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Game Bits: The Latest In Esports News

June 5, 2021

Method Esports Group Enters The World Of Minecraft

The World of Warcraft esports group Method has announced that it is entering the world of Minecraft esports and content creation.

For what it calls its “Minecraft stream team,” Method has signed several Minecraft content creators and speedrunners, including  K4yfour, Couriway, Feinberg, Dimeax, NiceTwice, and Dowsky.

In addition, Method announced a small-scale competition called “Method Rush: Minecraft Invitational,” which will bring together Minecraft speedrunners who will compete for a share of a 3.5K USD  prize pool.

Though it is best known for its World of Warcraft speed runs, the company has recently expanded into games such as Path of Exile and Minecraft.

Soniqs Is Now Sponsored By ViewSonic

Joel Holmes-Darby, formerly of London-based EXCEL, was hired as its general manager in January 2021.

Soniqs signed a sponsorship deal with electronics company ViewSonic that establishes  the brand as the official display of the Pennsylvania-based esports organization.

The terms of the deal were not disclosed except that it was for several years, but a deal with such assets typically goes for a low six-figure sum per year.

ViewSonic provides the organization with gaming monitors and displays for players, offices, and staff. SonicView will receive jersey patches, and the sides will also collaborate on  social/digital content and host gaming tournaments and contests

The company was founded in 2018 in Harrisburg, Pag., and competes in games such as Rainbow Six Siege, Rocket League, Valorant, and PUBG.

Pivot Agency, a sports marketing firm based in California, helped set up the deal, which will be announced soon. 

Black Dragons Has Licensed The Brand of A Brazilian Soccer Club

Black Dragons, a Brazilian esports organization, has licensed the brand of traditional Brazilian soccer club de Regatas Vasco da Gama to manage its esports division. Black Dragons and its CEO Nicolle “Cherrygumms” Merhy will manage and fund all Vasco eSports operations, releasing the soccer club from any investment obligations.

During the three-year contract with the sports club, Black Dragons will have the exclusive right to use the Vasco brand for esports. As Merhy told The Esports Observer, Black Dragons and Vasco eSports teams will be handled separately and have their own partnerships and sponsors. Vasco eSports will have some rooms dedicated to it in a S*o Paulo building, where teams from both organizations will share a 27-room structure. 

In order to avoid conflicts of interest, the two organizations will not compete in the same esports. Vasco eSports supports Wild Rift and Pro Evolution Soccer lineups, but expansion of the project is in the works.

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