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The Myanmar Military Burns Three Houses In Village

May 30, 2021

During recent raids on three villages in Magwe Region, regime forces killed three people and set houses on fire at random.

After military trucks passing through the township were struck by explosives the same day, villagers were subjected to a crackdown.

Among the victims was Saw Min Hlaing Oo, a 33-year-old primary school teacher taking part in the nationwide general strike against the coup regime; he was shot in the waist and the thigh. Other casualties included two men aged 50 and 33, but their names were not known at the time of reporting.

The local resident of Gangaw said he did not know why the houses-three in total-were destroyed.

“The soldiers opened fire on the villages from a road. Several bullets hit my village,” a local man told Myanmar Now, asking not to mention the names of the targeted villages for fear of reprisals. “Some of the shooting victims were fleeing when bullets passed just over their heads. All the villagers fled.”

While fleeing the regime forces’ attack, a woman in her 70s slipped down a hillside and broke one of her legs as she was shot in the arm, the local added.

Around 5:30 pm, after the soldiers had left, villagers returned to their homes.

Residents of Kani and Yinmabin townships in the southern Sagaing Region, which borders the Magwe Region, have been resisting the junta rule with homemade guns and explosives since April.

The military retaliated by raiding several villages in those areas to crush the locals’ armed resistance, forcing more than 15,000 residents to flee to the forests to hide or seek refuge in other towns.

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The Myanmar Military Have Arrested An American Journalist

May 29, 2021

As Danny Fenster was about to leave on an international flight for Bangkok when he was detained at the airport, Frontier magazine reports he was imprisoned in Insein prison.

Fenster, who hails from the Detroit area in the United States, previously worked for Myanmar Now, another independent news source. The journalist is the fourth foreigner detained since the military seized power in a coup on February 1st, 2021.

After being arrested, freelancers Robert Bociaga, from Poland, and Yuki Kitazumi, from Japan, were deported. Nathan Maung, a US citizen who was arrested during a raid on his Kamayut Media office, as well as fact freelancers Robert Bociaga, from Poland, and Yuki Kitazumi, from Japan, were all deported following their arrests. Nathan Maung, a US citizen who was arrested in a raid on his Kamayut Media office, has been charged with spreading “fake news” and appeared in court earlier this month.

Danny has been detained since this morning and Frontier has not been able to contact him since then, Frontier said in a tweet on Monday night. We are concerned about his wellbeing and call for his immediate release. The priority right now is to ensure that he is safe and to provide him with any assistance he may need.

The military has used increasingly brutal tactics against those protesting against the coup, including cracking down on reporting and online communication. About 80 journalists have been detained, roughly half of whom are still in custody awaiting charges or a “fake news”
Earlier this month, he was charged and appeared in court.

The restriction of a foreign journalist’s freedom of movement is the latest grave threat to press freedom in Myanmar, Shawn Crispin, CPJ’s senior Southeast Asia representative, said in a statement.

Foreign Correspondents Club of Thailand also condemned the arrest and praised Frontier and Myanmar Now for their courageous reporting.

According to the FCC, since the coup on Feb. 1, 2021, these organizations have made invaluable contributions to understanding recent dramatic events in Myanmar. The company noted that some of the detained journalists were charged under a law criminalizing any discussion believed to undermine military or police morale.

Frontier Myanmar welcomed Fenster, 37, in August 2020.

He was en route to see his family in the US when he was detained, according to Dateline Detroit, a news website to which he contributed occasionally.

Frontier’s Chief Executive and Founder, Sonny Swe, told CPJ via a messaging app that the U.S. Embassy was aware of Fenster’s arrest and was working on it. For owning an independent newspaper, we spent eight years in jail under former military generals.

Danny has been detained since this morning and Frontier has not been able to contact him since then, Frontier said in a tweet on Monday night. “We are concerned for his wellbeing and urge his immediate release. At the moment, our top priorities are to ensure his safety and to provide him with whatever assistance he needs.”

Myanmar’s generals have cracked down on reporting and online communication and used increasingly brutal tactics against those who continue to protest against the coup. Independent local media have been ordered to close and about 80 journalists have been detained, roughly half of whom remain detained awaiting charges or trial.

A Massacre Is Going On In Myanmar (Burma)

March 29, 2021

About 90 people were killed by the Myanmar government’s security services. This is considered to be the worst atrocity since the military took over the government in February 2021.
According to the Assistance Association for Political Prisoners (AAPP), this massacre included children.
Tha Ya Zaw, a Myanmar resident, says they are killing her people like birds or chickens. They have no problem killing them in their homes.
The people of Myanmar will not stop protesting.
Despite the government warning the protester several times, the massacre occurred on Armed Forces Day.
The United States, The United Kingdom, and the European Union have denounced the massacre. The foreign secretary of the UK sees it as a new low.
According to the AAPP, more people will die in this massacre.
Since February 1st of 2021, more than 4,000 people have been killed.
The opposition-led Aung San Suu Kyi party won the last election by a wide margin. However, the military rejected the election results and took control of the government in February.
About 1 or 2 days prior to the massacre, protesters had been gathering across Myanmar.
On the evening of the first day of protest, State TV warned that people could be shot in the head and back if they continued to protest.
Security forces were deployed in force to quell protests.
After the massacre, pictures on social media showed families mourning and people with gunshot wounds.
One Myanmar citizen believes that it is a massacre now, not a crackdown.
About 40 locations were subjected to live ammunition crackdowns.
As reported on Myanmar Now, a local news website for the country formerly called Burma, 114 people have died in the most recent crackdown in the country. The UN has made reports of hundreds of injured and scores of deaths.
Among the many fatalities, a teenage girl was shot and killed in her own home.
According to the US embassy in Myanmar, there was an incident where the US cultural center was shot at. Fortunately, no one was hurt in the incident.
The military also had time to attack the ethnic group Karen National Union, which had seized an Army post near Thailand in the eastern part of Myanmar.