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Thai Bits: Thai CCSA: No Alcohol Means No COVID-19, Parts of Phuket To Go Dark, Samut Sakhon Still Dealing WIth Third Wave of COVID-19

June 23, 2021

CCSA Believes Alcohol and COVID-19 Don’t Mix

Bars and nightclubs might not reopen in Thailand for a while. The Center for Covid-19 Situation Administration’s daily briefing today pointed fingers at customers who are far less likely to follow disease control practices when under the influence of alcohol.
As of April 1, 2021, more than 190,000 people have been infected with Covid-19 at Bangkok’s Thong Lor and Ekkamai nightlife venues. As the virus rapidly spread, bars and nightclubs were the first venues to be closed.
CCSA spokesperson Aphisamai Srirangsan expressed sympathy for those in the nightlife industry after being closed for weeks, but the Thai media outlet Siamrath quoted the spokesperson as saying alcohol can lead to behavior that could increase the risk of Covid-19.
Bar and club o The Provincial Electricity Authority announced that power will be temporarily cut in parts of Kathu, Phuket tomorrow. High voltage cables are being installed.

PEA TO Shut Off ELectricity in Parts of Phuket

The power will be shut off between 9 am and 4:30 pm in the Kathua area on the Wichit Songkram Road, and from the Kathu Wittaya School to the intersection with the Kathu-Koh Kaew road

This area includes:

Soi Rakchat Uthit
Soi Si Kor, Soi Sahakorn, Phuket Golden Ville 2-5
Soi Kathu Waterfall
Sing Thao Thani housing estate
Ban Pakdee community
Phanason Park Ville housing estate
Patong and the Heroines Monument area briefly lost power earlier this month.

PEA apologizes for the inconvenience not having power may cause.

You can contact the Thalang PEA office at 076-354379 or the PEA call center at 1129 if you have questions about power.perators should propose ways to reopen safely, she added.

Samut Sakhon Desperate For Vaccines To Deal With Third Wave

A coastal province southwest of Bangkok, Samut Sakhon, has been hard hit by the pandemic. As a result of the high number of Covid-19 cases and cluster outbreaks during the second and third waves of the virus, Governor Veerasak Vichitsangsri contracted Covid-19 in December and developed a severe lung infection. He was on a ventilator for 42 days.
Now, as the province struggles with the third wave of the virus, which has infected over 5,000 people in Samut Sakhon since April 1, 2021, the latest order for vaccines has been drastically cut, from 300,000 doses to 70,000.
Samut Sakhon is a major industrial hub in Thailand, so the governor appealed to the government. More and more people are supporting Veerasak’s call for more vaccines with the hashtag “Give Back Vaccines to Samut Sakhon People.”
During the second wave of infections in December, Samut Sakhon was the epicenter of infections. The outbreak started at a shrimp market in a major fishing hub in the province, affecting migrant workers who lived and worked closely together. Veerasak caught the virus during that time and spent nearly three months in the hospital and nearly 42 days on a ventilator. He was unable to speak at one point.
As a result of the infection, some of the governor’s lung tissue was destroyed. Veerasak also has a cerebrovascular disease that affects blood flow to the brain. Doctors said earlier that the bacterial infection affected his brain function. When the governor was released from the hospital, he told the press that at one point, he thought he would never be able to speak again.
Samut Sakhon is one of the top 10 provinces with the highest infection rates in the wave, which was first recorded on April 1 in Bangkok’s nightlife districts. There has been an increase in infections in crowded areas such as factories, construction sites, and prisons. More than 7,000 factories are located in Samut Sakhon and the city has a high number of undocumented migrant workers, some suspected of entering Thailand illegally during the pandemic. Both factors increase the risk of outbreaks, say officials.


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