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First Woman From Gaming Industry To Win BAFTA Award

March 30, 2021

Siobhan Reddy, a studio director at Media Molecule, recently received the BAFTA Fellowship Award. She is the first woman from the gaming industry to receive such an award.
Other gaming legends that have won this award Tim Schefer, Hideo Kojima, and Shigaru Miyamoto.
Reddy won this award because she was a pioneer that advocated for collaborative working culture, inclusion, and diversity.
Reddy said that she was very grateful and honored to receive this award. She believes that it is a step forward for inclusivity that speaks to BAFTA wanting to have a more diverse group that wins the award.
The other efforts that BAFTA is making for diversity are the BAFTA Guru Initiative, Breakthrough Brits, and Young Game Designer awards. Reddy thinks these efforts show that BAFTA is really making an effort to have more diversity in the gaming, TV, and film industries. She has loved the efforts.
She does believe that these efforts can be seen in the gaming business.
When Reddy joined the gaming industry many years ago, it was really a different industry. There has been much progress.
Reddy does think that the issues have not really gone away. Everybody in the gaming industry is making some sort of effort to have studios where people can thrive inside them. It is very important.
Reddy believes that we live in a flawed where ableism, sexism, and racism exist. They are real and they must be dealt with. She is hopeful that a large number of people are trying to tackle these large subjects. It will be a lot of work.
Reddy has goals to make the gaming industry more diverse. The gaming industry should re-evaluate how they hire people and how they promote people. She thinks that everybody in the studio should have the opportunity to contribute to the project.
Reddy feels that it is very important to have a gaming industry where identity should not make a worker’s life hard.

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