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Phuket Has A Day Without Any New COVID-19 Infections

May 21, 2021

Recently, Phuket had a day without any new COVID-19 infections. This is the first during the latest pandemic wave.
Phuket’s provincial public health office celebrated the decline in daily cases on Facebook. Phuket is enforcing tight restrictions and accelerating vaccinations ahead of the reopening to foreign tourists in July.
The Phuket Health Office’s Facebook post read:
Today’s total of new infections is “0”
It’s “0” because today we work together.
It’s “0” because everyone sacrifice.
It’s “0” because everyone loves Phuket too.
Be “ 0” because of all of us.
Thank you from the heart.
As of this morning, 124 Covid-19 patients were either receiving medical treatment or were under supervision in Phuket. Phuket has only reported one death resulting from Coronavirus, a 71-year-old man with emphysema.
The number of Infections in Phuket are 76 cases in Wichit, 59 cases in Patong, 59 cases in Phuket Town, 55 cases in Rassada, 45 cases in Cherng Talay, 44 cases in Kathu, 42 cases in Chalong, 34 cases in Kamala, 31 cases in Rawai, 31 cases in Srisoonthorn, 28 cases in Thepkrasattri, 28 cases in Karon, 22 cases in Koh Kaew, 10 cases in Pa Khlok, 9 cases in Mai Khao, and 8 cases in Sakhu.
In Phuket, disease control measures are strict. Any type of “parties,” even small, private gatherings with friends, is forbidden at least until the end of the month. Those entering the province must spend 14 days in quarantine unless they have been vaccinated or demonstrate that their Covid-19 test results were negative 72 hours before arrival. Non-compliant foreigners may be deported.
The island of Phuket is vaccinating residents in an effort to reach herd immunity and reopen the island to vaccinated foreign tourists by July 1, 2021. So far, 22% of the population has been vaccinated.

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Thai Government Gets New Contracts To Get the Thai-Sino Rail Project Done

March 31, 2021

Recently, three cotracts have been signed by the Thai government with the Thai-Sino (Chinese) high-speed rail project from Bangkok to Nakhon Ratchasima, also known as Korat.
These contracts are attached to the construction of a maintenance depot in Chiang Rak Moi, the rail engineering works along the Phra Kaew-Saraburi line, and the civil engineering works on the Nava Nakhon-Ban Pho line.
A letter to start the work will be issued by the State Railway of Thailand (SRT) after these three contracts are signed.
Following the preparation of the documents, three more contracts will be prepared, including the works between Don Muang and Nava Nakhon, the civil engineering works along the Bang Sue-Don Muang section, and the Ban Pho-Phra Kaew section.
The project has already begun. It will be a 235 km rail link between Bangkok and Korat. It is estimated to cost about $5 billion (about 200 billion Thai baht).
Thailand’s military took over the government in 2014. Since then, they have concentrated heavily on infrastructure projects. In 2021, the area around the Northern Bus Terminal will be unrecognizable.
There was an election two years ago in which the party that won the election was led by the leader of the coup in 2014.
Upon completion of the project, this train route will connect Bangkok, Ayutthaya, Don Muang, Saraburi, Pak Chong (in the province of Korat), and Korat, the capital of Korat.
This project will certainly not be completed this year because the winning firms for these six contracts will be announced at the end of this year.
Through a partnership with China, Thailand has agreed to be responsible for the investments and civil works.

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How many COVID-19 plans did Thailand have?

March 27, 2021

I was recently asked this question about how many plans did the Thai government have for the pandemic.

As far as I know, there was only one plan for the pandemic.
This plan came out in March 2020. The government did put on a deadline for this plan for a couple of months. When they felt the plan was not working, they would extend it more. It just seems that they have a number of plans because they keep on extending on it.
Another reason that there seems to have a number of plans is that the plan does have a number of restrictions. These are the most obvious restrictions:

  1. all border checkpoints are closed.
  2. Except for absolutely necessary flights, there are no international flights.
  3. Social distancing.
  4. If you are to enter a place where there are many people, you should wash your hands and wear a mask. You cannot enter without a mask.
  5. If you enter the country, you must do a quarantine of 14 days.
  6. If you leave the country, you should get tested and have a medical certificate that states that you took the test.

Over time, the government has either modified these restrictions or just decided that the government will no longer enforce them.
This was the national plan. There are provinces in Thailand and like the United States, a state can have its own restrictions. They can decide on their own to suddenly close all the schools in the province. You can only do virtual teaching. If you go to another province, you will have to call somebody in the province to find out what is going on. Hopefully, the province used the Internet and the media to tell the world what is going on in their province.
Phuket did decide that in July, there will no longer be any quarantine for foreigners who visit this island. The economy of Phuket is deeply dependent on tourists and the quarantine policy has been hurting their pocketbooks. They are hoping that a change in policy will help the economy.
I would advise you that if you decide to come to Thailand, I would Google to find what is happening in Thailand as far as restrictions. I would check Thai Visa on the Internet as they always seem on the ball what is happening in Thailand.
Thanks for listening to this podcast and be safe. Be good and have a good life.

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Some Pandemic Restrictions Will Be Eased in Thailand on April 1st

March 20, 2021

A meeting yesterday concerning the pandemic was held by the Thai government and a decision was reached that the quarantine be 10 days and 7 days. Fly-to-fly travel documents will no longer be required inside Thailand. The new requirements will be implemented starting April 1st, 2021.
Those who arrive without a vaccination certificate will be quarantined for 10 days. Those with a vaccination certificate will be quarantined for 7 days.
From April 1st to September 30th, the quarantine facilities will stay in operation under the new requirements. The easing of restrictions is part of the plan to have most restrictions eliminated by October 1st.
Dr. Taweeslip Visanuyothi, Thai government spokesperson, said that people coming to Thailand no longer need a fly-to-fly document. A COVID0-19 certificate proves that the results were negative for the pandemic.
Some parts of the world have announced that they have variants of the pandemic. The Thai government is focusing on Africa as a place where variants of the pandemic exist.
John Hopkins University is uncertain whether current treatments and vaccines will be effective against new pandemic variants.
The John Hopkins University reports that one of the main concerns about Covid-19 variants is the unknown effect the current treatments and vaccines will have on the variant strains.
Researchers are spending more time studying the variant discovered in South Africa. The vaccine produced by Oxford-AstraZeneca provides very little protection against the South African variant. Only moderate or mild illness was experienced by those who got the AstraZeneca vaccine and then the South African variant.
The South African variant is not faring any worse than the original virus. People who have been exposed to the original virus are still at high risk of being infected with COVID-19.
Additional restrictions will ease after April 1. People new to Thailand can get out of their rooms if they are able to follow government health measures. They can buy food and goods outside the hotel and can use the fitness facilities such as swimming pools and outdoor exercise areas. How the government will enforce this new restriction is unclear.

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The Ghost of Thaksin

May 22, 2010

One of the problems that the current  prime minister of Thailand, Abhisit, had with the red shirt protest of the last few months is that he is dealing with a ghost. The ghost has a name and it is Thaksin Shinawatra.

            I do want to say that Thaksin is in fact alive. His spirit or ghost still exists in Thailand even though he has been in exile for the last two years. He is too chicken to go to jail for two years. He may not be here, but he is able to haunt Thai politics through good use of his money and through supporters he had in northern and northeastern Thailand.

            When Thaksin was in power from 2001 to 2006, his policies partly helped people in the above-mentioned Thai regions. HE gave them everything that they wanted and he focused on them no other Thai PM had ever done before. He even had a program to give them free cows which meant a lot in the agricultural Northeast or Isaan as it is called in Thai. He literally gave them money There are pictures of him giving 1,000 Baht notes on the streets of Isaan streets in the Bangkok Post and the Nation. As a result, he viewed almost akin to a god in Isaan. Most red shirts come from Isaan and the Thai North.

            Abhisit and the Thai government have to beat a person that is a legend, a spirit and a god. How do you beat such a person? You can’t use reason because he is above reason. You can’t kill him because he has become immortal in the eyes of his followers. You can’t argue with him because he is not here. It is very hard to beat somebody who is not even here.

            Thaksin is like those ghosts in all those horror films. They can’t be touched. They can’t be killed because they are already dead. The protagonists of these movies like Abhisit will have to deal with the villains in the endless sequels of the original movie.

            Thaksin is like Madonna. He has changed his image to suit his purposes. When he was in power, he was the decisive CEO dictator who squash his anybody in his way by using the Thai legal system. When he was out of power, he suddenly became an ardent supported of the democratic concept. He and his supporters said that he was the victim of a mysterious third party that was out to destroy all that he stood for. After his money was confiscated earlier this year by the Thai courts, he is Jesus, a fighter for social justice and a victim of the elites. How do you fight a person who keeps on changing his stand?

            Abhisit is fighting a person who is not here and who keeps on changing like a changeling. It is no wonder that the Thai government can’t deal with such a man.

Red Shirt Hatred

May 14, 2010

     In the last few months, the red shirts have taken over the World Trade Center and parts of Ratchadamri and Ratchaprasong, roads in downtown Bangkok. The red shirts are officially known as the UDD, an abbreviation that I can never remember what it stands for, no matter how many times the Nation or the Bangkok Post say what it stands for. To me and to most Thai people, they will always be known as the red shirts or Se Dang (the Red in Thai).

            Everybody in Thailand knows that they represent the interests of Thaksin Shinawatra. His primary goal is to make sure that when he comes back to Thailand, he will not serve a day in jail for the conflict of interest case that Thai courts convicted him of. He was only sentenced to two years, but he talks as if he has been sentenced to a hundred years. The Thai courts sentenced him in 2008 and he probably would have been out of prison by now if he actually took responsibility for his actions. He also wants to get back the money that the Thai government confiscated from him and his family. The big rumor is that Thaksin has been using the money that he stashed overseas to pay the red shirts to protest. There are pictures on the Internet of red shirts leaders giving money to some of the protesters if you choose to Google for them.

            The red shirts have made speeches where they say that they are doing the protest for social justices. Whether they really believe in what they are saying is a big questions mark.

            To me, the week of May 3rd proves that the red shirt leaders only care about their own skins. The current Prime Minister, Abhisit, came up with a plan that will end with an election on November 14th. This means that the Thai parliament will have to be dissolved in the last two weeks of September as an election has to take place 90 days after parliament has been dissolved. Even though this seems like a good compromise with the red shirts who have been asking for dissolution of parliament, they refuse to stop this protest. Do you know why they won’t stop? They will not stop unless they get amnesty for what has taken place during the protest. Like their master, they will not take responsibility for their actions and serve a day in jail for their actions. Could you imaging Jesus or Martine Luther King, Jr. taking a position? To me, they are most selfish protesters for social justice ever.

            What have they done? They have:

            -shut down a major part of Bangkok

            -made it almost impossible to go from one part of the city to the other by motorized vehicle

            -disrupted long distance train to keep soldiers from coming to Bangkok

            -had two violent clashes with the Thai military in April of 2010

            -disrupted service on the BTS Sky train by putting tires on the track

            -could be responsible for the grenade attacks that have plagued for the past few months as the targets seem to be places that the red shirts hate


For all these actions, the red shirts want no punishment. It would be a great injustice if the red shirts get amnesty.

            I do also have a personal message for the heads of Thai hospitals. If the red shirts come to your hospital and demand to search, you should tell them to go screw themselves. Chulalongkorn Hospital had to close for a week just because they allowed the red shirts to search the place. They had to send patients to other hospitals. Red shirts are just civilians so they basically have no authority. You should just tell to go to Hell.  I am sure that they will appreciate it.