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A Search for An Ear Cure

June 9, 2020

When you have a common cold, you can get many suggestions about how you can cure your cold, When you have the hiccups, there are many suggestions about how you can cure them. Even though you can cure hearing loss with hearing aids or cochlear implants, there are still many suggestions about how you can deal with hearing loss. 
Doctors have been trying to deal with the loss of hearing for hundreds of years They did come up with remedies, but they were not very effective and were very flawed. Some of them may even have been deadly to their patients. 
Beethoven, one of the most famous composers/musicians of all time, is also well-known for his problems with hearing. By today’s standards, he probably had what is called tinnitus. Tinnitus is an incessant buzzing or ringing in the ears. If he had lived today, he could have been cured of his condition with a hearing aid. Unfortunately, he lived in a time where there were no hearing aids and doctors gave some advice that some people might consider to be bizarre.
Some of his doctors thought that it might be a good idea to wear almond oil earplugs and galvanism, a supposed way to cure your ills by passing an electrical current through the part of the body that is being afflicted. This current was supposed to stimulate the sick part of the body to deal with the illness. One doctor suggested that he should go to an isolated area to rest his ears. Despite these cures, he was able to make such good music that people still listen to it today. 
In the 19th century, people created weird-looking contraptions that would hopefully cure people of their hearing loss. The contraptions were supposed to stimulate the ear’s nerves to work properly. The most popular contraption was supposed to vibrate the inner ear. No matter how weird-looking contraptions were, they never did any good for the triers of these contraptions. 
The most disgusting possible cure for hearing loss was blistering. A doctor would purposely cause blistering by using caustic plaster. Instead of being alarmed by the pus that was coming out of the ears, the doctor was actually thinking that he was doing some good because he thought the pus meant that poisons were coming out of the body. The doctor probably thought the patient was cured after all the pus was gone. 
In the late 19th century, another attempt at a cure was artificial eardrums. To cure the loss of hearing, a device would be inserted into the auditory canal and they would hopefully make sound resonate. They did not work. The only thing that they succeeded in was causing pain to the patient as some of them were made of metal. 
With the advent of hearing aids and cochlear implants, you would think that people would stop making weird attempts to cure hearing. It has not stopped people imagining other ways to cure hearing in the 21st hearing. 
David Quigley thinks that hypnosis is the best way to solve your hearing problem. He had a healer touch his ears with her spirit fingers and he was soon cured of his hearing loss. This might be an example of the placebo effect. This is not a recommended way to solve hearing problems. 
In the Wild, Wild West, a man would go from town to town, claiming that snake oil would cure you of all your ills. The snake oil in the 21st century for hearing loss could be a pill. Once swallowing this pill, your hearing should be restored in 60 days or you will get your money back. It does come with a disclaimer that says that if you don’t do anything with this product, it will not help you. If you don’t take this supplement as directed, you will not be cured. They admit that only some of the testimonials on their website are true. Why would you take a product that the manufacturer doesn’t even trust?
Another 21st attempt at curing hearing loss is a device called the Personal Sound Amplification Devices. They look like hearing aids, but they don’t operate like hearing aids. They amplify noise without giving you the ability to hear sound clearly. You will not get help from a professional hearing healthcare provider. 
The most bizarre and most delicious way to cure your hearing is cheese. In most kinds of cheese, there is a substance called D-methionine. Studies have shown that this substance can stop hearing loss after the patient is exposed to loud noises. 500 US soldiers have been tested with this substance while they were exposed to loud noise. The big disadvantage of this type is that you have to eat 5 pounds of cheese to get rid of your hearing problems. If you really, really love cheese, this is the cure for you. 
In the past and the present, people have tried some bizarre, interesting ways to cure hearing loss. In the end, the only true cure for hearing loss is a hearing aid or a cochlear implant.

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