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Personal Bit: My Thai Medical Experiences, Part 3

June 22, 2021

I woke up one morning with deep pain in my right leg. Additionally, I had a slight fever.
The next morning, my friend woke me up and took me to a Thai hospital.
My friend helped me register at the Thai hospital.
Another crowded room eventually led to me. Their loved ones could hear them as they made sounds.
I was at the hospital to find out what was wrong with my right leg. Clearly, it was infected, but why?
After being in the hospital for three days, they told me that it was a disease that was attacking my leg’s fat. I was given medicine to treat it and went home.
Although the medicine got rid of the infection, it did not get rid of a strange rash I still have.
I would suggest that you bring someone with you who speaks Thai after this experience. It makes the hospital experience so much easier.