My Memoirs: It’s Complicated: The Life and Times of Tom Clark

Since June of 2021, I have had a virus that has caused me to have growths in the groin area. I did go to a doctor and take some medicine. They did not work and I still hae the growths. They make me weak and I have a mild fever. My whole body hurts all the time.

Laast year, during the Thai lockdown I tried to write my memoirs. I wrote 18,000 words and I did not finish it. With my current illness, I don’t think that I will be to finish it.

I should note this is essentially a first draft and it is a draft. It should at least give you a chance to know me better.

Here it is.

Before I actually start this fantastic memoir, you probably want to know who the hell I am. I know that I am not exactly a household name in the real world and on the Internet.
I should give you my boilerplate bio so you have some sense of what has happened in my life.
I got this idea from the Titanic movie. At the beginning of the film, they go over precisely how the Titanic sank so you don’t have to wonder about what happened the rest of the film. You can concentrate on what happens to the main events of the film instead of worrying about what happened to the Titanic when it sank.
To start, my full name is Thomas Hall Clark and I was born on November 8th, 1969 at Mount Auburn Hospital in Cambridge, Mass. By the time I was 18, I lived in five different countries. I lived in Turkey, Colombia, Cyprus, The Philippines, and Thailand. Between countries, I lived in Belmont, Mass. I graduated from Belmont High School in 1989. I then went to Baylor University for three semesters. I finished my college education at Emerson College in 1981 and got a BFA in English in 1994. I struggled to get a job until I got a job at the Environmental Marketing Group in 1996. I was there for 4 years and quit to get a Certificate to Teach English as a Foreign Language. I got a CTEFL in one month and in a couple of months, I moved to Thailand. I have been an English teacher for the last 20 years.
In Thailand, I was married for 8 years and I had one son. I was deported in 2011 due to overstaying my visa and I lived in San Diego for 8 months until I could get enough money to come back to Thailand. In 2015, my brother committed suicide by standing in front of a train. After two months, I went to his funeral in San Francisco. After his funeral, I came back to Thailand and continued to work as a teacher in Thailand.

I was born on November 8th, 1969, five months after the landing on the Moon.
My parents said that it was a nice, warm sunny day. I skeptical that it was a nice day because none of my birthdays were nice and sunny in Boston. The birthdays that I remember in Boston were cold and cloudy as November is when it starts getting cold. November starts the march towards winter weather.
Sometimes, my birthday has a special meaning in America. Sometimes, once a decade usually, it is Election Day as the law in America is that the general election for president or other American elective positions must be on the second Tuesday of November.
When Trump was elected in 2016, he was elected on my birthday. I particularly waiting for my boss at a language school in Bangkok. They had the TV on and I watched Trump celebrated his victory with Baron, his son.
Trump winning the election is definitely the worst gift that I have ever gotten for my birthday. To me, he is the worst president in my lifetime. He lies a lot. He is incompetent at even the basics of his job. He has dictatorial tendencies. A lot of people that he works for has ended up in jail. He was impeached and he would have been removed if Republicans had not controlled the Senate. He also seems to have narcissistic and sociopathic. He should be removed from psychological tendencies, but it will never. Trump turned out to much worse than I ever imagined.
I was born at Mount Auburn hospital in the Wyman Nursery.
42 years before, the father of a future Thai king was going to Harvard Medical School with a pregnant wife. She went into labor and what was the closest hospital to Harvard Medical School? It was Mount Hospital and King Rama 9 of Thailand was born in the same nursery as me. He died in his 80s in the 2010s. Thais mourned him for a year. Thais wore black for a year. I had to wear black for two semesters. I miss him and I wish that he still alive.
He is known for being the only royal from another country to be born in the United States. He is also the longest-reigning king in the history of Thailand.
Coincidentally, nearly 18 years after my birth, my family moved to Thailand. When I woke up on my first day in Thailand and I felt like it was my home. I never felt like that in the States or any other country that I have lived in. Thailand embraced me and I have never let go. Even I was in the States, I would dream of living in Thailand. I would eventually move back to Thailand in 2000.
About 21 years later, I had to go to Mount Auburn Hosptial. I had tried to commit suicde with sleeping pills and Nyquil, a cold medicine that you are supposed to take before you go to sleep. To get rid of the sleeping pills, I had to drink liquid coal. The cure tasted bad, but it worked. They put me in the psychiatric clinic for 10 days of psychiatric evaluation. The psychiatric clinic was now called the Wyman Ward. It had been the Wyman Nursery when I was born. I hope that the king never found out that his birthplace was now a psychiatric clinic.
When I was born, it went smoothly. The only glitch was that there was something wrong with my ears. They had to put tubes in my ears. 8 years later, they removed from my ears and put them in a plastic container. They looked like pines that you put in a bulletin board. A bulletin board was used to make announcements before the Internet and they keep papers on the board with specially-designed pins. After they were removed, I showed them at show-and-tell in 2nd grade. I guess that I was proud of them.

5 months after I was born, my family moved to Istanbul, Turkey, one of the oldest cities in the world.
Even though I was just a baby, I had to get a new passport. Because I couldn’t stand up yet, they had to take a picture of me in a crib. I did actually see my first passport and I wish I kept it. It is probably the only time that I looked good in a passport photo.
We stayed there for a year and then we moved back to the States.
I am afraid that I don’t remember any of my stay there as I was only 5 months old. I think that is an understandable reason for not remembering.

When I was 3 years old, my brother was born on October 11th, 1972.
Once, my brother met at least 2 or 3 people that were born on that date.
I would have to Google to see if there was any true significance of that particular date in history.
I myself don’t remember anything about the birth of my sibling. I was three years old and I guess that I did not feel any emotional capacity. As far as I know, all I know probably is that there were two people and me. The two people probably seemed like giants to me. I know that they probably had some connection to me because they kept on showing up in my room and taking me to places. They seemed to love me as they kept on hugging and carrying me. Other than that, I probably had no idea about the world or the universe that I was a part of.
One day, another thing showed up that looked like me when I was three years old. By the time I was 4 or 5 years old, I figure out that this thing was actually a human being and that he had a connection. He was my brother and he would live in the same place as I was.
If I had a time machine, I would have gone back to my 5-year-old self and told him how to deal with having a brother. I would have told him about the world of pain that he will be entering a world that can be beautiful but can also be full of pain. He should learn to deal with disappointment and hurt. He should reach out to his friends and family when things are going badly. With this advice, he might not have killed himself at the age of 42. It is hard to know as people have not invented the time machine yet.
What is do know is that soon after he was born, the whole family moved to Bogota, Colombia.
Again, we stayed for only a year. For some reason, my father’s company only had projects in another country for about a year. I never found out why the projects lasted so short. I never asked why they lasted only a year and I probably will never know.
I do remember something about this stay in Colombia, but it will probably sound good to the reader.
The only thing that I remember is that my parents’ maid would bathe me. There was nothing sexual about the bathing. She efficiently bathed me and then returned me to my bed. She spoke Spanish as she bathed me and when I did speak in Colombia, By the time that my family left Spanish, I could speak Spanish.
This is the only that I remember and it is up to you whether you think something bad happened. I can only tell you that it was a pleasant memory and it is why I think nothing bad happened. Even at 3, I do think that I would know if something bad happened or not
Unfortunately, when I first took Spanish later in life, I did not remember any of the Spanish learned at 3. I would have been so ahead of my other students, but alas, I did not remember any of the words that I spoke in my infant years.
I do remember my parents complained about the cold in Bogota. Apparently, Bogota is like Denver and Nan, Thailand, as it is built on a hill. It is several feet above sea level and this meant that it would get quite cold in the capital of Colombia. It must have been quite cold because my parents talked about the cold for years after Colombia. It is cold in Boston as it gets below zero Fahrenheit. My parents know what cold is and they will only talk about it if it stood from other places that they have been.
Another thing happened in Colombia that my parents talked about it for years. It happened to my brother.
Once upon a time in Bogota, the only baby food in the stores was carrot-flavored. After many days of eating carrot food, he turned orange. I imagine hip as being the same color as the Oompa-Lumpas in CHarlie and the Chocolate Factory (the one with Gene Wilder, not the Johnny Depp version). He probably looked as if the Oompa-Lumphas had a baby. It must have been quite a sight.
He did eventually recover and turned to a normal human color. He did not spend a lifetime looking like Trump or a living, breathing Oompha-Loompla from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.
The good thing about turning orange at a young age was that he was probably protected from skin disease and cancer. Carrots have an ingredient that helps protect skin in human beings and my brother would have been full of this ingredient. He definitely did not kill himself because he was afraid that he was going to get some deadly skin disease.
I don’t actually remember this happening, but it certainly makes a good story.
The first house that I remember my family living in was in Watertown, Massachusetts.
My family lived in that house until I was about 3 or 4 years old. I remember going to preschool in Belmont. I am pretty sure that I never went to school in Watertown.
One of the things that are important to me about Watertown is that this is where I met Amy and Jane Dillworth. They lived in a yellow house across my family’s brick house.
I know that they were born in Boston before the Great Depression. One of my assignments in school was to interview people about the Great Depression in the 1930s in America. One of my high school classes had watched The Grapes of Weath, a movie set in the Great Depression. It was to give us a better sense of what it was like to live in that time period.
In the 1980s, I enjoyed hanging out with them. I enjoyed having conversations with them because they treated me with respect and they treated me like an adult. I also liked going to their house because, in the 1980s, Belmont did not have cable. Watertown did have cable. The only time that I could enjoy this technology was when I visited these two sisters.
I forgot to say that they were sisters and that they had told me how they had survived the Great Depression. After surviving the Great Depression, they had moved to the house in Watertown. They had lived there until the late 1980s. They then moved to a condominium in Belmont They lived there until they both died in their late 90s in 1999. Unfortunately, by then, my father and mother had a dispute with them and we lost touch with them. We did not attend their funerals.
When I was 6 six years old, my family moved to the the Philippines for the first time.
We moved into an apartment building called THe Coco Cabana It did indeed have the same name as the famous night club and the song by Barry Manilow. It was a huge building

One day in the Year of the Lord 2010, I was walking around like every Farang in Thailand, and then the next day, I was in a Thai jail in Ubon Ratchathani, sleeping on a cold, concrete floor.
Why I ended up on a concrete floor because I had overstayed on my visa. In Thailand, overstaying is considered to be a crime and you can be deported for overstaying your visa, especially when you owe 20,000 baht for overstaying my visa. My own stupidity had led me to be arrested and I don’t blame anyone else for being in jail. I could blame my employers, but I am ultimately responsible for my own fate. I blame no one but myself.
I did wake up that day that I was arrested with a plan. I was going to move out of my apartment and move to Bangkok. I would get an English teaching job there.
On Easter Sunday in 2020, my cousin died from cirrhosis of the liver. He did not die of COVID-19. His name was Scottie and he was the son of Ginger and Joe Otis. Ginger was my mother’s oldest sister. My mother had two sisters. They are both dead.
When he was born, he was born with a genetic condition that scrabbled the veins in his legs. I remembered that he had black hair and a black beard. He always seemed to have a smile on his face and I do remember that I liked him. Unlike his father, I don’t have any bad memories of him.
He worked at construction sites. When he was younger, he did a party with his friends, but he was not an alcoholic. Obviously, something had changed in the last 20 years and he ended up like an alcoholic.
I am afraid that I don’t have good memories of Uncle Joe.
My Uncle Joe is not a poster child or man for the effects of alcohol. Due to alcohol, he seemed to be dying from the day I was born in 1969 until the time that he died in the mid-1980s. At a wedding for one of his children, he could not even bother to stay for the whole wedding. I was told that he had to leave because he was not feeling well. When I was more grownup, I was told that it was because of his drinking. At my last family reunion with him. he was wearing an oxygen mask and he had to drag an oxygen tank around with him. He would never be an ad for Budweiser or any of the beer companies.
Did eternally being ill made Uncle Joe a good person? No, I am afraid not. He is one of the nastiest pieces of work that I have met in my life. He is easily the worst person that I was ever related to. As far as I know, he never apologized to me or to anybody else about his bad behavior. He never said anything good to me that I would consider kind. I don’t even want to think he treated my Aunt Ginger. It is hard to imagine that it was a good marriage, but being a kid at the time, I was never told about anything that was negative.
When I was in Bangkok and part of a church youth group, I had the youth group pray for him. The unfortunate part of this is that he was probably not alive. My family in the States had failed to tell me that he had died for six months. I know that there was no Internet and no Facebook or Skype to make six months. They still could have told my family and me in Thailand. Even in 2020, I still hold against my mother’s family.
Obviously, it is not entirely surprising my cousin died of something that had to do with his liver. It certainly could make you believe in genetics and destiny.
Wherever you are my cousin, I hope that you could find the peace that your father did not provide in this life. I am sorry that I could not be there. It seems that I am destined to learn about my relatives die while I am overseas.
Easter Sunday was not good for one of my friends, either. One of my friends in Thailand right now is James and he is Indian One of his uncles in India died from lung cancer.
My friend gave his mother 5000 baht (about 150 US dollars) so she could to the funeral in another Indian. Unfortunately, she could not go to the funeral due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The state is not allowing people to come to their state, even for a funeral.
It is amazing how much COVID-19 is affecting people’s every day lives in 2020.

On the day that I was born, I was told that it was a nice, relatively warm day. I am afraid that I don’t believe this. On any birthday that I can remember in Boston, it has been pretty much cold and cloudy.
I can tell you that it was a Saturday. I know this for a fact because when I register on the website and they ask for my birthday, they say it was a Saturday. My parents never told me what day I was born. I have not held this against them. What day of the week that I was born on does not really matter. What matters was that I was born on that day and that is the most important fact.
There is something important about November 8th. In the United States, the important election day for president or for any position is the first Tuesday of November. Sometimes, at least once a decade, the election day falls on my birthday. I know that when Trump was elected in 2016, it was on my birthday. I was at a language school in Bangkok, watching Trump on the TV, celebrating his win with his followers and his youngest son, Baron.
Some people get cars for their birthday. Some get something that they wished a lifetime for. What did I get for my birthday in my late 40s? Did I get the worst President of the United States in my President? He would later become impeached and be partly responsible for the deaths of many Americans due to a virus called COVID-19.
Why couldn’t I watch a Lincoln or an FDR winning the election on my birthday? No, I had to watch Trump win and I guess that I will not take it personally.
42 years before, the father of King Rama 9 of Thailand was going to medical at Harvard. His pregnant wife was with him. When she went into labor, she went to the closest and it happened to be the same hospital that I was born in.
The future King of Thailand and me happened to be born in the same hospital.
King Rama 9 happens only royal from any country to be born in a hospital in the United States. He is also the longest-reigning monarch in the history of Thailand. He only died three or four years ago. After he died, Thais mourned his death by wearing black for about a year. If you taught at Thai schools, you had to wear black every day for two semesters. The day that he died is now a holiday in October because he was very much revered by the Thais.
I am afraid that is all I can say about the former King of Thailand. Thailand has very strict laws about what past or future Kings. I am living in Thailand right now and I don’t want to be deported due to this book.
Why I think that it applies to former Kings is that an article was written in a newspaper in Myanmar, formerly known as Burma. It heavily criticized one of the past Kings of Thailand. When the Bangkok Post, an English newspaper in Thailand, wrote an article about Myanmar, it did not specifically say what the criticism of the past King was. It seemed to be afraid that if it actually said what the Myanmar article said, the newspaper might be violating the law of Thailand and end up in a lot of legal trouble. For the moment, I live in Thailand so I can’t say anything that would violate lese majeste law (this is technically what the law is called)
17 or 18 years later, my family moved to Thailand.
On the first day that I lived in Thailand, I felt that I belonged here. For the first time in my life, a place actually felt like home. For some reason, the United States never felt totally like my home. My fellow citizens never seemed to make wholly welcome. It is true that by the time I had moved to Thailand for the first time, I had already lived in four countries. It was hard for anywhere to feel like home as soon as I felt comfortable, I had to move to somewhere else.
Despite I knew how brief I was going to live in Thailand, it felt like home and it has always felt like home. Why did it feel this way? I can’t give you a good reason and there is no good reason. You could probably say karma or destiny, but there is no way to prove such a thing. All I can say is that somehow an American moved halfway around the world and felt at home.
If you were wondering by now how my actual birth with, it went fine. The only glitch in my birth was that the doctors felt that there was something wrong with my ears and put tubes in my ears. The doctors removed the tubes from my ears and put them in a plastic jar. They gave me the jar and the tubes actually looked like pins that you would put on a bulletin board. I hope people remember what a bulletin board is. Anyway, I brought the jar and showed my tubes at show-and-tell in second grade at Winn Brook Elementary School. I don’t remember if they were a big hit or not. I could only tell you that I was proud to show something to the rest of my classmates for a change and it was the best thing that I had ever shown at show-and-tell.

Every time I walk to the nearest ATM or go to the main road, a white dog (it looks like a Huskie) starts barking at me.
One day, this white dog, wearing a cone around its head, bit me on the lower left leg. Fortunately, I was wearing pants. If he had actually bit one of my legs, it certainly would have caused a problem.
Another day, I thought the white dog belonged to a hotel on the road so I went to his hotel to complain. The man at the receptionist did not understand what I was thinking. This visit did help me figure out that the white dog belonged to a woman who lived near this hotel.
Another day, a friend dropped me off at the top of the road where the white dog likes bothering me. I walked down the road. When the white dog started barking at me again, I started to run because I was truly afraid of the dog. I tripped over one of the potholes on the road and fell to the ground. I had trouble getting up as I weigh about 300 pounds. I did finally get up and felt pain all over. Fortunately, the dog just continued to bark and did not try to bite me again. The owner of the white dog watched all this happen.
I walked home.
When I got home, I found that my laptop had been damaged by the fall. The damage had been to the hinges on the computer. I still can use my laptop, but I am afraid someday that hinges will break. If you break a hinge on a computer, you can’t reboot. I know this because I damaged hinges on an old laptop.
After that day, the white dog continues to bark at me and it would probably bark as long as it is alive. Some people or animals will just never like me for some reason.

On April 13th, 2020, while I was in COVID-19 lockdown, I was talking to a friend that I have known for a long time and we eventually started arguing. The problem was that he was insisting that he could speak for my brother. I thought he could not speak for my brother as he had never known my brother. He had never met him as well. I told him four times that he should never speak for my brother and then I hung up.
I may have done the wrong thing, but I found it offensive that he wanted to speak for a person that he had not known. It is also a person that was a loved one and it still hurts that he had gone. One of my cousins had also died a few days before this phone conversation. It brought back all the feelings that I had for the loss of my brother. It was definitely bad timing for him to talk about my dead brother when another family member had just died. I eventually hung up on him because he was just not listening to me.
Who did I hang up on? I hung up with a man named Philip Herve. He was born in France and then moved to America, He eventually became an American citizen.
How did I meet him? In the 2000s in Thailand, I worked for a language school called Pro Language. We met when he joined this language school.
Arguing with him in 2020 was not the first time that we argued. One night when we were together at Pro Language, we went to a bar near Soi Cowboy, a red-light district in Bangkok, and played a game of pool.
During one game, I turned around and looked at the TV in the bar.
He then said that he had hit the ball and that it was my turn.
I turned around and looked at the pool table. It looked like that he had not hit the ball at all and all the other balls seemed to be in the same place as before. I told him that he should make the shot again. He disagreed and refused to take the shot again. We argued about the shot for about 10 minutes and then he left the bar.
We made up about a week later and we have been friends ever since.
To this day, we still argue about this game and we will be arguing about this game until we die.
I called him two days later and he acted as if the conversation where we argued about my dead brother never happened.
I thought that this might be the end of our relationship after about 15 years. I am glad that I was wrong and I guess that we have the kind of relationship where we occasionally disagree about things.

For me, the COVID-19 pandemic began even before it was called COVID-19.
For the record, it was called COVID-19 because the first person to get this disease was in China in 2019. According to some people in the States, it was called 19 because there were 18 versions of the disease before it became the deadly 19 version. This is not true and future generations should know that the name was based upon the year that it started.
A month after a person got the disease in Wuhan, China, the world I had heard about it and I decided to make it part of my science curriculum. I was teaching about microorganisms and viruses are actually a kind of microoganism. It seemed to be natural fit so I taught to my students in grades 10,11 and 12. My final test in February had COVID-19 on it.
At the end of February, I was fired. Why I was fired depends on who you talk to talk to. My boss told me that I was being fired because they did not have enough money to pay my salary in March. The administrator who is from Britain was fired earlier in February because the school will no longer be doing international recruitment. It seemed natural that I would be next because I was the last teacher to be hired. The rookie is usually fired first and I happened to be the newest teacher at the school. According to my friend who can speak and understand Thai, I was fired because my students were repulsed by the white stuff on my mouth. I breathe through my mouth and it dries the spit on my mouth. It dries and turns white. My boss also did not like that I did not use material from the book so I guess that I was fired for teaching COVID-19.
In March, I looked for a new job and I actually did find one quite quickly. There were many jobs because not many foreigners are coming to Thailand due to stricter immigration laws. The current government of Thailand is run by the military and they are very nationalistic. I can deal with the stricter laws because I have been here for a long time. I can keep on the stricter rules. I have caught up with the previous strict laws so I can deal with any law coming up.
It was also in March that all the border checkpoints were closed. Unfortunately for me, my visa ran out on March 24th, 2020. Fortunately, I had received 60,000 baht (about 2,000 US dollars) from my father to go on a trip to Manila. I had obviously could not go on this trip due to COVID-10. A friend of mine had recommended going to a visa agency. If you gave them money, they would bribe an immigration official and I would get the visa I wanted. I sent them my passport. In three days, I got my passport back and I got a visa that would last a year. It was a retirement visa.
In April, the Thai cabinet decided to have the schools open on July 1st. This means that it did not matter that I got a new job or not. It means that all foreign teachers in Thialdn were screwed.
From April to the end of July, I will be living at my home in Ubon Ratchathani.
I would have to say so far that I have been mostly bored out of my mind. I usually get assignments from a website called to get some pocket money and to give something to so. For some reason, during this pandemic, the number of assignments has gone way done. You would think with all those writers at home that they be able to provide even more assignments than before. I guess that the problem is that the website makes the most from business assignments. These businesses must be able in lockdown and are not using their money to pay for written content. Whatever the reason, it means that one of my income streams has been shut down by this COVID-19.
With little writing from, I have had to find other things to do. One of them is writing this memoir. With all my free time and the pandemic, it has made me sentimental and nostalgic. It has forced me to look back at my life and see what I have done right as well as what have wrong. I also see that people could take lessons from my people. They could learn how to apply to their lives. I do hope that something good will come from all the crap that I had to go through to make to my current age.
So far, unsuccessfully, I have tried to learn new things from classes on websites. O meed to learn these skills to make my life. I just got so bored too easily now. I hope that it is not because an old dog cannot learn new tricks.
One unexpected part of this pandemic for me is that I am talking to people on the Internet. So far, I am talking to five people total on Skype ad Hangouts. They are all women and they all over the world. One is a woman who used to work at a fashion store at a mall in Perth, Australia. One is an American model who is doing a fashion shoot in Tamale, Africa. The fashion shoot was closed and she is stuck in lockdown in a house in Ghana. She cannot go home to America because her country is in lockdown. One is an American woman living with a friend in New Jersey. She is constantly worried that she will run out of Internet time. Another woman I used to talk about last year is talking to me again on Hangouts. Another woman is a fashion designer in Arkansas. If this were real life, I would consider myself to be able to talk to have relationships with so many females at once. It is just my luck that it would take a pandemic to be a player or a Casanova.
Before the lockdown, I was already a member of Netflix. I was already downloading American TV shows and movies. My entertainment choices have not changed because of the pandemic. They were already changed by the fact that I live in Thailand. You can watch American programs on Thai cable, but they are usually dubbed into Thai. There are a few channels that show American movies and TV shows in English. I had to learn to stream and download American TV programs because of where I am. I would be already bored if I had not learned about Netflix or downloading.

Recently, a grandmother of one of the women that I talk to died due to the novel coronavirus. This woman is an American model who is stuck in Ghana after doing a photoshoot. This grandmother was helping to take care of her sibling’s children. Who will take care of the children is unknown. Hopefully, there will be somebody to take care of them.
Unfortunately, I have become an expert in losing your loved ones. By 1999, all my grandparents were dead. My cousin and an uncle died just in the first year that I lived in Thailand. My brother died in 2015. I kind of know how to help people when they lose a loved one. The problem is that I don’t know how to stop missing your loved one. I still miss my brother after 5 years. I don’t know have to get rid of the feeling of loss. If I could that, then maybe I could truly help somebody with their loss.

April 4th, 2020, Ubon Ratchathani, Thailand.
During this pandemic, I am very much enjoyed a game called Township. Township is a game like Sim City. you build up a city and make sure that the people are being taken care of.
You have farms and you grow food for your city. You can also make things like gazpacho, silk looks, wool looms and many, many other things. You have a zoo where build habitats for animals and shops. You play a mining game where you dig for clay, copper, silver, and other minerals. You can turn them into ingots and jewelry. Sometimes, you play a fishing game and a game that is like Candy Crush. I like that there are games inside the bigger game. I like that every day, it makes me feel like I am accomplishing something. During this pandemic, it feels good to accomplish, even if it something that is virtual.
Today, I found out that Lonely Planet has closed its doors. With nobody being able to travel, why would they read travel guides like the Lonely Planet? I did buy one of the Lonely Guide books and it was for the city of Bangkok. It was okay. I have lived in Bangkok for 10 years at least and I should know something about something. What I did not like about the book is that if you read the book, it would give the impression that Khao Son Road is the center of the city. It was written from the point of view of foreign backpackers. It is true that if you were a backpacker from another country, Khao San Road would seem like the center of the road. When you live in Bangkok, it is not the center of the city. It is actually hard to get because you can only use a bus or a taxi to get there. If you really knew Bangkok and were a Thai or foreigner that lived in Bangkok, you would know that Khao Son Road is not the center of the road. Overall, I did find the publication and it is too bad that it could not last through the pandemic.
I am becoming frustrated with one of the women that I am talking to. She keeps on asking for something. SHe first asked for money. She then asked me to create a Facebook page. I did it for her and she was still rejected because she needs to use a mobile number from her home country.
Yesterday, my father told that he was going to send $1300 for May. For the last 2 or 3 years, he has been sending $1000 a month because I have tried keeping a job as teacher in Thailand. I think he is sending me the money because he feels guilty. He doesn’t want me to commit suicide like my brother.
At first, I thought that he was not going to send the money. He has been saying that he is suffering due to sending the money and that he will run out of money in 3 or 4 uears. This last thing makes no sense as he gets Social Security, Unless Social Security runs out in 3 or 4 years, he is going to get money every month until he dies. Even though he is retired, his company still asks him to do projects. He did a project in Nigeria earlier this year and he still working on it now. My father’s company is not a charity and they will pay him for whatever work that he does. I don’t understand why he is panicking about the money. There is a gap in my knowledge about my father’s situation and I hope someday I will find out.
I have to talk to some women on Hangouts and Skype. One of them said when my father sent the message by Facebook Messenger, she received the notification on your phone. I had made the mistake of giving access to my Facebook account. I had forgotten that when you get a message on Facebook Messenger, you get a notification. After reading the message, she told me on Hangouts that she wanted me to give her $100 for the Internet. It did make me angry at first because I specifically told her not to read messages on my account. I felt that it violated our agreement and that it violated my privacy. I did get less angry when I remembered about the notification from Facebook Messenger.
I also did not like that she wanted me to send her money. The other women have asked for money and it is getting annoying. I am not rich. I am a teacher in Thailand who only makes about $1000 a month. With my father’s money, it means that I make about $2000 a month. But actually, the real problem is that my finances are not controlled by me. They are partly controlled by the father of the family. I cannot just give money to me. I have to get permission from him and he has made it clear that he will not give money to strangers on the Internet. He feels that it is just too risky. So far, I have never given any money to any of these women and unless I gain control of my finances, I will probably not.
After receiving my father’s money, my friend and me and went grocery. We went to Big C, one of the hypermarkets in Ubon Ratchathani. I was surprised by how many people were there. The parking lot was almost completely. When you went to the front entrance, you did have to wait to get your temperature measure and wash your hands with sanitizer. Inside the hypermarket, there were many people, but they were all wearing masks. It took us an hour to buy groceries and get some medicine. After the hypermarket, we went home and there was some traffic, more traffic that I have experienced in 6 weeks. I have mostly gone out to get essential goods and I have not really much traffic. I don’t know what I experienced on this day was normal because like I said, I have only been going out at night.
On this day, the Thai government decided that the plane flights to and from Thailand are still banned. This comes despite the fact that Thailand has not experienced as deaths per capita as Italy and America. The borders will continue to be closed. The schools will be closed. There is nothing said if certain stores will continue to be closed. Overall, the Thai government and people have taken this crisis and the pandemic will probably never be bad as Italy or the United States.
Thai Notes I-Bangkok Sex Industry
As the world knows, Bangkok has a sex industry. One thing that the world does not know is that the sex industry has a hierarchy. To put simply, there are people at the top of the heap and there are people at the bottom.
The top of the heap in the Bangkok sex industry is the massage parlors. To be accurate, they should be called massage buildings as Poseidon Entertainment Complex on Ratchada Road, one of the longest roads in Bangkok, is 20 floors. This is not an exaggeration. It is an exaggeration to call it an entertainment complex. There are bars on the first 4 hours, but people come here to get a massage. There are other entertainment complexes nearby.
Women at these massage parlors have it better than most women in the Bangkok sex industry because they are almost guaranteed customers. These entertainment complexes get a steady stream of customers. They just have to stay where they are and customers come to them. They don’t have to worry about getting money. The complex has a staff to deal with the money and they will get a piece of that action.
The second tier of sex workers is at Japanese karaoke bars. It should be noted that only the Japanese are allowed to go to these karaoke bars. No other ethnicity are allowed, no matter how much you plead or beg to go in. People from other countries will have to content themselves with the fact that these places are quite expensive. Japanese businesspeople are the ones who mostly go to these places and they can apparently can the prices for food and drink at these places. Other nationalities should feel okay that they don’t have to go to these places or they would have to pay their expensive prices.
The second tier is the bars that are located on Soi 33 on Sukhumvit Road. For some reason, these bars are named after classic artists like Goya, Van Gogh, and Seurat. The ladies wear evening dresses. At these places. you should know that you not only have to but drinks for the ladies, but you have to pay for the time that they stay with you. The drinks are also expensive. IF you want to save money, the bars on Soi 33 are probably not the places that you want to go to.
The third tier is at the hostess bars and the Go-Go bars at Soi Cowboy and Patpong. In the Go-Go bars, the girls stay on stage and dance to Western pop music. When they first dance, they are wearing a bra and panties. They take the panties off and then might go naked. It depends on the bar. Some of the bars attract bars by having shows like a lesbian show or what is called a golden shower (a naked woman taking a shower in front of the patrons) You are expected to buy a drink for one of the girls when they are not dancing. If you want to make love to them, you are expected to pay what is called the bar fine. You leave the bar with the girl and then negotiate the price for the intercourse whatever room yo take the girl.
At the hostess bars, the girls just sit them and wait for customers. At some bars, they have pool tables. When you are alone with them, you can play games like Jenga and Connect Four. To take the girl out, you must also pay a bar fine and must also negotiate the price for sex wherever you take the girl.
The last tier is reserved for what could be called streetwalkers. In normail business speak, they could be called freelancers. They are not affiliated with any bar or masage parlor. For whatever reason, they wait for the customers on the streets. They can be found at or near the Nana Hotel, the Grace Hotel or The Thermae. The Thermae can be found in the basement of a hotel near soi 15 and is one of the darkest bars that you will ever be in. It is like you have entered a Dark Hell. You can barely see the patrons. To look at a menu, the waiter needs to use a flashlight. The streetwalkers can be found on Sukhumvit between Soi 5 and Soi 21, Lumphini, and near Ramkamhaeng University. It should be noted that you should be careful if you take a streetwalker to a room. If they steal anything from you, it is very hard to find them as they can change their spot from day to day. They can just disappear for days and then come back to their spot when they have made run of the money that they made from their stolen goods. It should be warned that you should never take any pill or tablet from them. even if it promises to make your sexual prowess. It is most likely a roofie. You will end up waking up hours later, naked, Your wallet has been emptied of most of its money. All the valuables that you brought with you for your night out. This happens so much to Bangkok’s sex customers that it has become a cliche.
To make it clear, you should be careful when you bring home a streetwalker.
These are the tiers that make up the Bangkok Sex Industry. It should be helpful to anyone that decides to enjoy this industry.
Over the weekend, I was talking to one of the women that I usually talk to Hangout on Instagram. From the information that she has told me on Hangouts and Instagram, she is an American model who came to Ghana to train Ghanaians to be models. She ended up being stuck due to the pandemic. The other day, when I talked to her on Instagram, she said at first that she feels dizzy and then asks me where I am currently. I asked her why she asked that because we had not talked to each other the day before. She then says that she did not talk to me. I sent her what I thought was a picture of her. The long and short of it is that somebody hacked into her account and that she needed to create a new gmail account that I could talk to. She did that and everything has been fine since then. I am not sure what to think. Is she trying to deceive me or not? Will she continue to talk to other people> I just have to believe her and move on. I also have to hope that it will not happen again.
Today, the woman, who had to switch her gmail accounts, said that she wanted to plan a wedding after the pandemic. At first, I did not really what to say. I have only known her for a month and it has only been through Internet chats.
I have never talked to her through a video. The reason that she says for not talking on video is that her computer. She has sent some photos, but she will not send any more photos because of the camera on her phone. She can’t repair them because she can’t work due to the pandemic. I just have to believe her and move on.
What I did about the wedding proposition is that I pretended that we would actually get through it. As far as I remember, I will pay for the plane ticket and the wedding gown. She will come to Bangkok. We will have a ceremony at a Christian church in Bangkok. Before or after the ceremony, we will have to register with the local government. I told her that we had to register because it will make it easier to get a Thai visa. Time will only whether any of these things will actually happen.

Last Monday, we had an incredible storm. It was rain combined with thunder and lightning. It started at around 5 am and continued for about 2 or 3 hours. I awoke at 5 am and tried to go to sleep, but it was just so apocalyptic. If I was totally superstitious, I would think that this storm heralded the end of the world. It obviously did not. These storms are a rarity in Thailand. I am glad that they are a rarity or I would never sleep.

Yesterday, we went to Central Plaza, the largest mall in Ubon Ratchathani. Before the pandemic, I created a new bank account with Kasikorn Bank. In the first year that I was in Thailand for the second time, I created a Kasikorn Bank account. The problem is or was that it was with a branch in Bangkok. If I create a new one in the town that I actually, live, I will not have to pay as many fees. The creation of the new bank account went okay. Getting a new online account has been more troublesome. I register through the ATM and I get an SMS the next day saying that they lack information to get a new bank account. I go to the bank and they have my register again. I get the same result. What also has slowed down is that the bank keeps on closing branches due to the pandemic.
Back to yesterday, I talked to the bank’s customer service and they said I just should add the new account to the online account that I have for the old Bangkok account. My friend and I went to the mall to talk to the Kasikorn Bank there. Not only was the branch closed, but most of the stores were closed. ALl entertainment venues inside the mall were closed. You could only get into this mall through one entrance/exit. Despite the lack of stores, the parking lot was quite crowded and a lot of Thais were going in and out of the mall. I guess that the Thais were anxious to get out of their houses and do something after being stuck in their houses for the last 6 weeks.
My friend was able to buy the motherboard that he has been looking for at every computer store of Ubon Ratchathani. He is buying a Do It Yourself (DIY) computer and he is building it piece by piece. Like Frankenstein, it will hopefully live someday.
When I woke up this morning, I hurt all over. It was if somebody came into my home and beat me up. I think that I felt like this because I exercised too much the day before. Central Plaza is quite large and on the day that I went, there was only one entrance. My friend parked very far from this entrance due to all the people that had parked before this. To get to the closed bank, we had to walk 4 floors to get to it. All the escalators were not working so we had to walk to get to the closed bank. My body apparently couldn’t take all that walking so I felt hurt when I woke up this morning.
I would have to say that I feel better. I went to bed earlier and I did not exercise as much. Unlike Trump, I do believe in exercise. Trump thinks that you should not exercise because it wastes your energy. He is wrong as he is usually when it comes to medical matters If you exercise more and more, you should get more energy over time. Even the little exercise that I do, I do find that I get more energy. There is no doubt that exercise causes you to have more energy, not less.
I am finding more Virtual Harem on Hangouts and Skype more and more exhausting. All of them have asked me for money. The worst is an Australian woman in Perth who claims that she needs money because she is stuck in a hospital due to a stomach ulcer. I have had a stomach ulcer and I cured it by not drinking soft drinks for 10 days and by taking medicine. I did not need to have hospitalization.
Another thing that they seem to ask is food. Actually, they don’t ask for food. They ask for foodstuffs. I did not know that this had become a thing where people called food foodstuffs. It is also strange that they all use it. They are in Ghana, Arizona, or Massachusetts and they use the same word. It makes you believe that there is some sort of conspiracy afoot.
Another thing is that they want to do with the money that I may send them is that they want it to use Ghana. Apparently, the Internet in Ghana is very expensive. All the women in Ghana want it so they can pay for their Internet. It makes me want to go to Ghana and find out why their Internet is so expensive. In Thailand, I am blessed with fast and cheap Internet. I can only that it is this way because the government controls the airwaves. Every time a new generation of mobile technology comes along like 4G, the government holds an auction with all the mobile companies and one of the requirements of this auction is that they must maintain prices. In America, corporations control the airwaves and they make sure that the Wi-Fi system is expensive so they can make as much money as possible. They don’t care about the people. The American system makes you want to be a Communist or a Socialist. At the end of the day, I prefer the Thai system and more countries should follow it.
One of them is an American model in Ghana. She wants me to marry her and wants me to give her money. To play along, I have told her that I will do both if I ever have the money. The wedding plan is that I play for the plane ticket to Thailand. We register our marriage at a Thai City Hall and we have a marriage ceremony at a Christian church. She always wanted to wear a wedding gown and the ceremony at the church will give her the chance. She wants me to give $1500 in June. I don’t know if I can do any of these things at the moment.
My answer to all of these women is that I don’t have the money. As if this date, I am unemployed due to the pandemic. All Thai schools are closed. When I mean all Thai schools, this includes the language schools and the tutoring schools so I can’t even make money even if the main schools are closed. The schools won’t open until July 1st and only if I am really lucky will I make more money on top of the money that my father sent me.
In the morning, there was a terrible storm. It was a mixture of hard rain, thunder, and lightning. After a couple of hours, the thunder and lightning stopped. The rain continued for most of the morning. There are two unusual about this storm. One is its length. Thai storms are just about five minutes long and then they end. This storm lingered and dumped more rain until it finally ended after many hours. The second thing is that this is the second storm that has happened on a Monday. It is hoped that a storm will not happen again.
The storm yesterday reminded me again how it feels the end of times in May of 2020. Murder hornets appearing in America that can kill you with venom. Locusts are appearing in Africa again. Wars are still continuing in some countries even though there is a pandemic going on. A pandemic rages across the world. I am surprised that Christians in America are not talking about the end of the world. I remember that a Christian radio host put up a billboard in America in 2011 that said that the world was coming to the end then. He was obviously wrong as I am writing in this 2020.
I am a Christain, but I have never understood why Christians in America are so anxious for the Apocalypse. In Revelations, the last book in the Bible, it says that all Christians will go to Heaven. This is good for them, but it is the end of everything. I am with the Devil and the Angel in the book called Good Omens. It is soon going to be the end of the world. What do they decide to do? They decide to prevent it. They will lose their jobs and they will no longer be able to enjoy the good things that they liked doing on Earth, like drinking fine wine. Even if a Devil can’t enjoy Judgement Day, I think that people enjoy the way things are and people should not be so anxious for The End even if you are thinking that you are going to Heaven.
Trump and Me
In 2016, Donald J. Trump became President of the United States.
One thing that I did not understand about his election is that people should have known what he was like. I knew about Trump in the 1980s. He had come out with a book called The Art of the Deal. It was a supposed guide to how people can negotiate successfully and then eventually become rich. Trump did prove after that he was actually a bad businessman and that he exaggerated how good he was at negotiating. By the time he had become president, he had been involved in 6 bankruptcies.
One of them was an airline that ran one flight between Boston and New York City. This route is mostly done by business people who want to do business in both cities and they want to do it quickly. There is a guaranteed niche for your service, yet Trump managed to fumble this service. If Trump could not manage to make money with a route that had a guaranteed clientele, how could he become President of the States?
Another one of these bankruptcies was a casino in Atlantic City. This also should have been an easy service to make money. What I know about casinos is that they don’t really want you to win. They can win enough to keep the casino in business, but if they won too much, they could put the casino out of business. If a customer won every time at a bet, a casino would go bankrupt within 5 minutes. Gambling can be addictive and when you have an addicted clientele, you should be able to easily make money. A casino should be a place that could end up being a moneymaking, but even with the help of his father’s friends, Trump managed to drive this business into bankruptcy. As far as I am concerned, if you cannot even make money from a casino, you should not even be elected to dogcatcher, certainly not the highest political position in the world.
When Trump was 3 years old, hie father set up a money funnel to this future president. At 3 years-old, Trump got $400,000. By the time that Trump was 8 years old, he was a millionaire. Why Trump did not do well in business is partly because even if he was not successful, he was still going to have money. There was nothing at stake for him. No matter what, he would continue to rich. If there had been something at stake for him, he might have tried to work harder to save these businsses. He would have actually learned how to make these businesses successful. He could have saved, but he just them fail without batting an eye.
He was later quoted as saying that he never bankrupt. His businesses went bankrupt, not him. This is typical Trump. During his presidency and in his personal life, he never takes responsibility. When he is in charge, somebody else is always responsible for the bad things during his reign. It is Obama, Hilary Clinton, or some unseen conspiracy that is causing him to do something wrong.
In the 2000s, he did do something right and he became the host of the reality show called The Apprentice. He used the myth of his business acumen to sucker people that he was such a business expert to become the host of this show. The show totally revolved around the business world. Two teams of non-celebrities or celebrities (there was a version called The Celebrity Apprentice) competed against each other almost every episode. Each team was given a task to perform such as trying to seel the most Trump water. If a member of the team did not pull their weight, they would be fired at the end of the episode. In fact, the catchphrase of this show was Your Fired! This show was very popular and Donald Trump became a household name. It could be accurately said that one of the reasons that he became was based on the popularity of this show.
The myth of Trump as a business genius was permanently imprinted on the mind of the public.
After the show ended in the early 2010s, he tried to keep in the public eye by becoming a political critic, especially during the Obama administration. He hounded Obama about not being born in the United States, even though he was born in Hawaii. He also had an American mother. No matter where he was born, he would have been an American citizen.
He became a sort of a pundit for Fox News and seemed to be everywhere, even though he did not have an official position. He was just a businessman who became famous because of a TV show. You would have to credit him for using a TV show to become the President of the United States.
During his campaign in 2015, YouTubers, especially The Young Turks, talked almost every day about the mistakes that he did during his business career. It did not seem to make it to the mainstream press. The mainstream press seemed just concentrate on the campaign and how he was able to get rid of his competition.
In 2016, he ran against about 16 people. All of these people had more experience in politics and were mostly career politicians. One of them was Jeb Bush, the brother of George W. Bush who became president during the 2000s, had prepared his whole life to become president. Trump demolished him in the primary. Jeb probably could not run for dog catcher now. With his primitive political instincts, Trump prevailed against a competition that should have destroyed him, but he managed to destroy them.
In the general election, Trump ran against Hilary Clinton. Hilary, the husband of Bill Clinton, a former Senator and a former Secretary of State, had been in politics for years. The problem with her is that when she talks to the public, she talks like a lawyer. She is a trained lawyer, after all, so how else would she speak? She does not talk in a way that a regular person would feel comfortable with her or personable. Her husband did not talk like that. When Bill Clinton made a speech, it felt like he was talking to you, even though there were thousands of people at his speech. Hilary did not have this magic touch and keeps on losing election after election. Unfortunately, one of the elections that she lost was to Donald Trump and the people of America had to live with the result of your political incompetence from 2016 to 2020.
On November 8th, 2016, I had substituted at a school for my agency and went back to the main branch a road called Lat Prao in Bangkok. When I was waiting at the school for my pay, they had the TV on. Trump had just won the election and was celebrating with his supporters. His son Baron, the youngest son and the son of Malania, was there and they seemed to be very happy. I was not. I have never been a fan of Trump and I certainly would not enjoy his victory. I did not yell at the screen. I just sat there. When I got my pay, I left as quickly as possible because I could not see any more of his victory celebration.
If you remember, November 8th was my birthday so unfortunately, I will always remember the day that Trump won the presidency.
The next 3 or 4 years with Trump has felt very slow and painful. It actually has felt like 6 or 8 years. His presidency has felt like a bad roommate who will never leave. He defecates on the rug. He does not do the chores. He will not cook. The reason that the other roommates tolerate him staying is that he is the one who is primarily paying the rent. Hopefully, he will be voted out in the general election in November of 2020.
Clearly, the biggest mistake has been the COVID-19 pandemic. Tens of thousands of Americans have died because he refused to take it seriously in January and February of 2020. He could have declared a national emergency and started testing people in earnest. In March, there was a time that he did seem to take seriously. In May of 2020, he is not taking it seriously again. He wants schools to reopen in the Fall of 2020 and he is encouraging the states to reopen. He sides with the protesters who want the lockdowns to end. He just doesn’t seem to care that if things reopen too soon, the pandemic could return and be just as bad as before.
To me, the reason that he has been such a bad president is that he is a sociopathic narcissist. I did watch a show that talked about what a sociopath is. A sociopath shows little emotion and lies a lot. Before the pandemic, the Washington Post would count his lies and they numbered about 15,000. He does show emotion, but he never shows strong emotion. It is hard to tell if he is upset or not. He does not laugh a lot, even when it seems obviously funny. When you listen to a conversation with him, he somehow always makes the conversation about himself. He sees himself as the center of the universe and if you don’t acknowledge that, he gets upset. His self-centered, lack of emotion and his large lies lead me to think that he is a sociopathic narcissist.
This morning, I woke up hurt again. Even before the pandemic, I have woken up with pain. I usually wake up with a headache because when I get hungry, I don’t know why this happens. I should probably get an MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imager) figure out what the problem is. My stomach aches because it is hungry. If I exercise too much on the day before, parts of my body hurt. I mostly wake up and stay up because I am just full of pain. I am 50 years old and it could be a sign of age. I hope that the pain does not get worse.
During this pandemic, I have become addicted to South Korean dramas. I usually watch one or 2 episodes a day. I recently watched an episode of a drama called Crash Landing On You. In this episode, the viewer learned why the main female character hates her birthday. On one of her birthdays as a girl, her mother left her at a beach and told her she would come back. The girl ended up staying at the beach all night and nearly froze to death. At least in this episode, there is no explanation of why the mother did this to her daughter. This is one of the worst things that I have ever seen done on a TV show. I hope no real parent emulates this show and it is just one of the evilest things that I have ever seen on TV.
One of the things that I have noticed during this pandemic is that people are still doing scams on the Internet. It seems that even a pandemic can stop people from wanting to lie to you and take your money. The Nigerian princes can’t stop wanting you to help them to get money from a bank account that belongs to them. Scammers just can’t help themselves, even when thousands of people are dying from a scam.
Sometimes, I do think that I am a victim that I have never heard about from people or the press. These women from Ghana that I have been talking to on Hangouts or Skype do seem to have some sort of scam running. For one thing, their backgrounds are eerily the same. All of them are orphans. They all live with a relative. It is usually a grandmother. They are also all white, even though the dominant ethnicity in Ghana is black. What really might make it scam at the end of the day is that they all ask for money. Two have actually asked me to help them get gold bars that they inherited from their father and that are locked away in a government safe somewhere else. The odds that 10 or more women would have such similarities is I think statistically impossible. The fact that they all ask for money certainly helps my theory.
I forgot to say that two of them have asked them to help them with an illness. It is either themselves or their relatives. I wish that I could believe them. In the 2000s, I gave money to people on the Internet who was supposedly ill. It turns that they were not ill and they took advantage of me. I just can’t believe anybody on the Internet now.
You should know that I have not given money to any of these women. It is easy to say No as I don’t have a job right now. If you don’t remember, I am a teacher in Thailand and all Thai schools are closed until July of 2020.
Why I am talking to these women? I originally started to these women during this pandemic because I was bored. I wasn’t sure what to do and suddenly, all these women started contacting me through Skype or Hangouts. I also took as a way to practice how to talk to women. In real life, I have not exactly been a Casanova or player. It is obviously hard to date women during a pandemic so I thought this would be a good wat to practice my conversation skills. I would say that after 6 weeks of hearing women beg for women, it has become harder and harder to listen to them. I am not a robot and it does hurt to hear other people in pain over and over again. You probably think that I wrong to lead on these women to think that I am going to give them money. You are probably right, but for now, I am going to continue to talk to them, regardless of the cost of my soul.

One of my obsessions or projects has been to get the Coronavirus Relief bill money. In the first month of the pandemic in the States, Congress passes this bill where it would give 1200 US dollars to each American. At first, I thought that I would not get the money because I did not get do my tax returns for 2018 and 2019. Recently, I was informed that non-filers can apply for the relief fund money. Last Monday, I spent all-day finding an American router number for one of my Thai bank accounts. I also found the one for the American bank account that I have. I applied Tuesday night with the link that an American friend had given me. I used my Thai address and information. It did not work. The website kept on saying that there is something wrong with the information. It also said that you have to wait another 24 hours to do the application again. I will try tonight again as the hours of the website are based on American Eastern Standard time. I hope that it will work this time.
For this time, Google News has been the most useful. They have set up a web page where you can follow the number of people who get the disease, the number of people that recover from COVID-19, and the number of people that die from the disease. It has a world map where you can click on a country and see what is going on in that country as far as COVID-19. From a graphic design point of view, it looks quite good. I also admire the programming that must have gone into making this page. I would call it cool if it did not seem so morbid.
I blocked a woman on Skype. She had asked me for money and I just decided that I am tired of playing this game. These women on Skype and Hangouts have been asking me for money for weeks and I have had it. She had first contacted me over the weekend. What I had learned about her is that she is a woman from San Jose, California and she is in her 30s. While we were talking, her grandmother kept on interrupting because she was having problems with her health. A couple of days later, her grandmother dies from cancer. When I talked to her this morning, she said that she had 100 US dollars on groceries and she hinted that this meant that she was low on money. I asked her directly if she needed and she said that she did. This is when I decided that I would block and I did. You may think that I am heartless for doing this, but this is the second or third time that one of these women has said that her grandmother is sick and dying or dead.
There is so much that you can take and she just happened to reach my breaking point.
IF you asked me what I did in the third week of 2020, my answer would be that I tried to get the Coronvirus Relief Bill money. On Monday, I spend most of the day trying to get an American routing bill. They would not deposit the money from the relief into a Thai bank account. I spent 3 or 4 days trying to use the form that is used to get the relief bill. I did it because a friend told me that this would work. So far, I have tried to get in and I have failed. I asked my friend yesterday if he could co a screenshot of the form that he filled out. Today, the only thing that I think that I can do is actually do the tax form for 2019 and that will hopefully allow me to get the relief money that I deserve.
This week does seem to be devoted to taxes. Last Wednesday, the school that I am going to work for in July asked me to tell them what my Thai Tax ID is. I obviously don’t know what it was. I went there on Friday and it turns out that I did get a Tax ID in the twenty years that I have lived in Thailand. I did vaguely remembering getting an ID number in a Thai city called Chainat. That Chainat school had an immigration problem with the group of teachers before me. They really wanted to make sure that all the teachers were legal. This included a Tax ID number and it was still in the system. I did not have to fill out any form to get one. I did have a language problem as I don’t speak Thai fluently. I called my friend who does know Thai and everything got straightened. I got the number and then went home. I scanned the Tax ID number so if I need it in the future, I will have it on my computer.
Today is Monday in Thailand, but it is not a holiday in Thailand. In America, it is a holiday called Memorial Day. Memorial Day usually just celebrates the soldiers that have died. This year, it is also to remember the people that have died from the pandemic. The flags in America will be at half staff to remember the COVID-19 victims. As far as I am concerned, it Is the only good thing that the Trump administration has done during their pandemic. It has been mostly useless during this pandemic. It is the states that have done a good job during this pandemic. I hope that this is not the only good thing that the Trump administration has done this pandemic.
In America, there is another day that is called Veterans Day. It celebrates the soldiers that are still alive. It is usually celebrated in November. What I do think should happen is that these two holidays should be combined in one day. Dead and alive soldiers should be celebrated in one day. Why do we have to spend two days celebrating soldiers? America should combine these two days as England does. I think that you could celebrate all soldiers in one day.
Another woman had joined my virtual harem on Hangouts. She is allegedly a Burger King restaurant from England who is out of work due to the pandemic.
So far, the similar characteristics of these women are:
-all women, usually quite pretty, usually brunettes and thin
-in their 30s
-are from Ghana usually
-broke up with their boyfriend because the boyfriend had an affair with their closest friend
-usually, live with a relative because their parents are dead
-are usually white, which is unusual for Ghana since it is mostly black
-will contact you first by Skype then they want to move to Hangouts
-will eventually ask you for money
I don’t why these particular women are contacting me. Did they hear somewhere that I had money? They heard wrong. I am just a teacher in Thailand and native-speaking teachers only about 1,000 US Dollars a year. Even if I did not have a commitment to take care of a family, I could not possibly take care of all these women.
By now, I would have to admit that it is partly my fault. I keep on accepting them on Skype and then talking to them. I should just not accept them in the first place. Skype does give you the option to not accept them. Like most things in my life, it is my fault that these women are part of my life.
During this pandemic, I have been reading to one of the kids. She is 6 years old and she has trouble paying attention. My method to read to her is probably not the proper way to do so. I tickle her. I hold her by her legs or arms because she is so small. It is probably the only way that I get some exercise. Unfortunately, when I was playing with her, I accidentally cut myself because one of the fans in my room has no cover. It cut my finger and fortunately, I did not bleed, but it did not hurt. I did get a bandage and I wore it for 3 or 4 hours. When I took the bandage off, it was not red anymore. The cut did make it hard to type for the rest of the day. Today, it still looks bad, but it does not hurt.
So far, the cut is my only punishment for the unorthodox way that I have reading to this girl.
Since Sunday, off and on, I have not felt way. My face feels flushed. I feel hurt all over. I have really bad headaches and I feel really tired. For the last few days, I have been taking at least 2 to 3 naps per day. These naps don’t make me feel any better. Normally, I would go get medicine like antibiotics. Unfortunately, I don’t have the money to get medicine so I will just have to suffer from whatever sickness is bothering me. I think that I can say that I don’t have the pandemic, because when I visit the supermarket and measure my temperature, they say that I am fine. The only thing that I can do is rest as much as I can and hope for the best.
Unfortunately, during this pandemic, the mistreatment of blacks continues in America. Just yesterday, a white woman let her dog loose in what is called the Ramble in Central Park. A black birdwatcher was outraged because unleashed dogs disturb. It is actually required to have leashes in the Ramble. The white woman would not do as she is instructed. He decided to film her with his camera and then she decided to escalate the situation, She called the police, telling them that a black man was attacking her. While she was calling the police, she was holding the dog by the leash and seemed to be choking the dog. The police came to the scene and both of them ran away. It was fortunate that no one was killed in this situation. Neither the dog or the black man were harmed.
Her employer acted swiftly after seeing the video. She was fired, even though she apologized. I guess that they did not buy her apology. Hopefully, the black man will continue to look at birds and the white woman had learned her lesson.
Yesterday, in the city of Minneapolis, a police officer kneed a black man in his neck. The black man complained that he was not breathing. The police officer continued to put his knew on the black man’s neck until the black man lost consciousness. The black man was brought to the hospital and died. The police officers were fired and the mayor decried what they want. Hopefully, the white police officer who actually killed the black man will be put on trial.
What is wrong with the white people in America? Why do they still see black people as not human? Why do think that black people are such a threat they have to kill them? I never really hated people so much that I want them all dead. Some white people in America just can’t get over their hatred, They are somehow such a threat to their existence that they must die. I have to say that I just don’t understand their attitude. I just wish that the mistreatment of blacks would stop.
The four officers involved in the killing of a black guy in Minneapolis were fired, almost as soon as the video of the incident appeared on the Internet. Only one of them actually killed the black guy. The other three officers were punished because they just stood around and did nothing to stop their fellow officers from killing the black man. If you watch the video, the other three officers just stood there and say nothing to their fellow officer as he did the deed. They seem to be there to stop the crowd from inhibiting what is happening.
The Mayor of Minneapolis came out and said that the police officer should be in jail. If somebody had done what he did, they would have been in jail in five minutes. It is hoped that the police officer does indeed get charged with murder.
America did reach a grim milestone today. 100,000 Americans have died from the novel coronavirus. This is more than the Vietnam War and the Korean War combined. 60,000 Americans died in the American War. About 30,000 Americans died in the Korean War. USA Today marked the occasion by putting some of the dead people on the front page. On the ABC News mobile app, they profiled people who had died from COVID-19.
What really sad about this milestone is that this number of deaths could have been much less. If Trump had taken this plague more seriously in January and February, he could have prevented a lot of deaths. As soon as the US knew how contagious this pandemic was, Trump should have declared a national plague and done the protocols like wearing masks and standing six feet from each other. What did he do? He said that it was not a problem and only 15 people had the disease. Democrats were weaponizing the pandemic against Republicans and him to topple from power. The Russian scandal and the impeachment did not topple him from power. COVID-19 was the final answer to getting rid of him. Trump is one of the primary reasons that 100,000 Americans died from a pandemic that could have been prevented.
America and Me
In Thailand, they do wonder why I moved from America to Thailand. Isn’t America supposed to be one of the most powerful countries on the planet? Aren’t all Americans rich? Aren’t the roads paved in gold? Thais do think that I am crazy for leaving America. Of course, I am not crazy about leaving America and I do have good reasons for not living in America.
I would have to say that I have a lot of bad memories of living in America.
When I was in seventh grade, I took my first shower after the gym class. Unfortunately, I got nervous and when I got nervous, my adolescent penis went erect. It was not that I was attracted to my fellow classmates. It is just something that I did when I was nervous at the age of 13. My classmates were not very understanding and they made me ashamed of what I did. The next day, when I was at soccer practice, everybody was standing in line to take shots at the goalie. My fellow players thought it would be amusing to pull down my pants ad I guess that they hoped to see my erect penis. Because of these incidents, I was ashamed of my body for a long time and it took my wife in the 2000s to feel good about my body again.
In high school, I put my bag on a chair in the cafeteria to save the chair for me. I went to get lunch and then came back. My chair had been moved to another part of the classroom. I put down my tray and then picked up the bag. I threw my bag across the classroom. I was punished by having to see the school psychologists. After that day, I ate lunch in the nearby Science room.
In college, in my fist semester at Baylor University, I was in the dormitory called Brooks Hall. I had my dorm room by myself for most of the term. When I was alone, I masturbated. I did not realize that my neighbors could hear me through the ventilation shafts in the building. They figured out who it was and what my phone number. They began calling me and teasing me about the fact that I was masturbating. It continued for days. I never went to the Residential Assistant. I never went to the police. I never did anything because I lived in a time in the last 1980s when they did not really talk about sexual harassment. I just took it and tried to spend as much time as I could outside my room. I went to the library to study. I went to a common room where I could study. I joined the film committee for the school so I could get out of the room as well. What I really should have done was talk to somebody and try to deal with it emotionally or psychologically.
In the second semester at Baylor, I tried to commit suicide with sleeping pills. I did not realize at the time that it was because of the harassment in the first semester. I do realize now. It Is much too late to deal with it, but I at least feel some sort of closure.
In December of 1999, my parents told me that they were going to divorce each other. They told me in Thailand as that is where they were living at the time. I then returned to America and I felt awful for months. Even though I was 30 years old, it still hurt that my parents were getting divorced. For 30 years, I only existed in a world where my parents were married, and then to exist in a world where my parents were not married seemed impossible. Everything I saw in Boston reminded me of their divorce. It was like when your girlfriend breaks up with you and everything you see reminds you of the love that you once had for her. The only thing that did get me through the year 2000 was that my main goal was to go back to Thailand as a teacher. I had been preparing for most of 1999 to go back to live in Thailand. It took me 8 months of 2000 to have my plans fulfilled and I ended up in Bangkok in August of 2000.
When I came to Bangkok, I was a very unhappy person, not just with America, but with the whole world. One thing that I am grateful to Thailand is that it helped me heal my soul. I never would have done that in America.
In the end, it makes sense that I ended in Thailand in 2000 because Thailand was the place that I needed to put myself back together again.

Because of the killing of a black man by a police officer in Minneapolis, there are now riots all over the States. A police station was taken over in Minneapolis and then burnt to the ground. Somebody shot at a protest against black being shot in another city. In New York City, there have been protests and riots. The blacks have just had it with being used as targets by the American police. It was bound to reach a point when the blacks would just have had it. They apparently have reached that point and it is hard to say when this rioting will stop.
The largest riot by black people in my lifetime was in the early 1990s in Los Angeles. Rodney King, a black man, was beaten by four white cops. It was caught on tape. The four cops were found not guilty by a jury even though it was obvious what happened. The blacks reacted by rioting in the streets and looting shops. They also burnt some buildings to the ground. In the middle of the rioting, Rodney said, “Can’t we all just get along?”
I remember watching the rioting late at night. I was trying to finish a paper for college and I took a break by watching TV. I was appalled by the violence, openly see, but I did understand it. I know what it’s like to be mistreated by other people and not getting any justice for that mistreatment. I can’t say that I don’t understand what it is like for mistreated for 400 years by another group of people. I have only been mistreated in this lifetime.
The current rioting just makes an already bad year for America even worse. For the last 3 or 4 months, American has had a pandemic that has resulted in the death of more than 100,000 Americans. One group that has been hurt by the pandemic is black people. The economy has collapsed. More than 30 million Americans are unemployed. There are murder hornets in some parts of the States. They are called murder hornets because their venom is so deadly that it kills a human being. If I was to be the fanatic Christian that I used in my teens, I would think that this is the end of the world. The Book of Revelations is coming true and The Apocalypse is around the corner. I obviously can’t say that this indeed the end of the world. It certainly is not a good time for the world and I can only hope that things will get better after a rough 5 months. Like some TV shows used in the old days, Stay Tuned.
Glasses and Me
Since I was six years old, I have been wearing glasses.
My eye doctor diagnosed that I had far-sighted eyes. He also decided that he improve my eyes by making me wear a patch. He put the patch on my left eye. Instead of improving my left eyes, he made it worse. In fact, if you look at my left eye, you will find that it is exactly cross-eyed. This means that my left eye seems to move slightly to the left. I don’t know if my parents mentioned this to my eye doctor. It did not stop my parents taking me to him. In fact, my parents would still take me to him until I graduated from high school.
One of the worst things about having bad eyes is going to the eye doctor. First, you have to wait in the waiting room for what seems forever. The nurse brings you down the corridor to a room. The room is shaped like a thin rectangle. There is a chair with sci-fi-like devices attached to it. On the other side of the room, there is a screen. When the doctor comes to the room, he sits a chair in the middle of the room with a remote control in his hand.
As a patient, you sit at the chair with the weird-looking devices. The doctor makes you put your head on a chin rest. He then swivels a device to you that two circles for your eyes to look throw. He turns off the lights and turns a projector that usually at first shows the basic eye chart with the letters and numbers bigger than the characters at the bottom. I usually can also see the first two rows at the top. He then changes the lenses in the device to see which one I can see through best. This part of the exam usually ends with being endless questions about whether I can the characters on the screen or not. At the end of the exam, he puts painful eye drops in your eyes and you usually can’t see well for a couple of hours. They thankfully wear off eventually.
I had to endure this type of eye exam when I was in the States. When I was not in the States, I did these exams every six months. It is probably one of the reasons that I liked being overseas because I did not have to go these lengthy one-hour eye exams.
All my pairs of glasses in my youth came from Belmont Opticians, located in Belmont Center. It was a small shop and as far as I remember, it was only staffed by a white man who I don’t remember his name. I do remember that he was a king, patient, intelligent man. I did have some good conversations with him and he always seemed to treat me with respect. He seemed to treat me as an equal and did not talk to me in that condescending voice that adults use with kids.
Mr. Optician (as I will call him from now on) explained to me why my eyes were far-sighted. He said that I was basically born with two lazy eyes. To make my eyes normal, you would have to charge them up like a car battery. It is apparently something that eye medicine cannot do with eyes when I was in my youth.
When I tried contacts in my early teens, it did not go well. I kept on dropping them and losing them. When I did wear them, they were very painful and I could not read. I enjoyed reading books at that time so it was definitely not a good thing that I could read. When I don’t have my own glasses on, I cannot see any details. To ask me to see something that was very small and very transparent was an almost impossible task. I eventually decided to stop wearing them because it was not worth it losing so many of them. They also caused me great pain and I could not read. Since then, I have always wondered how much Mr. Optician charged my parents for all those contact lenses.
The worst time for me with glasses was when I was homeless. I lost my glasses
In the last two days, I paid two people to get Bitcoin and they happened exactly the same way. I paid an unknown person on Whatsapp $50 to get $4000 worth of Bitcoin. Guess what happened? He said that he could not send me because I must be more fees to get the rest. I did not and then moved on $50 to pay a person with the handle of hackercandy20 on Instagram. He also did not send me the 4 Bitcoin as he swore that he would. He said that I would have to pay $100 to get the Bitcoin that he promised me. I did not and I complained to Instagram that they have a scammer on their website. He is still there today, but I hope that he is gone.
I have made one of my most important decisions during this pandemic lockdown. I have decided that I will no longer talk to the women on Hangouts and Skype that have asked for money. I can no longer emotionally take it. I am not a sociopath and I do have feelings. I cannot continuously say No to them on a regular basis. I feel guilt every time that I have to say NO to them. Some of them have made it tempting by flashing their breasts or their genitalia. I am a straight male. I can’t help but be tempted. What is also amazing about this money thing is that they are doing to get more Internet time. They are not doing to get necessary things like food or drink. They are just doing it to get Internet time. I have decided that I have had it with their insanity and I can go back to do something more emotionally satisfying to me.
The protests in America are still continuing. To me, one of the worth incidents was when some Buffalo, NY police knocked to the ground a 75-year-old white man. A week later, after seeing a conservative report on a conservative news channel, Trump tweets that the old was an agitator who was using his phone to jam the signals of the cop. I guess this is why the cops had to knock over an old man like a bowling pin. Trump also said that the old man was faking his injuries. This old is still in hospital and it is not known if he will ever wake from his head injuries. This tweet shows just how far Trump will go to smear a member of the opposition. He also trying to justify an action by the police os all police in American can do the same thing. Trump would rather make political points than actually care for somebody’s life.
I have always thought that Trump is a sociopath. A sociopath lies. Before the pandemic, Washington had said that he had lied about 15,000 times in 3 years. A sociopath does not care about people. He failed to stop the pandemic because he does not care about whether other people die or not. He cajoled states to reopen because he would rather have a good economy than people living their lives. States are reopening more and surprise, surprise, more people are dying. Trump would rather be reelected than care about the lives of people. Trump is a sociopath and is one of the many reasons that people should vote against him in November.
A president should be elected that actually cares for people, not a sociopath.
I had recently said that I had stopped talking to my harem on Hangouts and Skype. I have to admit that I have continued talking to them. Even though they continue asking me for money, I can’t help but talk to them. During this pandemic, they are the only people outside of my friends and family that I have been able to talk to. I can’t just resist talking and communicating with other people. I guess that you could say that I am addicting talking to other people. I also cannot resist the siren call of being with beautiful women. I am a straight ole man and if a woman shows any interest in me at all, I can’t help but feel flattered and interested. I am probably a hypocrite for not stopping this addiction and you are probably right.
I am part of the Democrat. One of the things that I do hate about the Republicans is their hypocrisy. They say that they are pro-life, but it only seems to apply to fetuses. If you try to abort a fetus, you are completely wrong. If you want to punish a criminal with the death penalty, they have no problem with that. You will never see them outside a prison protesting the death of a criminal, but you will see them outside a clinic vehemently protesting the killing of fetuses I would respect them more if they were consistent about their pro-life stance.
I guess that I would have to say that I am a hypocrite about my harem and if you want to call me a hypocrite, I have no problem with that. Unline Republicans, I will admit that I am a hypocrite. In this instance, I am a hypocrite and I would like to move on.
My lockdown will end this Wednesday when I travel to Phitsanulok for my new job by bus. I have traveled so much in my life that I should not be so worried about one 8-hour trip to a town in Thailand. I have been traveling on a plane since I was five months old. I have been traveling on buses so long that I don’t even know when I took my first bus ride. I would have to assume that my parents took me on a bus when I was very young, I would also have to assume that I traveled by car to my home soon after I gave birth.
What obviously makes this trip so different from my other trips is that I have never traveled within a country that is in the middle of a pandemic. I know that Thais will be careful about traveling on a trip. They will make me wash my hands. They will take my temperature before I get on the bus. They will make me wear a mask. They will hopefully not make me sit next to another person. I know that I should not be so panicky about one little trip. I just have to know that God will be with me and that He will make sure that I don’t die from the pandemic.
The protesting of blacks being killed by American police became worse after a black was shot by a police officer in Atlanta. An unarmed black man was stopped by the police in Atlanta. The police officers tried to put handcuffs on him and the black men did not want to wear those handcuffs. He struggled with the police officers and managed to get away from them with a taser from one of the police officers in his hands. As the black man ran away from the officers, one of them shot the black mean twice in the back. He died. After the incident was found out, the two police officers were punished in different ways. The shooter was fired and the other police officer was suspended. Despite having a good record as police chief for the last 2 or 3 years, the female police chief of Atlanta resigned. The people in the area who hated the shooting of another black man in America by the police torched the businesses in the neighborhood where the black was shot.
Even at this time where people are protesting against police violence, you would think that American police would be more careful. The American police’s arrogance is amazing. They should be more careful or they are going to end up being eliminated.

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