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The Rise of UK Pensions In 2022 Could Affect British Expats in Thailand

July 8, 2021

United Kingdom (UK) state pensions could rise by 8 percent starting April next year, setting off a chain-reaction of grief among British ex-pats in Thailand whose allowances were frozen at the time they lived abroad in most countries.
According to the Office of Budget Responsibility, funded by the Treasury, many poorly paid workers have lost their jobs due to the pandemic. Overall, the statistical effect is pushing up the wages of the better-paid, resulting in a technical distortion.
Currently the maximum flat-rate pension is 179.60 pounds per week, although the amount payable varies depending on the date of retirement and the number of contributions paid during working life. A 8 percent increase would mean an additional 14 pounds per week on the maximum rate. The government may abandon the “triple lock” if temporary anomalies are discovered.
The British state pension is one of the smallest in Western Europe. The UK spends 6.5 percent of GDP on pensioners, while France spends 14.5 percent and Germany spends 9.9 percent. Since 1970, the freezing of most ex-pats living abroad has been a bone of contention.
Lawyers in Thailand say that complicated UK pension rules are increasingly posing a problem as aging British husbands die (usually from lifestyle diseases) and surviving Thai widows search desperately for income. In 2016, the rules regarding the state pension, however, changed. The vast majority of foreign widows, including Thais, cannot now claim any portion of their late husband’s old age pension based solely on his national insurance contributions.
Thai widows cannot claim support from the British government unless they have worked in the UK and/or obtained their own national insurance number. A Pattaya lawyer, Jessataporn Sriboo, stated, “The Thai widow has a much better chance of obtaining residual pension rights from her former husband’s occupational pension. Documentation is everything.”

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UK: Earn Money By Playing Games In Bed

June 7, 2021

A quite literal job of your dreams is soon available. Right now, applicants are wanted to review the gaming bed of their dreams.
As reported in a local UK media outlet York Press, a company called Happy Beds is looking for gaming enthusiasts to test their brand new gaming bed over a three-month period.
If selected to review the gaming bed from Happy Beds, you can earn £20 per hour and work just eight hours every month. So that means you can earn £480 over a three-month period for lying in a bed playing video games.
That’s not all, because if you get chosen you’ll not only get paid £20 per hour, but you’ll get to keep the gaming bed, get a gaming console, and the choice of three games up to the value of £150! How sweet is that?
If chosen, however, you’ll of course have to ensure that you have enough space in a room to place the new gaming bed in your house.
The chosen one will also have to complete regular questionnaires, as well as show off images and videos of your new gaming set-up on social media.
The closing date for this dream job is later this month on Sunday, June 27th. Applicants must also be over the age of 18 years old and eligible to work in the UK. To apply for this amazing job, visit