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Thai Bits: COVID-19 Slowing Down Building Of 3 Subway Lines, A Couple Is Caught With Crystal Meth

August 26, 2021

3 Train Lines Are Being Delayed By COVID-19

Are waitinf for certain subway lines to open in Bangkok ? You will have to wait a little longer due to COVID.
The construction of three subway train lines has been postponed, according to Mass Rapid Transit Authority Governor Pakapong Sirikantaramas. These lines are the Orange Line, the Pink Line, and the Yellow Line. According to Pakapong, the lines were already 4% to 5% ahead of schedule. Currently, the project is 2% to 3% behind schedule. The governor did not provide further details on what the percentages meant.
Because the movement of workers had been a problem and some workers had been quarantined, the construction was already moving slowly. Pakapong says the delay resulted from unforeseeable circumstances beyond the MRTA’s control. As a result, the governor told the contractors to make up for the lost time.
The Thai media reports that several of the trains will be delayed anyway. The opening of the Yellow Line, which was slated for this year, has been pushed back to early or mid-next year. The opening of the Pink line has also been delayed. It was not mentioned that the services were ahead of schedule but the openings were delayed. The Phuket Light Rail had also faced problems in the past and had to be delayed.

Crystal Meth Prevents A Couple From Leaving To Hong Kong

Two people were arrested for allegedly attempting to smuggle 9 kilograms of crystal methamphetamine into Hong Kong in backpacks.
The drugs were seized in Bangkok nearly a year earlier. Henry Kelechi Alaeto, a Nigerian national, and his Thai wife, Wanwisa Pilatan, 24, were detained by police in their Bangkok hotel room, according to Jirabhop Bhuridej, deputy commissioner of the Central Investigation Bureau.
When officers raided the couple’s room, they found 290 grams of cocaine, also known as blow, Columbian marching powder, or Charlie. Jirabhop said the drugs were worth 900,000 baht. During the month of October, an employee of a parcel shipping company informed police that a package destined for Hong Kong was suspicious. In the package, police found 9 kilograms of crystal methamphetamine.
In the investigation, Jirabhop discovered that the package was sent by a woman, later identified as Wanwisa. Henry allegedly drove her to the shipping service office. According to Jiabhop, the drug wrap had fingerprints matching Henry’s. According to Thai media reports, a criminal background check revealed Henry had a history of involvement in the drug trade.