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Lucy Dreaming Is A Kickstarter Dream

May 13, 2021

Lucy Dreaming is a LucasArts-inspired point-and-click adventure that smashed its Kickstarter goal with ease.
At the time of writing, Lucy Dreaming has raised more than its Kickstarter goal of £15,000 with a current total of over £17,000 raised and counting.
As soon as the campaign ends, Lucy Dreaming will be released for Windows, MacOS, Linux (via Steam), or DRM-free from There are also stretch goals that will enable Lucy Dreaming to be released on Android and iOS.
Lucy Dreaming is about Lucy, a young woman who has recurring nightmares. Lucy sets out in search of the reasons why this is happening to her. Can she discover the secret to controlling her dreams?
Lucy Dreaming is developed by UK-based indie studio Tall Story Games, led by Tom Hardwidge. As well as being inspired by classic point-and-click adventures, Lucy Dreaming is also inspired by British comedies, such as Monty Python and Blackadder.
On its Kickstarter page, Lucy Dreaming promises an eight to ten-hour narrative with detailed dreams and real-world environments as well as hidden Easter eggs and humorous pop culture references.
If you’d like to try Lucy Dreaming before backing its Kickstarter campaign, you can download a spoiler-free demo from Steam and Best of all, it’s free.
Lucy Dreaming, once the Kickstarter campaign concludes, will be released sometime in 2022.

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