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Thai Crime: A NewCommitte To Investigate Red Bull Boss

October 19, 2021

A seven-member committee has been set up to behavior a serious disciplinary investigation of former deputy lawyer commonplace Nate Naksuk’s selection to drop a cost of reckless riding inflicting dying in opposition to Red Bull scion Vorayuth “Boss” Yoovidhya.
The Public Prosecutors Commission (PCC) on Sept 21 appointed Thanapit Munphruek, former chief of the Department of Special Litigation beneath the Office of the Attorney General, to head the inquiry.
Another six individuals had been appointed at a PCC assembly recently

  • Chatipong Jeerapan, deputy attorney general (ex-officio member of the PCC);
  • Chaowalit Wongsanoraseth, acting inspector-general;
  • Suwich Chutrakul, acting director-general of the Prosecution Office Region 7;
  • Anucha Wattanapa, acting deputy director-general of the Office of the Public Prosecutors Commission;
  • Pol Maj Santi Murichan, a prosecutor attached to the Office of the Attorney General; and
  • Mankiat Thanawichitpan, an inspector-general.
  • Pachara stated all seven participants of the committee have been skilled investigators.
    He believed the serious disciplinary investigation of Mr. Nate, who dropped a reckless riding cost towards Vorayuth, would be finished in 60 days. The investigation ought to be prolonged twice, however now not exceeding a hundred and eighty days in total.
    Mr. Pachara stated the PCC needs the investigation prolonged to additionally cowl a prosecutor who may have been worried about altering the mentioned velocity of the automobile pushed by means of Mr. Vorayuth.
    In the early morning of Sept 3, 2012, Mr. Vorayuth’s black Ferrari crashed into the rear of the bike-ridden by using Pol Sgt Maj Wichian Klanprasert on Sukhumvit Road. The policeman used to be killed and his physique used to be dragged a long distance down the road.
    The statute of obstacles on the cost of reckless riding inflicting dying is 15 years, and the case will expire on Sept 3, 2027.

Thai Crime: A Thai Man Wrapped In Cable May Have Been Murdered

October 18, 2021

A web repairman in Bang Lamung had a morbid shock when he was once repairing net cables in the nighttime and noticed a man standing with the aid of a tree. He is known as out to him in the dark, however, the man did now not reply. When he approached the nonetheless man, he found to his horror that the parent he noticed used to be that of a lifeless man slumped in opposition to the tree, tangled in cables.
The incident took location on Friday close to Number 36 Road in Bang Lamung in a tree-filled vicinity the man used to be tasked with traveling to restoration the net wires. He found the physique and used to be taken aback however known as the Nonprue Police around 7 pm Friday evening.
The police arrived on the scene and observed the man putting upright between two trees, wrapped in cables. They stated there used to be no signal of any kind of disagreement or conflict implying a 2d man or woman used to be concerned about the death.
The man used to be recognized as a 53-year-old man and a bike that is believed to belong to the deceased man was once discovered nearby. One clue police uncovered to what might also have taken place was once a pair of white cutters determined nonetheless striking from some high-voltage energy cables close to the man’s body.
The motive of demise has now not been completely decided however police say that the most possible reason for dying used to be both suicide or an unintentional demise when he tried to reduce the energy cables, perhaps to steal them and possibly wondering it used to be the web lines, no longer high-voltage unsafe wires.

Thai Crime:A New Bill Will Change How Thailand Will Do Drug Sentences

October 17, 2021

A new bill that will give drug convicts the chance to reduce their jail terms is set to become law, according to the Department of Corrections.
Ayut Sinthoppan, director-general of the department,, revealed that the bill, which seeks to amend the Act on Promulgating the Narcotics Code, has been passed by parliament.
The bill was submitted by the Justice Ministry, he said. Mr. Ayut said the amendments focus on efforts to bring drug trafficking masterminds to justice and confiscate their assets to stifle the financial lifelines of drug cartels.
“Under the bill, penalties will be revised so that offenses related to the production, import, export, drug possession, and drug abuse are proportionate to the severity of the crime.”
“When officials consider punishing offenders, they will give more weight to the actions committed by suspects rather than relying mainly on assumptions,” Ayut noted. “In some cases, penalties will be reduced which will benefit offenders.”
The bill will also allow drug convicts who were previously given penalties more severe than those under the new law to petition the courts to revise their sentences, he said.
The new version of the narcotics code will take effect 30 days after the bill is enacted, he said.
He also said that Justice Minister Somsak Thepsutin met executives of the courts of justice, prosecutors, and the Office of the Narcotics Control Board to discuss how to enforce the new narcotics code
The Office of the Judiciary has also asked the Department of Corrections to inform drug inmates about the new narcotics code and help them petition the courts,Ayat said.
He said the department will discuss preparations to release drug prisoners when the new law comes into effect.
“The new law is an important tool to prevent and crack down on drug trafficking,” Ayut said.
According to the department, there were some 289,332 prisoners nationwide, of whom 237,763 are drug convict

Thai Crime: Thai Police Arrest 4 Women For Drug Possesion

October 15, 2021

Four girls had been arrested and two hundred kilograms of compressed marijuana seized from one in every one of their cars in Hat Yai district.
Border patrol police and narcotics suppression officials arrested the 4 girls touring on a pickup truck and a car, which had been stopped for a seek on Soi Bunnakan in tambon Kho Hong on Wednesday.
The officers discovered two hundred kilograms of compressed marijuana really well worth around 10 million baht hidden withinside the pickup truck, stated Pol Maj Gen Atthawut OnApp, commander of the Border Patrol Police Region 4, in the course of a media briefing on Thursday.
The 4 suspects had been Sawittri Sirisatipanya, 30, Wiphawan Phanlert, 33; Nuan-Anong Thanpirom, 37, and Nittaya Suksa-, 37, all from Ratchaburi. Four cellular telephones had been seized from them.
During questioning, the suspects confessed to having been employed through an overseas booking for 160,000 baht to smuggle the medication from Saraburi province to Hat Yai district.
They had picked up the medication in Saraburi at around three am on Wednesday and arrived in Hat Yai around three pm on an identical day.
They then drove to a shopping center on this southern border district and waited there till 7 pm.
The suspects stated they had been requested to supply the medication in tambon Kho Hong as a person might come to select out up the medication, which might then be transported to the deep South after which to a neighboring country
The arresting police stated the medication was smuggled from Laos. The 4 girls claimed that they’d smuggled the medication for the primary time. They had been charged with having illicit capsules in Category five of their ownership with a rationale to sell.

Thai Crime: Thai Police Are Cracking Down On Street Racing

October 13, 2021

The Thai police are cracking down on street racing and have charged thousands of racers and tens of thousands of parents whose children participated in the races since the start of this year. Those who report street racing and the information that leads to an arrest are being rewarded with 3,000 baht.
According to Nation Thailand, deputy chief general Damrongsak Kittipraphas said officers had confiscated 320,973 motorcycles and motorbikes used in illegal races. According to the deputy chief, more than 3,000 street racers have been charged with violating the country’s Traffic Act, and more than 1,000 bike shops have been charged for doing illegal modifications on bikes.
Meanwhile, over 40,000 parents were charged with violating the Child Protection Act for allowing their children to participate in illegal street racing, either as racers or spectators.”
To crackdown on illegal street racing, officers set up a 400,000 baht tip-off fund. When a tip leads to an arrest, the individual will be rewarded with 3,000 baht.
TThis year, more than 1.2 million people have been charged with traffic violations.tions.ions. According to The World Health Organisation, the traffic conditions in Thailand are the worst in Southeast Asia, and among the most dangerous in the world. They report that around 20,000 people die in road accidents in Thailand each year, a figure of about 56 people per day.

Thai Crime: Thai Man Confesses To Killing His Son

October 12, 2021

A man has admitted he killed his own son and buried the body in a forest in Na Mom district of this southern province, police said.
Pol Maj Gen Thiewtawat Nakhonsri, the Songkhla police chief, identified the man as Aroon Plodkaenthong, 41.
Mr. Aroon was arrested in Pa Bon district, Phatthalung province, on Saturday and was brought to Na Mom district in Songkhla for questioning.
On May 22, the body of an unidentified man, stuffed in a sack, was found buried in a forest near Moo 9 village in tambon Na Mom. The body was later identified to be that of Chanchai Plodkaenthong, 21, Mr. Aroon’s son.
Police learned from an investigation that Mr. Aroon and Chanchai’s mother divorced about 20 years ago. After the divorce, Mr. Aroon took Chanchai to live in Phatthalung’s Pa Bon district where he married another woman, who later bore him a son.
Chanchai continued living in the same house as his father, his new wife, and their son. Chanchai then married a girl called Ms. Kung and they had a son. All six shared the same house.
Ms. Kung told police that she had an affair with Mr. Aroon, her father-in-law. On April 30, Chanchai and Mr. Aroon went out together to tap rubber in Na Mom district, but Mr Aroon returned home alone and did not say where his son was.
When Chanchai’s body was found on May 22, she suspected Mr. Aroon had killed his own son after quarreling with him over the affair.
Ms. Kung’s information led police to arrest Mr. Aroon at the house on Saturday.
Police said that during questioning, Mr. Aroon admitted he killed Chanchai, but said it was because he was addicted to drugs and had tried to kill him on several occasions. Mr Aroon said nothing about his affair with Ms. Kung, his daughter-in-law.
Pol Maj Gen Thiewtawat said Mr. Aroon was initially charged with premeditated murder. The investigation was continuing.

Thai Crime: Bangkok Police Raid Drug Party That Had Been Raided In May

October 11, 2021

Bangkok police raided a drug party at a gay club that was previously busted for operating illegally in May. It was reported to the police that people were drinking and using drugs inside the large venue on Ramkhamhaeng Soi 21.
In the raid, 10 men were arrested and taken into custody as a result of the involvement of the Children and Women’s Welfare Supervision Division and local Wang Thong Lang officers.
Two buildings, one 3 stories and one 5 stories high, house the large venue with 50 different rooms, including karaoke, a sauna, and even a swimming pool.
As a result of the complaints of drugs and drinking in violation of Covid-19 and Thai anti-drug laws, police searched the premises and found several controlled and illegal substances.
Methamphetamine, commonly known as ice, as well as Viagra and other aphrodisiacs, were taken into evidence by the police. Drug paraphernalia and drug-taking equipment such as syringes were also seized.
Deputy officers from the CWWSD confirmed that 57 people were arrested in May at the same venue. According to reports, the venue decided to reopen and continue operations secretly in the hope that the police would not discover them or arrest them again.
Despite being busted by the police and facing criminal charges previously, the 63-year-old owner still admitted he had no license to operate the business.
Police in Thailand has been cracking down on illegally opened bars, clubs, and entertainment venues, punishing owners, staff, and patrons.

Thai Crime: Hacker Steals And Sells Data

October 9, 2021

In Thailand, a former employee of a well-known company was arrested for hacking and selling 600,000 customers’ data. The hacker, known as Woraphol, was taken into custody by the Technical Crime Suppression Division after the company he worked for found the data breach and contacted the police.
Within minutes, a search warrant was issued and the hacker was arrested in Samut Prakan, just south of Bangkok. The man was arrested on the 32nd floor of the Kensington building on Thepparak Road.
Searches revealed several phones, as well as a notebook computer and a bank book, which were confiscated and placed into evidence pending further investigation.
The police who arrested him said that the hacker admitted stealing the data from 600,000 clients and selling it online for around 300,000 baht profit. In Thai investigations, the company that suffered the data breach that the hacker worked for previously was not named to the media.
The hacker said he accepted payment using the cryptocurrency bitcoin, and that he used his profits to pay for his online gambling habit

Thai Crime: Korat Police Raid A Restaurant For Playing Live Music

October 8, 2021

On Wednesday night, police raided a restaurant in the Muang district where live music was being played and arrested 39 people, including 28 customers.
Around 10.30 pm, police, backed by health and administrative officials, closed the Lamer Restaurant & Karaoke on Sirinakhon Road.
The restaurant was open outside legal hours and serving alcoholic drinks to customers in violation of the provincial disease control order and the emergency decree, Muang district deputy chief Satthaphan Phaengchaemsri said.
There were 39 people on the premises, 11 employees, and 28 customers. “All were in violation of the night curfew, which prohibits people from leaving their homes between 10 p.m. and 4 a.m., he said.
Employees were also allowed to sit with customers in what was seen as an entertainment venue. Moreover, it violated the provincial order that dine-in services end at 9 p.m. and that alcohol cannot be consumed on the premises.
A total of 39 customers and staff were taken to Pho Klang police station.
Phurithat Sopiroy, the restaurant manager, was not present. The police were notified.

Thai Crime: Thai Police Arrest Couple For Making And Selling Sex Tapes

October 6, 2021

The police arrested a couple in their 30s for having sex in public and charging people to view their videos online.
Police acted after complaints were made about two males having sex in front of a highway office on the Chiang Mai-Lamphun Road in tambon Yang Nerng of Saraphi district, according to Provincial Police Commissioner Piya Tavichai.
It is a popular scenic route lined with large yang (resin) trees
Pol Lt Gen Piya said the couple had sex there in May, filmed their activity, and posted it online in June.
In total, they made 70 sex videos and distributed them on OnlyFans and Fans websites, charging people to watch them. He said they were known as Thaipornhuber and Khwan_tphb.
Their videos were filmed in hotels, along roadsides and in roadside shelters in Chiang Mai, and focused on having sex in public places, Pol Lt Gen Piya said. In the videos, they also role-played.
He said the couple earned 50,000-60,000 baht a month.
Those seized were also liable to a prison term of up to three years and/or a fine of 60,000 baht for making pornographic content and a jail term of up to five years for uploading pornography to a computer.
Two weeks ago, a younger couple was arrested after they made videos of their sexual activities available to subscribers on the OnlyFans website.
On Sept. 20, Suthanya Nakhonjinda, 19, and her boyfriend Korakot Sarirat, 20, were arrested at a hotel in Samut Prakan province. Police said they had launched their sex business in June and had earned at least 500,000 baht since then.