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The Chinese Embassy in Bangkok Does Not Like Criticism of COVID-19 Chinese Vaccine Sinovac

September 5, 2021

The Chinese Embassy in Bangkok does not like the criticism against Sinovac, a Chinese COVID-19 vaccine. The embassy’s spokesman said in a Facebook post yesterday: “Each Chinese vaccine is a symbol of the Chinese people and government’s genuine friendship with the Thai government and people.”
China’s Embassy highlighted that the vaccine is FDA approved, WHO approved, and has undergone rigorous research and testing, as well as human trials, in the defense of its quality and efficacy. The Sinovac officials say they have been monitoring Covid-19 variants and studying the effects of its vaccination.
The Chinese Embassy cited studies by Chile’s Public Health Ministry and Indonesia’s government as evidence of its efficacy. Researchers in Chile reported on August 5 that Sinovac was 86% effective in preventing death or serious illness for people hospitalized with Covid-19. Sinovac was 92% to 95% effective in preventing infected patients from dying in an Indonesian study the next day.
The Sinovac vaccine has shown to be weak at fighting the Delta variant of Covid-19, but it has been highly effective at reducing illness in infected patients and preventing their deaths. The Chinese Embassy requests that those who attempt to discredit the vaccine cease their harmful attacks.
Though they did say that despite the disparaging remarks, China would not stop its cooperation with Thailand in the fight against Covid-19.and that individuals in Thailand trying to discredit the vaccine are doing so without any scientific basis.
The post implied that these detractors should be grateful for China’s constant supply of vaccines to Thailand despite China’s own need for vaccines with demand far exceeding production. China is portrayed in the post as Thailand’s ally in the fight against Covid-19.

Note: The Chinese Embassy is on Ratchada Road in Bangkok and is huge. It is near the Tesco :Lotus Ratchada.

Game Bits: Roblox Partners With Sony Music, Tencent Does Not Want Children in China To Play Their Games At Night

July 9, 2021

Roblox Signs A Deal with Sony Music Artists

Variety reports that Roblox and Sony Music Entertainment signed an agreement to feature more Sony artists on the gaming platform.
In the past, the companies have partnered for musical events such as the virtual concert featuring Lil Nas X last November on the Roblox platform.
Sony Music president of global digital business and US sales Dennis Kooker said, “With this new agreement, we look forward to expanding our successful partnership with the Roblox team in order to create even more commercial opportunities at the intersection of music and gaming.”
It is clear that immersive online environments present a significant opportunity for reaching a growing number of music fans who wish to share their experiences online.
Recently, Roblox signed a similar music deal with Bertelsmann Music Group (BMG).

Tencent Using Facial Recognition in China To Stop Children From Playing Games at Night

The gaming monolith Tencent has launched facial recognition technology that will prevent children in China from logging into games after a certain time.
According to the BBC, the “midnight-patrol” feature will prevent children from playing games between 10pm and 8am.
It has been reported that young gamers are circumventing curfews by using adult IDs, which are linked to a national database. Nonetheless, this new technology will be used to prove that the person playing is an adult.
“Anyone who refuses or fails the face verification will be treated as a minor, in accordance with Tencent’s game health system’s anti-addiction supervision, and subsequently removed from Tencent’s servers,” Tencent said in a statement.
More than 60 titles will use the technology, including market-dominating titles such as Honor of Kings and Game for Peace.
Tencent’s ‘Gameplay Management’ system encourages healthier gaming activities in 2019. This included an acknowledgment notice at launch, as well as regular breaks notifications.
The company also launched a “digital lock” system around this time, which limits players under 15 to two hours of gameplay a day.


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