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The EU Punishes The Myanmar Military With Sanctions

April 21, 2021

The European Union has punished the Myanmar government for the coup on February 1st by imposing sanctions on 10 Myanmar military leaders and two giant military conglomerates.
This is the toughest that the TU has been on the Myanmar military since the coup happened.
Before imposing the sanctions, EU member states believe that these military leader5s are responsible for undermining the democracy and the rule of law in Myanmar/Burma. They are repressing human rights violations.
After the coup, the military set up State Administration Council (SAC) just after it did the coup. The EU believes that SAC was responsible for undermining the rule of law and democracy.
The EU thinks that the military authorities and forces under the power of the SAC have committed serious human rights violations since February 1st, 2021. They have killed unarmed, civilian protesters. It is believed that the military has killed 700 people. Some of them were children in their homes.
Nine of the 10 military leaders that were sanctioned were part of the SAC. Information Minister U Chit Naing will also be sanctioned by the EU.
Myanmar has had daily protests against the Myanmar military The military has been killing people in an effort to stop dissent. Western countries and the UN has condemned the coup and the killing of civilians especially children.
The Assistance Association for Political Prisoners, a human rights group, has been monitoring the situation. They have found that 4,000 people have been arrested and about 3,300 are still in detention. This group believes that the Myanmar military has been spreading fake news.
The two Myanmar conglomerates that the EU has sanctioned are Myanmar Economic Corporation (MEC) and Myanmar Holdings Public Company Limited (MEHL); The EU does not like that they are controlled by Myanmar Armed Forces who provide revenue for these companies.
These two conglomerates have business interests in tobacco, entertainment venues, breweries, and shopping malls. The Myanmar military makes money off these corporations. The US and the UK have already sanctioned these companies. The US also sanctioned the state jade company.
The Germain Foreign Minister Heiko Maas said that his EU counterparts agreed to the sanctions after a virtual meeting. They feel that the Myanmar military is leading the country to a dead-end.
Maas is putting pressure on the military so they might come to the negotiating table.
These sanctions are meant to stop EU investors and banks from doing business with these companies.

XBox Cloud Gaming Service Debuts Soon

April 20, 2021

Starting in the third week of April 2021, Microsoft will roll out the beta version of Xbox Cloud Gaming Service, formerly known as xCloud, on PCs, iPads, and iPhones.
Initially, it will only be open to invited guests.
The service was originally to come out on iPads and iPhones, but Apple changed its App Store rules in September, affecting Google Stadie and Xbox Gaming. The new rules forced them to redesign their services in web browsers in order to get around the new App Store rules. Google, Microsoft, and other similar companies that provide similar services had to change their services so that each game can be downloaded individually. They could not offer a full library as Netflix does for movies.
For $14.99 a month on Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, you can try up to 100 game titles through Xbox Cloud Gaming. This service allows you to stream a game without downloading it. You just need a high-speed Internet connection to use this service. Android phones are already capable of using this service.
Microsoft will start rolling out the service to 22 countries and will send invites to users to try it. If you want to play most of their games, you will need a USB controller or Bluetooth device. Some games will let you use touch controls.

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Thai Education Minister Is Thinking About Delaying Next Term

April 19, 2021

The next term was supposed to start on May 17th,2021, but it might be defered until June due to the new COVID-19 surge.
Thai Education Minister Treenuch Thienthong announced that she will meet with the Permanent Secretary for Education Supat Jampathong and the Office of the Basic Education Commission Amporn Pinasa on April 19, 2021 to discuss whether to defer the term or not.
The Thai education minister stated that the situation will still be analyzed until April 30th, 2021, to see if the term can begin at the normal time.
The education minister said that many factors will be taken into account before delaying the school year. One factor considered whether contingency plans were in place to deal with in-person or not.
All sides, especially those that supervise schools directly and those from provincial education committees, will be asked for their opinions.
A lot of students and teachers are concerned about the need to go online. However, the education minister did not expect every school to go online.
If certain schools are permitted to reopen, they will have strict COVID-19 measures. But they should not have to fully go online.
According to her, if schools are unable to handle social distancing, they will have to go online.
Doctor Opas Karnkawinpong, chief of the Department of Disease Control (DDC), previously revealed that two foreign teachers had contracted COVID-19 and ended up infecting at least 30 other people at a private school in the Bang Phli district of Samut Prakan.
Among those infected were two other foreign teachers, one Thai teacher, 23 students, and four family members of some of the infected students, the doctor said.
Horwang School in Bangkok closed its music building for two weeks so it could be disinfected and so those in close contact with Khemchat Chan-akson, a part-time music teacher infected on April 9th to 11th, could self-quarantine.

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The Thai Government Has Decided How They Are Going To Deal With The Third Thai COVID-19 Outbreak

April 18, 2021

Thai authorities have decided to try and manage its way out of the recent COVID-19 surge. They will not impose curfews or lockdowns for the time being.
A plan has been announced by the Thai government to reduce the number of new COVID-10 cases by enacting an alcohol ban and early closing times.
Since the new surge started, the previous 3 days have seen the highest number of COVID-19 cases.
Most Songkran visitors will arrive on April 18, 2021. The government is closely monitoring Songkran traffic conditions.
Thailand’s COVID-19 committee has decided to designate 18 provinces as red zones. The rest will remain orange zones. The committee could change its mind if needed. Governors in the provinces will decide what the restrictions will be for their province.

The Red Zone provinces are the following:

  1. Bangkok
  2. Chiang Mai
  3. Chon Buri
  4. Samut Prakan
  5. Prachuap Khiri Kan
  6. Samut Sakhon
  7. Pathum Thani
  8. Nakhon Pathom
  9. Phuket
  10. Nakhon Ratchasima
  11. Nonthaburi
  12. Songkhla
  13. Tak
  14. Udon Thani
  15. Suphanburi
  16. Sa Kaeo
  17. Rayong
  18. Khon Kaen

The new restrictions went into effect on April 18th, 2021, and will remain in effect for about 2 weeks. Should the new surge continue, the new restrictions may be extended and even more restrictions may be placed.
All nightclubs, bars, entertainment venues, and nighlife will be closed in the orange and red zones around Thailand for the next two weeks. Even though schools are closed, they will still be closed since it is a school break. What will happen when the new term starts in mid-May?
Ther is no official curfew, but everything will have to close at 11 pm. This does sound like a curfew anyway.
The Thai PM said that the country has learned its lesson about having full lockdowns. they have been bad for small and large businesses. The lockdown last year was successful, but it came at an economic cost.
The Thai PM noted that the government did also successfuiully deal with the second wave tht was came from immigrants in Samut Sakhon. They dealt with that surge by using public health management and targeted restrictions.
During Songkran, the PM has been a leader in the fight against the new outbreak and is trying to speed up the vaccination rollout.
The government knew that Songkran travel could exacerbate the surge, but decided that there would a great economic cost if there was another Sonkran travel ban.\
Pattaya, Chiang Mai, and Pattaya are, like other popular expay and holiday locations, taking their own steps to deal with the COVID-19 surge.
In Phuket, schools have to swtich to online classes (agaim, it doesn’t matter as they are on summber break). If there are exams, they should be done with COVID-19 restrictions. Phuket officials are going to hotels and checking to see if the hotels and the touriests are following COVID-19 precautions.
If you live in Chiang Mai, the provincial governor has decided that they could avoice travel to these 5 districts: San Kamphaemg, Saraphi, Hang Dong, San Sai, and Muang (downtown Chiang Mai).
The Mayor of Pattaya told the world that the city’s popular post-Songkran events have been cancelled for Sunday and Monday (April 18th and 19th). The Wan Lai Naklua Festival and Kong Khao Ritual have been cancelled. The SME Connext Goods Expo and The Kite Festival will continue to Monday The 19th.

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COVID-19 Vaccine Drive To Start in June In Thailand

April 17, 2021

The Department of Disease Control says that they are sticking to their plan to have a national COVID-19 inoculation in June. This drive will start with six million locally-produced AstraZeneca vaccines.
AstraZeneca and Siam Bioscience formed a partnership to develop 61 million jabs by the end of 2021. Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha assured the public that the manufacturing is proceeding as planned.
Directing the Division of Disease Control Emergency Situation (could they think of a shorter name? ), Chawetsan Namwat said the Health Ministry will not delay the distribution of vaccines to the Thai people.
According to Chawetsan, about 590,000 Sinovac and AstraZeneca shots have been given to people. The number will go up as more people get the vaccine.
As far as Dr. Chawetsan is concerned, people will be able to receive the vaccine AstraZeneca sends to his health department. So far, so good with his plan.
Starting Feb. 28th to recently, 590,000 doses of Sinovac and AstraZeneca vaccines were sent to all 77 provinces.
According to Dr. Chawetsan, 510,000 have gotten the first shot, and about 80,000 have gotten the second shot.
In the department’s data, 40.4% of shots were given to medical staff, 40.3% to people living in high-risk areas, 4.4% to people with non-communicable diseases, 5.1% to people over 60, and 9.6% to officials.
Regarding the production of the AstraZeneca vaccines, the company will ship 10 million doses per month from July to November, but only 5 million doses will be shipped in December.

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The New Mass Effect: Legendary Edition Trailer Got Mixed Reactions

April 16, 2021

Bioware has released a new trailer for Mass Legendary Edition and many fans aren’t too impressed with the trailer.
A trailer reviewer stated that the side-by-side comparisons were better than the original game and that the scenes with Mako and the surrounding environment were improved.
Bioware has posted a video on YouTube that compares the original character models with the latest version of the game.
One comment on this YouTube video said that they don’t have to convince him or her about the game, since he is already sold.
A commenter thinks the change was just a good calibration.
The fans on Twitter weren’t as enthusiastic as the reviewers on YouTube.
An excited fan on Twitter wondered what was going on. The original version looked far better.
Another fan on Twitter commented that Anderson looked like a burn victim. He or she thought something looked way off.
Some Twitter fans believe that the new version is an improvement. It is better, but it is still just average at best.
In 2021, Mass Effect: Legendary Edition will be launched for PS4 and Xbox One. It will work with both the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S.

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Phuket Gives Detailed Order For Expats Regarding COVID-19

April 9, 2021

Phuket’s provincial government has issued a 48-page order for non-tourists coming into Thailand through Phuket.
This new order applies to consular visits, workers passing through the country without a visa, students, people with long-term visas, and permanent residents. Phuket says it does not apply to tourists.
Non-tourist arrivals on Phuket will not be eased by this order. You will have to look elsewhere for easing of restrictions.
It has nothing to do with the proposal that says the quarantine will stop in Phuket after July 1st, 2021.
This long order outlines all the conditions for non-visitor groups in great detail. The conditions for all non-visitor groups are the same.
The following conditions apply to this order:

  1. A COVID-19 test must confirm the traveler does not carry the pandemic
  2. You must have a Certificate of Entry.
  3. Before coming to Thailand, travelers must have one of the three tracking apps on their phones (Thailand Plus is one of the apps).
  4. Once they arrive, travelers will undergo a swab test and then another one when they finish quarantine.

A mandatory quarantine period must be completed by all new arrivals. Travelers who have been vaccinated must complete a seven-day quarantine period. If you are not vaccinated, you must spend 14 days in quarantine. If you have been vaccinated once, your quarantine is 10 days.
Before you come to Thailand, you should go to the nearest Thai embassy or consulate before coming to Thailand to be absolutely sure what the requirements are.

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Myanmar Military Have Been Killing Children SInce Takeover

April 2, 2021

The human rights organization Save The Children reports that nearly 43 children have been killed since the military took over the government two months ago.
This human right group thinks that Myanmar had become a nightmare situation. The youngest known age of child killed is six.
The total death toll could be 536, according to a local monitoting group.
Aung San Suu Kyi, the ousted oppositing leader, has accusing of going against the country’s official secrets act.
Along with 4 allies, Suu Kyi was charged last week, but the act itself has only been recently. She could be sentenced up to 14 years.
THe Myanmar military has also charged her with publishing info that could cause alarm or fear, violating the pandemic restrictions during last year’s election campaign, and possessing illegal walkie-talkies.
The UN representative in Myanmar believes that there is a risk of a bloodbath soon as the crackdown against pro-democracy protests continues to intensify.
The UN has decided that their workers’ families should leave the country. There will be some UN staff left in the country.

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The Man-Made Whale Is Still Stuck In The Suez Canal

March 29, 2021

The quarter-mile-long freighter that has been a Suez Canal blockage for about a week has partially re-floated, raising hopes that many waiting ships could soon enter the Artery of the World.
It is expected that the high tide will return at 6 am Eastern US Standard Time (6 pm Bangkok time) this morning.
The optimism may not be warranted. The bow of this man-made whale is stuck really hard and re-floating the stern of this boat is considered to be the easy part. This is according to the CEO of the salvage company this doing the work to unstuck this whale.
The CEO has seen many congratulatory messages this past week, but he wants to stick to the facts. The ship has been rotated, but the bow is stuck in the clay.
Before this ship got stuck, supply chains were at their weakest. This made it expensive to get goods from one place to the other and causing many shortages including exercise bikes and cheese.
The total number of vessels that cannot go into the Suez Canal at last count was 367. This includes 96 container ships and 35 crude oil tankers. Once the ship is free, it will take many days to get these ships through the canal, causing, even more of a delay for the customers.
IKEA told CNN that it has placed constraints on its supply chains. It is depended on how long it takes to get rid of the whale.
IKEA has confirmed that some of their products are on vessels that are waiting to get into the Suez Canal.
An IKEA spokesperson says his or her company will try all supply options to get their products available.
Maersk, one of the world’s largest shipping companies, has three canals that are in the canal itself and has another 28 that waiting outside the canal. More are coming.
Maersk has already redirected some of its ships to go around the African Cape of Good Hope at the southern African tip. It will add more days and costs to their progress.
Even if the whale was freed soon, it would take Maersk ships six or more days to get rid of the Suez Canal backlog.
Maersk thinks that it will take weeks, maybe even months to unravel the backlog.

Update: According to CNN at around Midnight Bangkok time, the ship has been dislodged and is floating.

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Sumat Prakan Has Become A New Thai Hotspot

March 22, 2021

As of March 3rd, 2021, the Department of Disease Control (DDC) in Thailand announced that Samut Prakan, a Thai province, has become a flashpoint again because some migrants have been found with the pandemic.
According to Opas Karnkawinpong, the director-general of DDC, 17 workers were diagnosed with the pandemic and then 584 people were placed under close supervision.
A 29-year-old worker from Myanmar is believed to have been the most recent patient zero at Samut Prakan. When she tested positive for the pandemic, the DDC decided to test migrant workers at camps on Sukhumvit 106. The road starts in Bangkok and goes to Cambodia. The road is one of the longest in Thailand. After testing, an additional 16 workers were infected. There were 10 Cambodians, 4 Thais, and two Myanmar people.
The COVID-10 Situation Administration (CCSA) reports that 45 infections were recorded in hospitals on Sunday and 26 were found by mass testing. Most of the infected area is in Samut Sakan, with 81 infected.
Since the beginning of the pandemic, there have been 27,594 cases. The total deaths has been 90. 53,842 have been vaccinated. The total Thai population is about 70 million.
Recently, the focus of the CCSA has been to stop the spread of an outbreak that started in Bang Khae. Cases from this outbreak have been detected in Songkhkla and Si Sa Ket.
The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) reports 384 people have been infected with COVID-19 in the Bang Khae cluster, including those who visited markets. An additional 16 people were infected after visiting markets in Bang Khae.
Vaccinated from the Bang Khae cluster are approximately 2,600 people.
BMA has set up a second field hospital close to Rajpipattana Hospital in the district of Thawi Wattana. The BAM opened its first field hospital last January near Bang Khunthian Hospital, containing 600 beds.

About 1,200 respondents were surveyed by Suan Dusit Rajabhat University recently regarding the impact of the pandemic on their savings.
Some 47$ of their respondents’ savings have gone down, while about 22% think that their credit card debt is very deep.
Around 43% of respondents had to borrow money from family members. 33% of respondents had to borrow money from a bank while 28% had to borrow money from friends and colleagues. This is according to a Suan Dusit Poll.

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