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More Details About Re-Launching of Sonic Theme Parks

June 28, 2021

SEGA re-launched its theme park business earlier in June 2021, according to reports. It wasn’t clear if SEGA would use its video games as a theme, which was exciting news for gamers and theme park fans alike. Due to SEGA art director Kazuyuki Hoshino, people now know that a Sonic theme park is in the work
Sonic is also planning to turn its mascot into a Vtuber, as mentioned by Ryokutya2089. Kazuyuki Hoshino attributes the decision to expand into theme parks and virtual content to the success of Sonic the Hedgehog, a movie released last year. The exact source of these statements is unclear, but Ryokutya2089 frequently archives segments from physical publications like Famitsu and Weekly Shonen Jump. As a result, the statements may relate to the recent Famitsu article on Sonic 30th Anniversary.
How will a Sonic theme park differ from other theme parks? This park could be SEGA’s answer to Super Nintendo World, which offers various rides, amusements, and restaurants based on Mario. According to previous reports, SEGA could announce a UK location for a Sonic park by the end of 2021.
In the coming months, SEGA should reveal more information about its theme park plans. The SEGA theme park venture seems extremely likely at this stage, but we’ll need official confirmation on whether the parks will be based on the blue blur.

The Creator Of Sonic Leaves Company and Could Be Retiring Soon

June 9, 2021

Yuji Naka, the creator of Sonic the Hedgehog, has confirmed that he will be leaving Square Enix.
Yuki Naka announced his departure from Square Enix via Twitter. He also hinted that he might retire from the video game industry. The prolific producer had this to say [translated via Twitter]:
“I will retire from Square ENIX at the end of April 2021 because I would like to contact the media and users. I can’t speak about the reason right now, but I hope I can when the time comes. I am 55 years old, so I may retire in the near future. Sega Hard Historia took the photo.”
Although Yuki Naka seems relatively optimistic about his future within the industry, his departure may also be related to the failure of Balan Wonderworld, his latest project. The game was released back in April and sold less than 2100 copies in Japan during its first week, in addition to failing to reach the top 40 in the UK physical games chart [via Eurogamer].
What could Yuki Naka do next? Well, the producer’s tweet does appear to suggest he’s moving on to a secret project. Although Naka’s statement is double-edged, it also implies that he might retire. Nevertheless, a transition in Yuki Naka’s legacy in the industry may be taking place, which could mark the end of his career. 
Yuki Naka is probably moving on to something exciting and new. The legendary producer surely deserves to retire, but I hope he gets to see one last Sonic-sized hurrah.

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