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A Boston Hero Has Died

March 21, 2021
File:Team Hoyt in Welleslley.JPG - Wikimedia Commons

Before I was the Prisoner of Bangkok, I was a kid in Boston, Massachusetts and I would watch the Boston Marathon on TV. It was usually shown by the local stations.
Mostly, it looked like a typical running race. Man and woman in shorts and jerseys with numbers on them would be running. The runners were thin and sweaty, ready to do anything to cross a finishing line at any cost, even if it meant their lives.
What stood out was a man pushing a wheelchair. He did this for many years and in my eyes as well as others, he became a hero. He did the Boston Marathon, even though he would most likely not win the Boston Marathon. It is hard to win a race when you are pushing a wheelchair.
Boston Marathon is a hard marathon. It is 26 miles of going up and down hills. Boston and the surrounding suburbs are actually quite hilly. To push a wheelchair for 26 miles up and down hills, you would have to be crazy or extremely motivated. He was motivated and extremely brave for doing such a thing. I admired his faith that he would finish the race, despite having a handicap like having to push a wheelchair.
Recently, this man died and it turns that his name was Richard Hoyt. The man in the wheelchair was his son who was quadriplegic and had cerebral palsy. They had actually stopped doing the marathon in 2014 due to the fact that the father was no longer healthy enough to do the marathon.
This duo is a prime example of turning a tragedy into something beautiful. They could have stayed home and watched the marathon on the TV. Instead, they would run the marathon together and no matter how bad things were, you can overcome them and make something that is truly inspirational, Other people would know that a disability can be overcome in some way and you can do something that is truly heroic.
They will be missed and wherever Richard Hoyt is, I hope that he is happy and he can finally truly rest on the day of the marathon. He has earned it.