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The Head of Apple Software Engineering Testifies in Apple V. Epic Games Trial

May 24, 2021

Craig Federighi, Apple’s software engineering head, recently testified in court, explaining the key differences between the iPhone and Mac operating systems.

Third-party software can also be downloaded from the MacOS App Store. However, iOS systems have never allowed third-party downloads.

Epic’s key argument in this trial is that Apple’s behavior can be considered anti-competitive and monopolistic by not allowing third-party app downloads or stores.

Despite the fact that there have always been a greater number of iPhone users than Mac users, Federighi stated that there are still a lot of iPhone users. Considering this, he said the iPhone is likely to suffer more malware attacks.

Macs are less than a tenth as common as iOS devices, so from an attacker’s perspective, iOS is a much more attractive market to attack.

As well, he argued that iPhone users are much more casual than Mac users, and are more likely to download malicious software without realizing it.

Federighi explained that iOS users have just become accustomed to getting apps all the time, quoting Apple’s famous slogan: “There’s an app for that.”

Federighi also discussed the sensitivity of data and the casual nature of iPhone users. Mobile devices are designed to be carried wherever a user goes in addition to carrying the user’s most sensitive information — contacts, photos, documents, bank details, and even their location.

“Iphones are very attractive targets,” he said.

You have them all the time, and they have some of your most personal information — of course, your contact info, your photos, but also other things.”

An attacker can gain access or control of any of these devices for a great deal of money from all of these factors.

Last but not least, Federighi suggested that iPhone and Mac are designed for completely different audiences — the latter being far more technologically literate.

Mac computers are marketed as specialist devices for professionals who understand how to download software safely. However, iPhones are marketed towards those that might not know how to protect themselves from malicious attacks, such as children.

The Mac has been part of this generation of systems where the expectation is you can get software wherever — you can give it to your friend and he’ll run it, that is part of the expectation. But Mac users also expect a degree of flexibility that helps them accomplish their goals. to what they do. Some of them are software developers, some of them are pros running their unique tools, and having that power is part of it,” Federighi said.

It’s as if the Mac is a car — you can drive it anywhere and off-road if you want. It comes with being a driver, you’ve got to be trained, there’s a certain level of responsibility, but that’s what you bought. Your goal was to buy a car.
“With iOS, we were able to create something that kids — heck, even infants — could operate and be safe doing so. That’s a real game-changer.”

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