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Consumers Are Buying More Apps in First Quarter of 2021

April 4, 2021

According to App Annie, the in-app market for both Google Play and iOS is expected to reach $32 billion worldwide in the first quarter of 2021.
$11 billion had been spent on Google Play and $21 billion had been spent on iOS.
In the first quarter, spending on gaming went up 32 percent to $22 billion, according to App Annie.
Apple users spent $13 billion on games, an increase of 30 percent year-over-year. Google Play users spent $9 billion on gaming, a 35 percent increase year-over-year.
In the first quarter of 2021, both iOS and Google Play saw the same 40 percent growth year-over-year.
According to the mobile analytics firm, App Annie, the spending increase is due to COVID-19. App Annie believes that the market is growing faster than ever.

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