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The 2000s: The Fall of Thaksin Shinawatra

December 5, 2009

Recently, Thailand’s military dethroned Thaksin Shinawatra.
Thaksin brought his downfall by engaging his critics in a destructive manner. He never seemed to respond constructively to criticism. He always acted like a petulant child. He has called his critics lazy, crazy, and senile.
Some of Thailand’s most respected men criticized him. Most of them were elderly so he referred to them as senile old men. How can you respond to someone like that? That is the only way you can be as childish as Mr. Shinawatre. You didn’t discuss with Mr. Shinawatre; you had a shouting match.
A Bangkok reporter misquoted him because of his strange northern Thai accent when he said things like devils were in the taxis. He said the reporters misquoted him because of his strange accent
When his government launched a war against drug dealers and executed 3,000 of them without a trial, he claimed they were killing each other in a gang war. This seems to be a gang war in which there would be no gang members left and nobody to sell the drugs except if you wanted a job where you were going to die very soon.
In Thailand, people could not take these lies any longer and cheered when the military took control. He said a bomb placed in his car was being used to kill him even though the bomb was not even operational.
The man had no self-control. He could not control his impulses or keep his temper in check. He always had to respond when a critic said something. He couldn’t just let go. It’s okay not to say anything at all. A politician doesn’t have to say everything. They can just shut up. Thaksin never learned that lesson.
In the summer, there was a mysterious powerful person to blame for his problems. The person to blame for his problems was the person he sees when he shaves every morning.
Although he may not know this, Thaksin is responsible for his own fall and hopefully, he will learn from it.