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Thailand Wants To Celebrate Reopening In Style

October 16, 2021

Thailand is planning on throwing a massive extravaganza to celebrate the country’s reopening. The Tourism and Sports Ministry is planning on hosting concerts in Bangkok and Phuket, with a budget of 500-600 million baht. The concerts will feature famed Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli, and Thai K-pop singer Lisa Monaban. Tourism and Sports Minister Phiphat Ratchakitprakarn says bringing the 2 artists to the country is beyond economic value.
“Particularly Lalisa ‘Lisa’ Monaban, the young Thai K-pop singer, who is a huge inspiration for the youth of the country.
He also confirmed that Lalisa Monaban will be singing in Phuket at the Sarasin Bridge, while Andrea Bocelli will be performing in Bangkok at the Sanam Luang public square. The government and private sector are co-sponsoring the event by spending 200 million baht. The rest of the funding is from private sponsors. The Tourism Authority of Thailand has requested for the artists to perform as part of a New Year’s celebration, and is waiting to hear back from the artists’ agents. But Piphat says Covid-19 protocols must also be taken into account.
“We also need to discuss with the Public Health Ministry the number of audience members allowed and other health and safety protocols for such big events when we are still battling an outbreak.”
The CCSA has recently announced that vaccinated visitors from certain countries could enter the country without undergoing a quarantine, starting November 1. These visitors will also be allowed to travel wherever they want, instead of being restricted to certain parts of the country. Additionally, Bangkok has approved a plan to allow business events with 500 participants or fewer.
The president of the Thai Spa Association and head of the Hua Hin Recharge programme, Krod Rojanastien has high hopes for the reopening plan. He says that opening up Hua Hin to international travelers will double the city’s occupancy rates, from 20% to 40%.
Krod says that official timelines should be published to make it easier to plan for both tourists and tourism operators alike. He also said that guests are waiting for these official announcements to be made before making plans to come.

Thai Crime: Thai Police Arrest 4 Women For Drug Possesion

October 15, 2021

Four girls had been arrested and two hundred kilograms of compressed marijuana seized from one in every one of their cars in Hat Yai district.
Border patrol police and narcotics suppression officials arrested the 4 girls touring on a pickup truck and a car, which had been stopped for a seek on Soi Bunnakan in tambon Kho Hong on Wednesday.
The officers discovered two hundred kilograms of compressed marijuana really well worth around 10 million baht hidden withinside the pickup truck, stated Pol Maj Gen Atthawut OnApp, commander of the Border Patrol Police Region 4, in the course of a media briefing on Thursday.
The 4 suspects had been Sawittri Sirisatipanya, 30, Wiphawan Phanlert, 33; Nuan-Anong Thanpirom, 37, and Nittaya Suksa-, 37, all from Ratchaburi. Four cellular telephones had been seized from them.
During questioning, the suspects confessed to having been employed through an overseas booking for 160,000 baht to smuggle the medication from Saraburi province to Hat Yai district.
They had picked up the medication in Saraburi at around three am on Wednesday and arrived in Hat Yai around three pm on an identical day.
They then drove to a shopping center on this southern border district and waited there till 7 pm.
The suspects stated they had been requested to supply the medication in tambon Kho Hong as a person might come to select out up the medication, which might then be transported to the deep South after which to a neighboring country
The arresting police stated the medication was smuggled from Laos. The 4 girls claimed that they’d smuggled the medication for the primary time. They had been charged with having illicit capsules in Category five of their ownership with a rationale to sell.

Thai Crime: Thai Man Confesses To Killing His Son

October 12, 2021

A man has admitted he killed his own son and buried the body in a forest in Na Mom district of this southern province, police said.
Pol Maj Gen Thiewtawat Nakhonsri, the Songkhla police chief, identified the man as Aroon Plodkaenthong, 41.
Mr. Aroon was arrested in Pa Bon district, Phatthalung province, on Saturday and was brought to Na Mom district in Songkhla for questioning.
On May 22, the body of an unidentified man, stuffed in a sack, was found buried in a forest near Moo 9 village in tambon Na Mom. The body was later identified to be that of Chanchai Plodkaenthong, 21, Mr. Aroon’s son.
Police learned from an investigation that Mr. Aroon and Chanchai’s mother divorced about 20 years ago. After the divorce, Mr. Aroon took Chanchai to live in Phatthalung’s Pa Bon district where he married another woman, who later bore him a son.
Chanchai continued living in the same house as his father, his new wife, and their son. Chanchai then married a girl called Ms. Kung and they had a son. All six shared the same house.
Ms. Kung told police that she had an affair with Mr. Aroon, her father-in-law. On April 30, Chanchai and Mr. Aroon went out together to tap rubber in Na Mom district, but Mr Aroon returned home alone and did not say where his son was.
When Chanchai’s body was found on May 22, she suspected Mr. Aroon had killed his own son after quarreling with him over the affair.
Ms. Kung’s information led police to arrest Mr. Aroon at the house on Saturday.
Police said that during questioning, Mr. Aroon admitted he killed Chanchai, but said it was because he was addicted to drugs and had tried to kill him on several occasions. Mr Aroon said nothing about his affair with Ms. Kung, his daughter-in-law.
Pol Maj Gen Thiewtawat said Mr. Aroon was initially charged with premeditated murder. The investigation was continuing.

Nonthaburi Restaurant Remains Open Despite Flood

October 9, 2021

A restaurant in Nonthaburi that had been flooded along the Chao Phraya River turned a negative into a positive after videos went viral showing diners seated knee-deep in floodwaters.
Chao Phraya International Cafe in the Bangkok suburb Nonthaburi province had already been suffering from the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, which saw customer counts plummet, along with closures of restaurants and other businesses across the province. As Thailand has been ravaged by heavy rains and floods from the north, river water was rising and the restaurant owner braced himself for more financial loss.
But instead of closing the restaurant and sandbagging, the owner decided to stay open and, as floodwater rose, customers embraced it. According to the owner, customers love wading into the water to their tables and dodging the waves created by passing boats.
The owner was pleasantly surprised by how much the customers loved the unique element of getting soaked while dining. As a result, he schedules 2 sittings for dinner each evening when water levels are at their highest.
The viral restaurant goes viral as diners brave floodwaters | News by Thaiger
Viral videos show customers enjoying the adventure – alternating between shoveling food into their mouths and jumping out of the way as boats sail past and waves knock over chairs as customers laugh.
The restaurant, once known for its delicious barbecue pork and beautiful sunset views, has evolved into a culinary experience, and the owner couldn’t be happier.

Thai Crime: Thai Soldiers KIll Imsuregents in the Deep South

October 7, 2021

In the “Deep South” province Narathiwat, four suspected insurgents were killed in a gunfire exchange with soldiers on Sunday and an army officer was killed in another clash with insurgents the night before, according to the Bangkok Post. Reports say the insurgents killed in the incident were all wanted on court warrants, most of them facing charges for deadly attacks.
Soldiers reportedly first started their operation last Tuesday and a military unit surrounded a village in the Bacho district where the men were suspected to be hiding. On Saturday night, the insurgents reportedly tried to escape, leading to a clash with soldiers where a 35-year-old lieutenant was killed. There was another clash on Sunday where the four fugitives were killed.
One of the men was wanted on two warrants for shooting and killing a defense volunteer in the Bacho district in March and attacking a local police outpost in February. Another was wanted for a 2005 bomb explosion where three marines were killed. Another man was warranted for allegedly attempting to murder government officials in 2010 and 2013. The fourth man was wanted on charges relating to a clash with a government force back in 2014.

A Recent Facebook Outage Affected Everybody In The World

October 6, 2021

A Facebook outage that lasted about six hours on Monday night serves as a wake-up call for small businesses that rely heavily on the social media giant, advising them to diversify their reach via other sales channels to limit disruption, according to e-commerce experts.
Facebook and Instagram, which is owned by Facebook, both suffered service outages in Thailand from around 10.30 pm on Monday. Users worldwide were affected.
There was an outcry among local netizens who expressed their discontent through other social media channels.
In a statement, Facebook said the disruption was caused by changes to its backbone routers that coordinate network traffic between data centers.
As a result of the disruption in network traffic, Facebook’s data centers stopped communicating, halting services.
According to Thanawat Malabuppha, president of the Thailand E-Commerce Association, Thais spend a lot of time on Facebook and that heavy reliance on the platform is also risky.
For merchants, diversifying their sales channels would be a good move. There are still many platforms for e-commerce, such as websites and marketplaces,” he said.
“It would be better if they had more sales channels,” Thanawat said.
According to him, Facebook is a popular platform for small businesses to livestream their sales. People also use Facebook to discover new items.
Approximately 30% of merchants’ earnings come from social commerce, while 30-40% come from online marketplaces.
According to Pawoot Pongvitayapanu, chief executive and founder of, a local e-commerce solution provider, the hours of outage experienced on Facebook Monday night had a significant impact on people who capitalized on the platform.
“Relying too much on one channel is risky,” Pawoot said.
The three main channels for online sales are social media, e-marketplaces, and vendors’ websites.
Facebook accounts for about 30% of small merchants’ sales channels, and businesses may now need to explore other channels in order to increase sales, he said.
According to him, advertisers may now shift money they spend heavily on Facebook to other channels, such as Google.
Businesses can also become more focused by opening their own websites.

TAT Wants To Collect 500-baht From Tourists in 2022

October 4, 2021

The Tourism and Sports Ministry is poised to start collecting a 500-baht tourism fee for a “tourism transformation fund” next year, and the budget will use a co-payment model.
The Centre for Economic Situation Administration approved the creation of the fund last week. The fund will support high-value and sustainable tourism projects in order to transform the tourism industry.
Yuthasak Supasorn, governor of the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), told reporters that it will begin collecting 500 baht per person next year with the goal of collecting 5 billion baht in the first year, assuming 10 million foreign arrivals by 2022.
Early this year, the National Tourism Policy Committee approved the establishment of the fund, with a proposed fee of 300 baht per person.
This additional $200 million will be used to fund projects initiated by the private sector, community enterprises, and social enterprises that wish to transform their business to meet the fund’s goals; help the country transition away from mass tourism to high-value tourism and a green economic model; and support environmentally responsible tourism.
“The government should use the fund to support projects that can have a significant economic impact. The proportion of public-private funding could be 50:50, 60:40 or 70:30, depending on how much we want to make the projects a success,” he said.
According to Yuthasak, it is also intended to fund insurance and development projects for foreign visitors that require government rather than private sector initiatives, such as those requiring matching grants from local governments.
Upon approval of the concept, the Tourism and Sports Ministry and TAT are required to hold discussions with relevant authorities about setting up the fund committee and funding mechanisms, such as how to collect fees from tourists, he said.
To determine which projects are eligible for financial support, the committee must develop criteria.
“The additional cost will not affect tourists as we want to focus on the quality market,” Yuthasak said.
This fund will contribute to a national tourism makeover that creates a more safe and clean environment.
In his words, the fund’s objective is not to deal with the financial impact of the pandemic, but rather to promote long-term economic growth within the region.

Nakhon Si Thammarat Is Under COVID-19 Lockdown

October 2, 2021

Due to an increase in local Covid-19 infections, parts of the Muang district in this southern province will be under lockdown from Saturday.
Kraisorn Wisitwong, the provincial governor, announced the lockdown on Friday without specifying a reopening date. Entry into the area will be screened at checkpoints, he said, adding that only those on essential trips will be allowed in.
The province reported 526 new Coronavirus cases on Friday, up from 378 a day earlier. According to figures from the provincial public health office, the Muang district had the most infections with 195.
The National Centre for Covid-19 Situation Administration (CCSA) will include the most recent data in its daily report.
According to Kraisorn, the lockdown was intended to keep the pandemic under control in the district.
The disease has mostly been reported in southern provinces and Greater Bangkok.
Bangkok and adjacent provinces, however, have seen a steady decline in new cases, with Bangkok numbers dropping “significantly,” CCSA spokeswoman Apisamai Srirangson said.
During the previous 24 hours, 1,917 new infections were recorded in the four southern border provinces. That worked out to 17% of all new cases nationwide, up from 15% earlier.

Thai Government Signs Deal With AstraZeneca To Get Millions Of COVID Vaccine

October 1, 2021

According to a new deal signed with AstraZeneca, Thailand will purchase 60 million vaccines next year to use as a booster shot for the third vaccine. The Ministry of Public Health has signed a contract with Covid-19 vaccine manufacturer to acquire the booster shots over the course of 3 quarters in 2022.
The signing was accompanied by a ceremony attended by Minister of Public Health Anutin Charnvirakul and Department of Disease Director-General Control Dr Opas Karnkawinpong, as well as representatives from AstraZeneca Thailand.
The first-quarter delivery of 15 million vaccines is planned, followed by a second delivery of 30 million vaccines in the second quarter. The remaining 15 million vaccines are expected to be delivered in the third quarter of 2022.
Under the contract with AstraZeneca, Thailand will pay AstraZeneca 18 billion baht for 60 million vaccines. A vaccine costs 300 baht.
The contract with AstraZeneca allows Thailand to switch to any newer version of the Covid-19 vaccine that is developed by the producers between now and the estimated delivery date. A second-generation vaccine is already being developed.
AstraZeneca vaccines produced locally by Siam Bioscience, a subsidiary of Crown Property Bureau, were not mentioned in the MCOT report. The local production was supposed to produce 10 million vaccines a month for use in Thailand while exporting more to Southeast Asia, a plan that has been controversial and controversial.
Thailand has recently received AstraZeneca vaccines through donations from Japan and Singapore.

There Is Flooding All Over Thailand

September 27, 2021

Thailand has been ravaged by heavy rains and flooding. Rescue workers evacuated 40 patients from Bamnet Narong Hospital in Chaiyaphum recently after the facility was flooded.
As one of the buildings on the hospital campus was flooded up to 80 centimeters, the hospital suffered severe damage. One X-ray room and several labs were heavily damaged and unusable. In addition to the hospital buildings, four vehicles and seven ambulances were submerged in the rising floodwaters.
One of the buildings on the hospital campus was flooded up to 80 centimeters by floodwaters, causing severe damage. Labs and an X-ray room were severely damaged. Four vehicles and seven ambulances were submerged by rising floodwaters outside the hospital buildings.
14 patients with more minor ailments were discharged and sent home due to the unsafe and unusable medical facilities. 26 patients with more urgent medical needs were transferred out of Bamnet Narong district today to other hospitals across the province, according to Hook 31.
Floods in the area damaged Bamnet Narong and Sukhothai hospitals, but Sukhothai hospitals avoided any evacuations.
Tropical depression Dianmu and a monsoon trough have caused heavy storms to hit 39 provinces in northern and central Thailand. Chaiyaphum was among the hardest-hit provinces, but other provinces also experienced flooding and damage.
Storms and flooding also hit Phetchabun this evening, with water rising so high on some roads that Road 21 was completely closed. As a result, officials have issued a flood warning for low-lying areas downstream of the Chao Phraya Dam, since water will be released in greater volumes in an effort to prepare for rain from storms in the north of Thailand this weekend.