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An American Accused of Killing HIs Thai Wife May Have Tried To Kill Her Before

May 10, 2021

An American in Thailand confessed to killing his Thai wife in Chiang Mai. It may not have been the first time he tried to kill her.
He admitted to killing his wife when she was 3 months pregnant, an American computer programmer in his late 30s. Jason Matthew Balzar is currently being held at Muang Nan police station and has reportedly told police he cut his wife Pitchaporn Somo Kidchob in the chest while she slept with a knife.
According to police, Jason stabbed his wife before dumping her body in a plastic bag on the side of the road on Ban Srikerd-Samun Road, about 10 kilometers from their home in Tambon Chaiyasathan in the Muang district.
It was a common occurrence in Thailand for the police to piece together criminal acts and record details during a crime reenactment. Reenactments are done of every crime, whether it is unsolved or solved, as it seems that reenactments are a part of the law.
In addition to the murder charge, details have emerged of Jason’s conviction in the US for threatening to murder a woman in 2019. The same Thai wife murder victim is suspected to be the victim in that attack, however in Colorado domestic violence cases withhold the names of victims.
A technicality in the charges of attempted murder in the case of the Longmont, Colorado attack resulted in it being reduced by less than two years in prison. According to the arrest report, Jason attacked her after she refused sex, hitting her head and pointing a gun at her, which fired near her head. He was again arrested for violating his probation by possessing 73 guns in December 2020.
After confessing to killing his pregnant Thai wife, Jason is being charged with the murder and with concealing her body. The American man claimed that he decided to kill her in her sleep because he was upset that she wanted to leave him. The couple had plenty of rough patches with frequent arguments being common in their household.
Their families assert that the murder was not a result of sudden passion. According to his sister and mother, he usually carried a knife.