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Game Bits: Twitch Gaming And American Eagle Have Become Partners, NYC Will See Black Dragons Soon

August 20, 2021

American Eagle Has Become A Sponsor Of Twitch Gaming

AEG has been named Twitch Gaming’s official apparel partner. Twitch Gaming is the official YouTube channel that allows creators to discover what’s new, trending, and exciting in the world of gaming.
The financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.
American Eagle is one of only three companies selected by the channel to be official marketing partners, along with restaurant chain Chipotle and international banking company Ally.
In a release, the apparel company will receive “first-look ownable programs, category exclusivity, ‘Always-On’ in-stream branding integrations, custom segments, media placement, and co-marketing rights.”
Moreover, American Eagle will create a custom segment for the channel to highlight Twitch creators, develop a creator documentary series, and design a limited-edition merchandise line with input from the creators featured in the series.
In July 2020, American Eagle took part in the launch of VY Esports’ entertainment platform EDGE as the presenting sponsor. American Eagle is not an endemic sponsor or partner of esports or gaming.

Black Dragons Come To New York City

The Brazilian esports organization Black Dragons, managed by Cherrygumms himself, nd the team’s founder Denis Vidigal da Costa, has hired the U.S.-based group Alvarez & Marsal to manage its first external funding project. It will assist Black Dragons with its business plan, valuation, and Series A investment round.
In an interview with Sports Business Journal, Merhy said that the organization’s current valuation is expected to be between $15-25 million BRL (approximately $2.8 million – $4.66 million USD). One of the oldest esports organizations in Brazil is Black Dragons. Founded in 1997, the organization has maintained consistent operations in esports such as Rainbow Six Siege, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. The organization is also in charge of the esports brand that represents the Vasco da Gama Club, one of the most popular soccer teams in Brazil. TSM FTX has purchased Black Dragons’ spot in the elite of the Brazilian Free Fire League.
She also cited projects carried out by organizations like LOUD and FURIA, which hired athletes from sports like skateboarding and chess to front their brands to suggest that Black Dragons might follow the same path.
Plans for next year are budgeted at $2.5M, which should come from the investment raised. The Black Dragons will also announce in the coming days that a 27-room facility will be built in So Paulo where all team activities will take place, including housing for players. An esports arena will be built to host tournaments and events as part of the project.

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Twitch To Streamers: Don’t Use The Word Hot Tub

May 18, 2021

The hot tub controversy has been all over Twitch as of late.
If you don’t know what this is, it usually consists of streamers wearing bikinis in hot tubs, doing little else.
It’s likely that this is the reason why you’re seeing a thumbnail of a bikini-clad woman taking a bath while you search for the latest video game streams on Twitch.
The hot tub stream certainly goes against what Twitch allows on its platform, and it seems that Twitch may be taking action against it.
The word “hot tub” has been banned from use during streams, resulting in a notification message stating that it conflicted with the channel’s moderation settings.
At this point, it seems strange that Twitch has apparently banned the phrase “hot tub” from being used in chat, but it could indicate a ban on hot tub streams in the near future.
On April 20, 2021, Marcus “djWHEAT” Graham discussed the recent Twitch trend of hot tubs.The Twitch team understands the community has been paying close attention lately, and they have been monitoring closely Our nudity and attire policy does allow bathing suits in an appropriate context, and hot tubs do meet those criteria, but what has not changed is sexually suggestive or explicit content is not allowed under the ToS, and Twitch will take action should it be reported to us.

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Twitch Bans Popular Streamer Due To Revenge Porn Accusations

March 21, 2021

A Twitch streamer is known as Gross Gore, Ali Larsen can no longer use due to many accusations of sexual exploitation, sexual assault, and other forms of misconduct.
No longer is he a Twitch partner.
Larsen confirmed the ban through a tweet. As proof, he shared the email he got from Twitch.
According to one of these Twitch emails, Twitch had warned him on repeated occasions about violating Twitch’s terms.
Twitch had discussed in another email how he had their terms on adult sexual exploitation. As per their terms, this could mean sharing sexually suggestive or explicit content without the consent of the person shown. The email gave the example of revenge porn.
People had responded to this subreddit with many accusations of sexual harassment, assault, and harassment. This is from the Esports News UK.
Larsen deleted the post, but the accusations spread. A Livestream post made a list of the allegations, and they included homophobia, racism, and harassment of minors.
Larsen did a video reasion to the ban ehrtr hr speculated that it could have been about an incident in 2016 with a female straeamer who was his ex-girlfiend. During this incident, I have shared videos and/or images without the consent of the person.
Larsen believes Twitch made a mistake by banning him. In the video, he explained that he did not send revenge porn.
Larsen seems to have recovered and will continue to stream on YouTube.

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