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Myanmar News Organization Wants Thai Authorities Not To Deport Myanmar Journalists

May 13, 2021

The reporters’ news organization urged the authorities not to deport them to Myanmar because their lives would be at risk, and now three Myanmar journalists and two activists are being charged with illegal entry in a Thai court.
The group was detained during a random search in the northern city of Chiang Mai recently, DVB said in a statement.
According to Aye Chan Naing, DVB’s executive director and chief editor, Thai authorities should not deport them back to Burma, as their lives will be in danger.
Myanmar’s military rulers have clamped down on independent media, shutting down broadcasts and publications, and arresting dozens of journalists.
The Myanmar military said illegal media outlets broadcast news that undermines national security, the rule of law and public order, and encourages people to commit treason.
Reuters reports that five Myanmar nationals have been arrested in the San Sai district outside of Chiang Mai and are due to appear in court recently. Thapanapong Chairangsri, the district’s police chief, says the arrests were committed after their illegal entry into the country.
In addition to deportation, he said they would be held in detention for 14 days due to a Coronavirus outbreak before being turned over to immigration authorities.
In a tweet, Tanee Sangrat, the spokesperson for the Thai Foreign Ministry, said the authorities were coordinating to find humanitarian solutions to the recent case of journalists from Myanmar.
According to Human Rights Watch, DVB was facing hostile actions and should be released.
Thailand must absolutely not return these DVB journalists and activists to Myanmar because they will be arrested and persecuted by the State Administration Council junta, Asia Director Brad Adams said in a statement.
On March 8th, 2021, DVB’s television licence was revoked, and the broadcaster was banned from doing any media work.
Aye Chan Naing, meanwhile, asked the UNHCR in Bangkok for intervention to ensure their safety.