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An Epic Games v. Apple Court Document Shows How Small Fortnite’s iOS Audience Was

April 29, 2021

A new court document ahead of the Epic v. Apple trial has revealed how small Fortnite’s iOS audience was.
A preview of the trial, which includes excerpts from a deposition with several Epic employees, was shared by The Verge ahead of the trial.
During conversations with Epic’s chief financial officer Joe Babcock, the latter was asked about monthly flash reports that showed Fortnite’s revenue split between platforms.
Babcock confirmed that iOS had the second-lowest revenue of all platforms, only outperforming Android. Fun fact: the game was not initially available on Google Play, but rather through an online installer.
Fortnite was pulled from Google Play in August last year after Epic introduced direct payments that violated Google’s developer agreement.
Further insight was gained from a conversation with senior online and gameplay programmer David Nikdel.
It’s… it’s comparative [sic] small compared to the other consoles in Fortnite in particular, Nikdel said.
Nikdel was presented with a chart, which confirmed the PS4 platform will generate 40% of the game’s revenue in 2020, making it the biggest platform for a battle royale.
Xbox was expected to generate 24% of the revenue, while iOS was only forecast to generate 5.8%.
Nikdel also stated that 44% of those players who used an iOS device already owned another platform through which they could access Fortnite.
The expectation was that anyone who had already played on more than one platform would be able to continue to play on the other platforms.
Since Fortnite’s iOS release came so late in the game’s lifetime, Nikdel believes it was reasonable to assume that these users had already played the game on these platforms prior to its release on iOS.
All this illustrates how Epic Games is able to afford to cut off both mobile platforms in its crusade against 30% commissions and tightly-controlled ecosystems where it’s unable to accept direct payments or introduce its own app store.
However, that’s not to downplay the money Epic has lost through this endeavor. Sensor Tower estimates show Fortnite had generated $1.2 billion between launch on iOS and its removal from the store.
In the preceding month, it had generated $43.4 million, as well as $3.3 million via Google Play.
Epic v. Apple trial begins on Monday, May 3rd, 2021.