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Personal Bit: My Thai Medical Experiences, Part 1

June 20, 2021

Today, I went to the doctor and I found out that I have a virus that is causing the lymph nodes in my groin to form a growth. The doctor recommends that I rest and take 3 injections until I feel better or the growth is eliminated.
Since I have more time, in addition to my articles about Thailand, gaming, and Myanmar, I will be remembering previous things that I have experienced in Thailand. The first focus will be on my Thai medical memories.

Once upon a time, I was standing in front of my apartment in the late evening, trying to find my keys to the apartment.
While I was looking for my keys, I noticed three figures behind me. I did not think anything would happen.
Suddenly, one of them struck me with a two-by-four piece of wood. It is something that you can buy at any Home Depot or borrow from some construction site.
For some reason, my first instinct was to be Batman and to go after them. They were surprised for a second and then started running down my street.
I captured one of them. He was young. He could have one of my high school students. He stared at me like a trapped animal.
I hesitated. I was not sure what to do. I don’t have any superpowers like Spider-Man or a Batmobile to take him to the police.
While I hesitated, one of the attackers came behind me and hit me again with the piece of wood on the back of my head. Blood started to gush from the back of my head.
I chased after them again and they got on their motorcycles. All I could do was stand there, and watch them leave.
Fortunately, there was a security guard at one of the nearby buildings and called the police.
An ambulance soon came and the ambulance people came out. They took off my shirt and put me on a gurney.
I never saw that shirt. It was the only thing that I lost during this whole experience. T
They took me to the hospital and put me on another gurney.
In this new gurney, while I was waiting to be registered and to go to my home space in the hospital, the two police officers arrived. They questioned me about the attack. They asked me two or three times whether I was drunk or not. If you knew me, you would find this question laughable. I almost never drink alcohol. It seemed like they kept on asking me because I was not giving them clear answers. You try to answer questions after being hit twice in the head with a piece of wood.
The police finally left and the hospital placed me in my home space. I was placed in a room with about 10 patients. During my 4 day stay, I could hear everything. If they coughed or vomited, I could hear their lovely noises.
In the morning, they wanted me to take a shower, but I refused to do so. Every time I stood up, the world would spin. I could not stand for anymore, so I would not be able to go to the shower. I made them give me a sponge bath.
Eventually, a doctor came and asked me questions. I told him about vertigo (vertigo means that you think the world is spinning, it does not mean that you are afraid of heights). He went away and I lay there in my bed as I would for four days. All I could do was either sleep or eat my meals. I had no phone or laptop with me.
Once, they did take me to the MRI to see how damaged my head. They said that there was none, but why was having vertigo?
I did get visits from my colleagues from the agency that I worked for. I also got visits from the Thai teachers at the high school that I taught at.
After four days of eating, sleeping, and listening to sounds that you would normally not want to hear on a normal basis, I got out of the hospital. I got out by lying to the doctor that I was no longer experiencing vertigo. I would actually experience vertigo off and on for the next year. I usually experienced it while I was sleeping. I would wake up and the world would be spinning. It is not a fun way to wake up.
As far as my attackers, they were captured when they mistakenly attacked a plainclothes police officer in an isolated location. I was also in an isolated location. He could do what I could not.

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Red Shirt Hatred

May 14, 2010

     In the last few months, the red shirts have taken over the World Trade Center and parts of Ratchadamri and Ratchaprasong, roads in downtown Bangkok. The red shirts are officially known as the UDD, an abbreviation that I can never remember what it stands for, no matter how many times the Nation or the Bangkok Post say what it stands for. To me and to most Thai people, they will always be known as the red shirts or Se Dang (the Red in Thai).

            Everybody in Thailand knows that they represent the interests of Thaksin Shinawatra. His primary goal is to make sure that when he comes back to Thailand, he will not serve a day in jail for the conflict of interest case that Thai courts convicted him of. He was only sentenced to two years, but he talks as if he has been sentenced to a hundred years. The Thai courts sentenced him in 2008 and he probably would have been out of prison by now if he actually took responsibility for his actions. He also wants to get back the money that the Thai government confiscated from him and his family. The big rumor is that Thaksin has been using the money that he stashed overseas to pay the red shirts to protest. There are pictures on the Internet of red shirts leaders giving money to some of the protesters if you choose to Google for them.

            The red shirts have made speeches where they say that they are doing the protest for social justices. Whether they really believe in what they are saying is a big questions mark.

            To me, the week of May 3rd proves that the red shirt leaders only care about their own skins. The current Prime Minister, Abhisit, came up with a plan that will end with an election on November 14th. This means that the Thai parliament will have to be dissolved in the last two weeks of September as an election has to take place 90 days after parliament has been dissolved. Even though this seems like a good compromise with the red shirts who have been asking for dissolution of parliament, they refuse to stop this protest. Do you know why they won’t stop? They will not stop unless they get amnesty for what has taken place during the protest. Like their master, they will not take responsibility for their actions and serve a day in jail for their actions. Could you imaging Jesus or Martine Luther King, Jr. taking a position? To me, they are most selfish protesters for social justice ever.

            What have they done? They have:

            -shut down a major part of Bangkok

            -made it almost impossible to go from one part of the city to the other by motorized vehicle

            -disrupted long distance train to keep soldiers from coming to Bangkok

            -had two violent clashes with the Thai military in April of 2010

            -disrupted service on the BTS Sky train by putting tires on the track

            -could be responsible for the grenade attacks that have plagued for the past few months as the targets seem to be places that the red shirts hate


For all these actions, the red shirts want no punishment. It would be a great injustice if the red shirts get amnesty.

            I do also have a personal message for the heads of Thai hospitals. If the red shirts come to your hospital and demand to search, you should tell them to go screw themselves. Chulalongkorn Hospital had to close for a week just because they allowed the red shirts to search the place. They had to send patients to other hospitals. Red shirts are just civilians so they basically have no authority. You should just tell to go to Hell.  I am sure that they will appreciate it.