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Personal Opinion: American Troops Should Leave Afghanistan

July 4, 2021

There is a strong consensus in the American media that American troops should remain in Afghanistan.
Their main argument is that if the troops leave, the Taliban will most likely take over again. While I agree with their reasoning, I disagree that the troops should remain.
Thousands of American soldiers have died there over the past 20 years. Troops have died more than for the reason they were sent there in the first place. They were sent to Afghanistan because the people who carried out 9-11 were trained there.
In the 20 years that America has been in Afghanistan, what has it accomplished? My understanding of what they have achieved is that girls can get an education. The Taliban prohibit their girls from getting educated and are highly sexist.
The American-installed government was highly corrupt. Money that was put into the government was highly wasted. Following a Western-style government did not convince the Afghan people to follow it.
It has not helped that for the last 20 years, the Taliban has been nipping at the heels of Western troops. They are a group of people who just can’t give up on ruling Afghanistan. Alternatively, they may be Muslim fanatics who are angry about Christian attempts to control their country.
The United States shouldn’t station troops in a country that doesn’t accept Western ideas. When the Russians ruled their country, they did not like them. When the Americans ruled the country, they did not like them. The Western way of thinking does not appeal to them and any attempt to convert them to Western civilization will fail.
They should stop trying to tame a country that clearly does not like their way of thinking and stop sacrificing soldiers in a place that clearly does not want them.
To me, all foreign soldiers should leave and go to places that want them.