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Netflix Thailand: What is the Difference Between Netflix Thailand and Netflix America?

June 28, 2021

Honestly, I cannot tell you as I live in Thailand. I have not tried to use a VPN to gain access to Netflix America. What I do know is based on what I have observed on Netflix Thailand.
One basic difference is that you use baht to pay for Netflix Thailand. The maximum that you have to pay to get Netflix Thailand is 420 Thai baht. You can pay for it using your debit card from a Thai bank.
What is on Netflix America is not necessarily on Netflix Thailand. I was reading an article that a series called Voltron had debuted on Netflix and that it was a good show. I tried finding it on Netflix Thailand, but I could not find it. You should not assume just because it is on the American version that it is on the Thai version.
On Netflix Thailand, you get movies and TV shows from Thailand, Japan, India, and South Korea. I have even have watched a Turkish TV series on this version of Netflix.
During the lockdown, I did become addicted to South Korean TV dramas. They do take more patience to watch than American TV dramas. You do have to watch every frame as you probably don’t know Korean and have to watch the subtitles. Each episode is usually about an hour and a half and each season is about 16 episodes. This is more time than you would normally spend with an American TV drama. I can tell you that the journey is usually worth it and that the endings are worth the wait.
If you are a Star Trek fan, Netflix Thailand is definitely worth it as it has almost every episode of Star Trek that has ever aired including Star Trek: Discovery. You cannot see the Picard series on Netflix. For some reason, you cannot see every episode of Star Trek: The Original Episode. They have left out episodes for some reason. Netflix Thailand did give me a chance to Star Trek: Enterprise as I had been in Thailand when that show aired.
Until now, this is all that I have observed about Netflix Thailand.