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Netflix Is Beta Testing Their Game Streaming Service in Poland

August 30, 2021

As part of its video games strategy, Netflix is currently testing the integration of mobile titles into its service.
The test is currently only available to Netflix subscribers in Poland and includes just two games — Stranger Things: 1984 and Stranger Things 3 — according to Netflix’s Twitter account.
The Netflix app for Android users now contains links to the two games, which will take users to the Google Play Store, where they can install them at no additional charge.
Netflix reiterated that its games will be free of ads and in-app purchases, and are included in its paid subscription plan.
We have a lot of work to do in the months ahead, but this is the first step,” Netflix Geeked wrote.
It’s an incremental step, but it gives a better idea of what Netflix has planned for its long-rumored entry into the games market.
Earlier this year, reports surfaced that Netflix would be ramping up its efforts in the games space following the success of both the mobile Stranger Things titles and its interactive shows like Black Mirror: Bandersnatch.
Additionally, the company attracted attention by hiring former Facebook and EA executive Mike Veru to its newly created position of VP of game development.
Shortly after, in its financial results, the company briefly discussed its plans for its games business, revealing that it would initially focus on ad-free, IAP-free mobile games.
A Stadia-like game streaming service has been rumored to be in the works by Microsoft, but this is unlikely in view of the company’s creative and logistical strengths.

The Rumors Are True! Netflix Is Going To Start A Game Streaming Service

July 21, 2021

Netflix recently confirmed it will expand into video games, starting with ad-free titles for mobile devices like phones and tablets, which it will offer as part of its existing service at no additional charge. In its biggest expansion into a new kind of entertainment since it started streaming in 2007 and released its first original show in 2012, Netflix sketched out broad ambitions for gaming generally, indicating it has future plans to also pursue console games.
While mobile games will be the main focus, Netflix executives said Tuesday that all the devices Netflix already supports will be eligible for its games. These would include gaming consoles such as PlayStation and Xbox, as well as desktop computers and connected TVs.
Greg Peters, Netflix’s chief operating and product officer, said Tuesday during a discussion of the company’s second-quarter earnings, “There’s a rich opportunity to continue to develop and enhance our technical capabilities to offer better game experiences across devices.”
According to a report last week, Netflix plans to expand into gaming within the next year. Netflix has not provided a timeframe for its gaming initiative, only noting it was in its “early stages.”
The company will make games based on existing Netflix franchises to allow fans to delve deeper into their favorite stories and characters, but it will also make wholly original games that may eventually spawn spin-off shows or movies. Netflix will explore making games based on media outside of its universe — such as a Netflix game based on a book series or comic — and it may buy popular titles to make them Netflix-exclusive.
From the start, Netflix made it clear there would be one thing gaming wasn’t: a new way to charge you.
“We are a one-product company,” Reed Hastings told The New York Times, and this product is an all-in-one subscription.
Stadia, Google’s game-streaming service, has its own gaming studio and a game-streaming service.
Recently, Netflix hinted that it was interested in stepping up its gaming activity. Through its interactive, choose-your-own-adventure-style programming like Bandersnatch and some licensing and merchandising partnerships, the company has flirted with games in the past. However, Peters indicated in April that Netflix’s interest in gaming may be advancing. Netflix games won’t have advertisements, in-game purchases, or individual title purchases. As part of your Netflix membership, you will be able to play Netflix games, just like you can watch movies, reality shows, and award-winning dramas.
Bloomberg reported last week that Netflix plans to offer video games for no additional charge on its service within the next year. As of that time, it confirmed that Mike Verdu, who previously worked at Oculus, Electronic Arts, and Zynga, had been hired as vice president of games development, but declined to comment any further.
The world’s largest subscription video service, Netflix is expanding beyond TV shows and movies. In this regard, it is not alone. Luna, Amazon’s cloud gaming service, has received investment
“We’re trying to figure out what are all these different ways … we can deepen that fandom, and certain games are really interesting components,” Peters said at the time. Game development will be an important aspect of fan engagement and entertainment, without a doubt.
Netflix has long noted that its competition extends beyond the traditional TV and movie companies that compete against it. It has repeatedly cited gaming phenoms like Fornite, as well as user-generated-video powerhouse YouTube, as some of its toughest competitors based on the massive amounts of entertainment hours they command worldwide.
“We believe now is the right time to learn more about how our members value games,” the company said recently

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Netflix Thailand: What is the Difference Between Netflix Thailand and Netflix America?

June 28, 2021

Honestly, I cannot tell you as I live in Thailand. I have not tried to use a VPN to gain access to Netflix America. What I do know is based on what I have observed on Netflix Thailand.
One basic difference is that you use baht to pay for Netflix Thailand. The maximum that you have to pay to get Netflix Thailand is 420 Thai baht. You can pay for it using your debit card from a Thai bank.
What is on Netflix America is not necessarily on Netflix Thailand. I was reading an article that a series called Voltron had debuted on Netflix and that it was a good show. I tried finding it on Netflix Thailand, but I could not find it. You should not assume just because it is on the American version that it is on the Thai version.
On Netflix Thailand, you get movies and TV shows from Thailand, Japan, India, and South Korea. I have even have watched a Turkish TV series on this version of Netflix.
During the lockdown, I did become addicted to South Korean TV dramas. They do take more patience to watch than American TV dramas. You do have to watch every frame as you probably don’t know Korean and have to watch the subtitles. Each episode is usually about an hour and a half and each season is about 16 episodes. This is more time than you would normally spend with an American TV drama. I can tell you that the journey is usually worth it and that the endings are worth the wait.
If you are a Star Trek fan, Netflix Thailand is definitely worth it as it has almost every episode of Star Trek that has ever aired including Star Trek: Discovery. You cannot see the Picard series on Netflix. For some reason, you cannot see every episode of Star Trek: The Original Episode. They have left out episodes for some reason. Netflix Thailand did give me a chance to Star Trek: Enterprise as I had been in Thailand when that show aired.
Until now, this is all that I have observed about Netflix Thailand.

Netflix Thailand: Review of Star Trek: The Next Generation, Season 1, Episode 3: The Worst Star Trek Episode Of All Time

June 21, 2021

I’ve never seen this episode before and you may find it strange that I’m seeing it for the first time. It first aired in 1987. Although I was alive in 1987, I don’t remember ever seeing it.
Now that I have seen it, I can’t believe how racist it is. This is especially surprising since Star Trek is supposed to be about respecting cultures. In this episode, no respect is shown for the alien race.
In this episode, the aliens are black humans dressed in traditional African garb. Those black characters sound like they’re from a 1950s American TV show set in Africa. As they do not allow women to be in leadership positions, they are sexist. They can own land, but they don’t make the laws. The alien race is not as technologically advanced as the Federation. They seem to have transporter technology, but no starships of any kind. The weapons they use are not laser guns, but conventional weapons laced with poison. Aliens are clearly inferior to the white and co-ed Federation.
The big question I have is who decided to put this show on television in the first place? Values depicted in this show are more reminiscent of the 1950s than the 1980s. Any actor on the show should know that the alien race is a racial stereotype, especially LeVar Burton. Anyone on the cast should have refused to appear on this show or at least protested in some way. However, it was broadcast on television despite its offensive nature.
As of now, this is the worst Star Trek episode I have ever seen. The racial offensiveness makes it stand out from episodes like Spock’s Brain or the Next Generation episode where Dr. Crusher has sex with a ghost.
Personally, I believe the Star Trek universe should never return to making bold, racist steps again. There should never be any other episodes like this again.

Thais Are Captivated By BBC and Netflix Series The Serpent

May 16, 2021

The Netflix limited series The Serpent is based on the crimes of a conman and killer Carles Sobhraj, who was linked to the unsolved murders of Western tourists in Southeast Asia in the early 1970s.
In a BBC One and Netflix co-production, The Serpent is the story of merciless serial killer Sobhraj (played by Tahar Rahim), who was born to a Vietnamese mother and an Indian father in Vietnam
In order to avoid detection by authorities, he was nicknamed “The Serpent” because of his snake-like appearance. He traveled to many countries while stationed in Bangkok and had a partner who was madly in love with him and helped him murder his victims who were all Western backpackers
At least 20 tourists were killed by Sobhraj in South Asia, including 14 in Thailand. Currently, he is 77 and serving a life sentence in Kathmandu, Nepal.
In 1976, Thai police issued an Interpol notice seeking his arrest after The Bangkok Post published a front-page article titled “Web of Death” describing the killing spree.
This series focuses on criminal mastermind Sobhraj’s crimes in Thailand and the dedication of Bangkok-based Dutch diplomat Herman Knippenberg (portrayed by Billy Howle in the series). It soon gained popularity among Thai viewers.
As Pol Colonel Sompol Suthimai, an Interpol officer who joins the investigation later, actor and singer Teerapat “Tui” Sajjakul portrays the role in the crime drama.
Police Colonel Sompol plays only a minor role in the miniseries, but his work ultimately puts Sobhraj on Interpol’s radar, triggering a manhunt for him and his partner Marie-Andree Leclerc (Jenna Coleman).
In response to the heightened interest in the crimes following the broadcast of the series, the Thai media interviewed Poli Col Sompol, who is now Pol Maj Gen.
During those days, I really wanted to see him put on trial here and punished for what he did to those tourists. However, the statute of limitations on his case here has long expired, said the retired police officer.
Police Maj Gen Sompol says investigating crimes committed by foreigners 40 years ago was challenging partly due to language difficulties, which resulted in some suspects walking free.
He said he heard about Sobhraj’s crimes from his wife, Nicole Suthimai, a French woman working at the United Nations at the time.
Police Major General Sompol was initially skeptical about the missing tourists from the West, who were later found dead in a condominium in Bangkok. A friend of his wife had asked him to track down a relative who had gone missing.
I then read a news article in the Bangkok Post about a woman found dead on Pattaya beach, so I told my wife’s friend to go check out the body at the hospital.
It turned out that the victim was the missing relative, and Pol Maj Gen Sompol was contacted by Interpol to locate her boyfriend, a Turkish national. He found that the couple had never checked out of their hotel in Pathumwan.
While on vacation in Chiang Mai, he saw the pictures of foreign victims on the front page of the paper and decided to return to Bangkok only to be told that the Dutch embassy had dismissed the news report as fiction.
Certain it was not a made-up story, he asked to see Pol Gen Monchai Phankhonchuen, the director-general of the Police Department, and head of the police force at that time. He was assigned to the case and told to form a team of investigators from various units.
Pol Maj Gen Sompol said he went to the Dutch embassy where he met Mr Knippenberg for the first time and was unaware that the diplomat had been on Sobhraj’s trail.
Knippenberg was reluctant to share information, possibly because he did not trust the Thai police, Pol Maj Gen Sompol said.
“He wasn’t happy with the police because Sobhraj had been brought in for questioning but released. We found out the investigators didn’t examine his passport thoroughly. He was using someone else’s, and they believed he wasn’t the man they were looking for,” he said.
According to Pol Maj Gen Sompol, he learned from a source in Malaysia after Sobhraj fled that the Frenchman had bribed Thai police to look the other way while he made his escape.
The retired officer said the investigation made progress thanks to the massive amount of information collected by Mr Knippenberg. Eventually an arrest warrant was issued for Sobhraj and his girlfriend who were captured in India after travelling around South Asia on fake passports.
We couldn’t bring them back here. To my knowledge when he was jailed in India he bribed the guards and lived like a king. He was paid by journalists who wanted to use his story to write books. He was actually really scared to be sent back to Thailand and did all he could to dodge extradition.
Police Major General Sompol had been a law student at Thammasat University but decided to pursue a police career after becoming involved in a brawl.
He joined the force as a non-commissioned officer and worked at the Special Branch Police for two years before winning a scholarship to study in the UK. He returned to Thailand four years later and assumed a deputy inspector post.
His attention then shifted to the Thai Interpol bureau, a small unit with only four staff under the Police Department. There he became a deputy inspector responsible for the US and Europe.
The work, which mostly involved meetings and writing reports, bored him, so he approached his supervisor and asked if it was possible for him to join some investigations as well.
With help from the Japanese embassy, the unit was kitted out with radio equipment and telex machines which made their correspondence with other countries more convenient.
Pol Maj Gen Sompol received a two-step promotion for cracking the Sobhraj case and was transferred to the Immigration Bureau — a move he was not happy with.
He had loved his job with Interpol and this case had put the Thai bureau on the map and brought global recognition. In fact, he was to later return to the unit, which had become known as the Foreign Affairs Division, and retired as its division commander.
He asked to see Pol Gen Monchai Phankhonchuen, the Director-General of the Police Department and head of the police force at the time. He was assigned to the case and told to form a team of investigators from various units.
Knippenberg did not know that Pol Maj Gen Sompol had been on Sobhraj’s trail when he met him at the Dutch embassy, Sompol said he did not know he’d met the diplomat before.
It is possible that Knippenberg did not trust the Thai police, so he was reluctant to share information, Pol Maj Gen Sompol said.
It turned out that the police hadn’t examined his passport thoroughly, and they believed he wasn’t the person they were looking for he said. He wasn’t happy because Sobhraj had been brought in for questioning but had been released.
According to Pol Maj Gen Sompol, he learned from a source in Malaysia after Sobhraj fled that the Frenchman bribed Thai police to look the other way while he made his escape.
As a result of the huge amount of information collected by Knippenberg, the investigation gained momentum, and an arrest warrant was issued for Sobhraj and his girlfriend, who had been arrested in India after traveling around South Asia on fake passports.
They couldn’t be brought to Thailand because he bribed the guards when he was in jail in India and lived like a king, while journalists used his story in books. He was afraid to be sent back to Thailand and evaded extradition.
In addition to his legal studies at Thammasat University, Major General Sompol went on to pursue a police career when he got involved in a brawl.
When he joined the force as a non-commissioned officer, he worked at Special Branch Police for two years before winning a scholarship to study in the United Kingdom. He returned to Thailand four years later and assumed the post of deputy inspector.
His attention was drawn to a small, four-member unit of the Police Department, the Interpol bureau in Thailand. He served as a deputy inspector in charge of North America and Europe.
Since the work mainly involved meetings and writing reports bored him, he approached his supervisor to ask if it would be possible for him to be a part of investigations as well.
Thanks to the support of the Japanese embassy, the unit was equipped with radio equipment and telex machines, making correspondence with other countries easier.
In return for cracking the Sobhraj case, Pol Maj Gen Sompol received a two-step promotion and was transferred to the Immigration Bureau — a move he wasn’t happy about.
In fact, he later returned to the unit, which had become the Foreign Affairs Division, and served as its division commander until his retirement. He loved his job at Interpol, and this case had put the office in the spotlight, bringing the country international recognition.

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XBox Cloud Gaming Service Debuts Soon

April 20, 2021

Starting in the third week of April 2021, Microsoft will roll out the beta version of Xbox Cloud Gaming Service, formerly known as xCloud, on PCs, iPads, and iPhones.
Initially, it will only be open to invited guests.
The service was originally to come out on iPads and iPhones, but Apple changed its App Store rules in September, affecting Google Stadie and Xbox Gaming. The new rules forced them to redesign their services in web browsers in order to get around the new App Store rules. Google, Microsoft, and other similar companies that provide similar services had to change their services so that each game can be downloaded individually. They could not offer a full library as Netflix does for movies.
For $14.99 a month on Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, you can try up to 100 game titles through Xbox Cloud Gaming. This service allows you to stream a game without downloading it. You just need a high-speed Internet connection to use this service. Android phones are already capable of using this service.
Microsoft will start rolling out the service to 22 countries and will send invites to users to try it. If you want to play most of their games, you will need a USB controller or Bluetooth device. Some games will let you use touch controls.

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