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No Quarantine In Phuket For Foreigners After July 1st

March 25, 2021

Starting July 1st, foreigners coming to the island of Phuket will no longer have to go into quarantine.
By then about a million Phuket residents will hopefully have had received a COVID-19 vaccine. 
Pichat Panapong, deputy governor of Phuket, noted that the infectious disease committee approved this proposal recently.
This Phuket official noted that for the past 89 days there have been no COVID-19 cases. He believes that international tourists are more important than ever in order to stimulate the economy and tourism sector. 
A Phuket resident earning 40,000 baht a month before the pandemic was earning about 1,050 US dollars a month by February 2021. It will fall to 2,000 Thai baht (about 175 US dollars) in July, which would be below the poverty line. 
A recent survey stated that if there was no quarantine, foreigners would return to Phuket. 
Until July 1st, the Phuket health authorities will acquire 930,000 doses of COVID-19 for local people. Foreign visitors will be tracked by phone application after July 1st.

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