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Gaming Bits: COO Raises Money For Campaign, Another Gaming Company Is Being Investigated For Sexual Harassment

August 18, 2021

COO Of Gaming Company Raised A Million Dollars For Campaign
Steven Spohn, COO of AbleGamers, announced the company has raised $1 million for its Spawn Together campaign.
Spohn announced the milestone via Twitter yesterday.
He created Spawn Together with the goal of raising $1 million before his 40th birthday, which is next month.
I remember when we began, and I remember how we grew, and I remember how we raised a million dollars, along with all of you, so that we could play games like everyone else,” he said.
AbleGamer was founded in 2004 by Mark Barlet, whose mission is to help people with disabilities improve their quality of life through video games to foster community, fun, and accessibility.
Adaptive gaming, developed by the non-profit organization, enables accessible games to be created for all people, including those with disabilities.

Riot Games Is Another Gaming Company Under INvestigationg For Sexual Harassment
According to California’s Department of Fair Employment and Housing, Riot Games is delaying the investigation into allegations of gender discrimination and sexual harassment.
DFEH shared a statement yesterday, saying that Riot has delayed the process for the past two months by failing to issue a notice giving its employees the right to speak to government officials and the DFEH about the issues they have faced.
More than a year after the government launched its investigation into sexual harassment, sex discrimination, and sexual assault at Riot Games, the company announced it had reached secret settlement agreements with approximately 100 women, those women not having been aware of the government’s actions.
“For the next 18 months, the DFEH sought the secret settlement agreements. The Court ordered Riot to produce them to the government in January 2021; however, Riot delayed production until April 2021. Alarmed by language in Riot’s settlement and separation agreements that suggested employees could not voluntarily and candidly speak with the government about sexual harassment and other violations, and obtain relief in the government’s actions, DFEH promptly moved for relief from the Court. The Court ordered Riot to issue the corrective notice; however, Riot has delayed the process for two months.”
The DFEH requested that the Los Angeles Superior Court ask Riot to comply and produce the notice initially required on June 4, 2021.
“The notice informs workers that they are free to speak freely with the government about unlawful workplace practices and participate in the DFEH’s pending action, regardless of non-disparagement and nondisclosure provisions in their settlement agreements,” the DFEH stated.
An initial class-action lawsuit against Riot Games was filed in November 2018 following a lengthy exposé from Kotaku about Riot’s alleged toxic culture.
Former Riot employees could have received $10 million in a preliminary settlement. The DFEH then claimed they could be entitled to over $400 million.
Riot moved the case to private arbitration hearings in April 2019, arguing that the women waived their right to sue when they accepted their jobs.
Riot employees threatened to walk out, so the studio dropped the arbitration requirement.
Earlier this year, Riot reached a preliminary settlement agreement before requesting forced arbitration once more.
Riot Games contacted to clarify that the issue is related to former employees, not current employees.
According to a spokesperson, the clarification will apply to former employees who signed settlement or severance agreements.
The company will file an official response in court today, the spokesperson said, but did release the following statement as a broader response:
Former employees are receiving notifications to confirm that Riot’s severance agreements never prohibit employees from speaking to government agencies. Riot has never retaliated against anyone for speaking to a government agency.