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The Myanmar Military Burns Three Houses In Village

May 30, 2021

During recent raids on three villages in Magwe Region, regime forces killed three people and set houses on fire at random.

After military trucks passing through the township were struck by explosives the same day, villagers were subjected to a crackdown.

Among the victims was Saw Min Hlaing Oo, a 33-year-old primary school teacher taking part in the nationwide general strike against the coup regime; he was shot in the waist and the thigh. Other casualties included two men aged 50 and 33, but their names were not known at the time of reporting.

The local resident of Gangaw said he did not know why the houses-three in total-were destroyed.

“The soldiers opened fire on the villages from a road. Several bullets hit my village,” a local man told Myanmar Now, asking not to mention the names of the targeted villages for fear of reprisals. “Some of the shooting victims were fleeing when bullets passed just over their heads. All the villagers fled.”

While fleeing the regime forces’ attack, a woman in her 70s slipped down a hillside and broke one of her legs as she was shot in the arm, the local added.

Around 5:30 pm, after the soldiers had left, villagers returned to their homes.

Residents of Kani and Yinmabin townships in the southern Sagaing Region, which borders the Magwe Region, have been resisting the junta rule with homemade guns and explosives since April.

The military retaliated by raiding several villages in those areas to crush the locals’ armed resistance, forcing more than 15,000 residents to flee to the forests to hide or seek refuge in other towns.

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Myanmar Journalist Has Been Sentenced To Three Years In Prison by Myanmar Military

May 14, 2021

Democratic Voice of Burma (DVB) reporter Min Nyo from Pyay, Bago Region, was sentenced to three years in prison by a court inside Pyay Prison on May 12th, 2021.
As with many other detained journalists, he has been unable to contact his family.
We were only able to meet with his lawyers. He hasn’t been permitted to visit with his family since his arrest, Min Nyo’s wife Moe Moe said.
Section 505a of the Penal Code punishes incitement with a prison sentence of three years, changed from two years following the February 1st, 2021, coup by the military council.
A variety of public figures, lawmakers, media representatives, and others opposed to the military junta have been accused of the charge.
Moe Moe announced that she would file an appeal.
During a protest in Pyay, Min Nyo was beaten and arrested on March 3rd, 2021.
In his eighth hearing, the military council ruled that he had contacted a fire department member by phone and incited him to take part in the Civil Disobedience Movement.
The military council only holds hearings for detainees in prison courts, justifying the practice as a preventative measure for Covid-19.
Salai Kaung Myat Min, secretary of the Myay Latt Journalists Network, said the military crackdown on journalists has not hampered news reporting.
The dictator will torture you, make you feel uncomfortable and paranoid in your own home while abusing their power. But the media are doing their best, he said, adding, their actions should not hinder us.
The London-based Amnesty International petitioned the court for the reporter’s release on his sentencing day.
It underscores the appalling situation journalists face in Myanmar, where they risk their lives and freedom to expose abuses committed by the military. The military authorities are ruthless and determined to suppress those who speak out, Amnesty International’s statement said.
On March 1st, 2021, another DVB reporter, Aung Kyaw, was arrested at his home in Myeik, Tanintharyi Region.
Additionally, members of the military council’s armed forces have taken Nay Lin, editor of Voice of Myanmar, and reporter Shine Aung away for talks and cut off contact between them and their families.
Nay Lin’s wife, Zarni Mann, said that her husband had been taken to court in Mandalay’s Chanmyatharzi Township recently.
Since the coup on February 1, 48 journalists have been detained, including a reporter from Myanmar Now, according to the Assistance Association for Political Prisoners (AAPP).
Kay Zon Nway has been in solitary confinement at Insein Prison since April 28th, 2021, after being charged under Section 505a after being arrested in Myaynigone.
Xinhua, AP, BBC, and other international outlets have released some of the detained journalists, but the majority remain in jail.
As the result of her arrest, reporter Wunna Soe was released on bail the same day during a protest in Meiktila.
The military council revoked the licenses of Myanmar Now, Mizzima, DVB, 7Day and Khit Thit on March 8th, 2021. Kachin newspaper 74 Media and Myitkyina Journal lost their license on April 29th, 2021.

The Opposition Group NUG Wants To Set Up A Defence Force To Protect People From The Myanmar Military

May 6, 2021

Recently in April 2021, Myanmar’s National Unity Government (NUG), set up by opponents of military rule, announced that it had formed a people’s defense force to protect its supporters from attacks and violence by the military government.
Myanmar has seen daily protests and a surge in violence since the military seized power on February 1st, 2021, and ousted a government led by Nobel laureate Aung San Suu Kyi.
The new force was argued to be a prelude to the Federal Union Army (FUA), which is responsible for ending decades of civil wars and for dealing with military attacks and violence by the State Administration Council (SAC) against its people.
Last month, an array of groups opposed to the junta, including ethnic minorities militias, established a unity government that promised to restore democracy, end violence, and build a federal democratic union.
It is reported by the Karen Information Center media group that as of March 31 the KNU’s Brigade 5 has killed 194 government troops, the country’s oldest rebel group.
An election commission found the November election fair, despite the military’s complaints of fraud by Aung San Suu Kyi’s National League of Democracy(NLD) party.
The military disputes the AAPP figure and has banned the group.
A total of 248 people have been killed since mid-April, 2021, and 24 police officers and soldiers have also been killed in the protests.
It has been impossible for independent media to verify casualties. Many of the journalists and activists have been arrested and detained as well. The Myanmar military has carried out military operations against ethnic groups in Karen and Kachin States, driving thousands of people to flee – some into Thailand.
The latest development comes as thousands of people stage protests across the country despite the violent crackdown.

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