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The EU Punishes The Myanmar Military With Sanctions

April 21, 2021

The European Union has punished the Myanmar government for the coup on February 1st by imposing sanctions on 10 Myanmar military leaders and two giant military conglomerates.
This is the toughest that the TU has been on the Myanmar military since the coup happened.
Before imposing the sanctions, EU member states believe that these military leader5s are responsible for undermining the democracy and the rule of law in Myanmar/Burma. They are repressing human rights violations.
After the coup, the military set up State Administration Council (SAC) just after it did the coup. The EU believes that SAC was responsible for undermining the rule of law and democracy.
The EU thinks that the military authorities and forces under the power of the SAC have committed serious human rights violations since February 1st, 2021. They have killed unarmed, civilian protesters. It is believed that the military has killed 700 people. Some of them were children in their homes.
Nine of the 10 military leaders that were sanctioned were part of the SAC. Information Minister U Chit Naing will also be sanctioned by the EU.
Myanmar has had daily protests against the Myanmar military The military has been killing people in an effort to stop dissent. Western countries and the UN has condemned the coup and the killing of civilians especially children.
The Assistance Association for Political Prisoners, a human rights group, has been monitoring the situation. They have found that 4,000 people have been arrested and about 3,300 are still in detention. This group believes that the Myanmar military has been spreading fake news.
The two Myanmar conglomerates that the EU has sanctioned are Myanmar Economic Corporation (MEC) and Myanmar Holdings Public Company Limited (MEHL); The EU does not like that they are controlled by Myanmar Armed Forces who provide revenue for these companies.
These two conglomerates have business interests in tobacco, entertainment venues, breweries, and shopping malls. The Myanmar military makes money off these corporations. The US and the UK have already sanctioned these companies. The US also sanctioned the state jade company.
The Germain Foreign Minister Heiko Maas said that his EU counterparts agreed to the sanctions after a virtual meeting. They feel that the Myanmar military is leading the country to a dead-end.
Maas is putting pressure on the military so they might come to the negotiating table.
These sanctions are meant to stop EU investors and banks from doing business with these companies.