April’s 2.2 billion hours.
Although Facebook Gaming didn’t set records, it still surpassed 400 million hours watched and grew 23% year-over-year.
As measured by hours watched, Jut Chat, Grand Theft Auto 5, and League of Legends continued to be the most popular categories in May, but there were some changes further down the chart.
Apex Legends found itself in ninth place with hours watched up 33% to 61 million, while Resident Evil Village made its debut in the top 10 with 48 million hours watched. After a 19% increase month-over-month, Value was the fourth most watched category with 95 million hours watched in May 2021.

David Polfeldt is moving to a different role with Ubisoft Massive.
A memo sent to Ubisoft staff today revealed that Polfeldt will step down from his current role on July 1 to take a sabbatical, returning to the company in 2022 in a new strategic position.
According to a memo from Ubisoft, the next head of the studio will take over in October 2021, but Ubisoft cannot announce them yet to avoid problems with their current employer.
Massive has been with Polfeldt for 17 years, and he has been managing director for 12 of those years.
The studio is behind The Division series, as well as two upcoming collaborations with Disney: a Star Wars open-world game and Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora.
In a post on the Massive website, Polfeldt said, “When we signed Star Wars and built Eden in 2020, I felt like I had accomplished everything I once dreamed of.
Based on The Division, Avatar, Snowdrop, and Ubisoft Connect, the studio is in great shape, and I am incredibly grateful for what we have achieved together.
This is the third studio at Ubisoft to see leadership change in four months. Kolibri Games announced departures of the CEO and CTO in March, while Ubisoft Owlient studio managers Charlie Guillemot and Rémi Pellerin stepped down in May 2021.
A series of high-profile departures and firings occurred across Ubisoft studios last year as a result of multiple allegations of sexual harassment and other misconduct reported by various leaders and the human resources department.