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How many COVID-19 plans did Thailand have?

March 27, 2021

I was recently asked this question about how many plans did the Thai government have for the pandemic.

As far as I know, there was only one plan for the pandemic.
This plan came out in March 2020. The government did put on a deadline for this plan for a couple of months. When they felt the plan was not working, they would extend it more. It just seems that they have a number of plans because they keep on extending on it.
Another reason that there seems to have a number of plans is that the plan does have a number of restrictions. These are the most obvious restrictions:

  1. all border checkpoints are closed.
  2. Except for absolutely necessary flights, there are no international flights.
  3. Social distancing.
  4. If you are to enter a place where there are many people, you should wash your hands and wear a mask. You cannot enter without a mask.
  5. If you enter the country, you must do a quarantine of 14 days.
  6. If you leave the country, you should get tested and have a medical certificate that states that you took the test.

Over time, the government has either modified these restrictions or just decided that the government will no longer enforce them.
This was the national plan. There are provinces in Thailand and like the United States, a state can have its own restrictions. They can decide on their own to suddenly close all the schools in the province. You can only do virtual teaching. If you go to another province, you will have to call somebody in the province to find out what is going on. Hopefully, the province used the Internet and the media to tell the world what is going on in their province.
Phuket did decide that in July, there will no longer be any quarantine for foreigners who visit this island. The economy of Phuket is deeply dependent on tourists and the quarantine policy has been hurting their pocketbooks. They are hoping that a change in policy will help the economy.
I would advise you that if you decide to come to Thailand, I would Google to find what is happening in Thailand as far as restrictions. I would check Thai Visa on the Internet as they always seem on the ball what is happening in Thailand.
Thanks for listening to this podcast and be safe. Be good and have a good life.

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