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Top 10 Things That A CEO Should Do During A Natural Disaster

June 5, 2020

When a natural disaster happens, CEO should be able to deal with them. What are the 10 things that a CEO or President should do in a natural disaster? 
1. The CEO of a company should put their customers first. When a captain decides to be one off the ship first, he or she is actually thinking about the customers first. A CEO should make sure that his or her customers are being taken care of. The needs of the customers are being met.
2. A CEO should ensure that their employees are safe. Employees should care for customers when there is a natural 
3. CEOS should practice for a possible disaster. A CEO’s company should do practice drills of a company’s plans for a natural disaster like COVIC-19. A possible practice drill would be a fire drill. It should make easier to deal with a possible crisis and make sure that the response is the correct one.
5. A CEO or a President should have made plans for a worst-case situation. The plans should consider every possible worst-case situation, no matter how implausible or outlandish the situation is. The plans could have been for product contamination, blackmail, terrorist attack or any possible disaster. 
6. A CEO or a President should appoint an operational leader. A CEO would want to be the one take charge, but he or she may not be an expert on a particular disaster. It would be better to put somebody who has experience with a particular crisis. It would be best to put somebody in charge and name them the crisis manager.
7. A CEO or a President should designate a spokesperson. The media and the public should know who is the official voice of the company or the government. The company or the government will know who should get requests from the media.
8. A CEO or a President should have a clear message to the public. Their intentions should be clear to people. They should try to send a message that is action-oriented, emphatic, and simple. A CEO should talk with a determination that they want to correct the disaster as soon as possible. No leader should not waste time in the middle of the disaster because it does nothing to address the actual problem. 
9. A CEO or a President should not self-promote during a disaster. The response should be about the employees or the people. It is bad form during a disaster to make it about themselves. 
10. A CEO or a President should do a post-mortem during and after the disaster. There should be a parallel response during the disaster to find out what went wrong. 

It is true disasters can hit a company or a government at any time. Predicting for them is not possible. Preparing for them is essential.

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