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Game Bits: Capcom Wants To Move To The PC As Its Main Platform, Paragon Is Now Part of StreamElements

October 3, 2021

Capcom Sees PC As King Now

Capcom plans to make PC its main software platform.
Capcom president and COO Haruhiro Tsujimoto told Bloomberg reporter Takashi Mochizuki that the company wants to eventually make the PC its primary platform, according to a Japanese-language Nikkei report.
The publisher also wants PC game sales to equal those of home consoles within two years.
A Nintendo Switch exclusive, Monster Hunter Rise, will be coming to PCs in January of next year.
While Capcom’s PC releases have historically trailed their console counterparts, the company has increasingly supported simultaneous releases in recent years for games like Resident Evil Village, Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition, and Devil May Cry 5.

StreamElements Has Purchased Paragon

Paragon, a gaming-focused YouTube talent network, has been acquired by StreamElements.
Following last week’s announcement that the streaming tools company had closed a $100 million investment round, the company announced the purchase today.
In addition to expanding our community support, one of our goals is to grow our footprint in the video-on-demand space, said StreamElements CEO Gil Hirsch.
Paragon’s integration into StreamElements allows us to directly assist popular YouTube creators to improve their offerings and grow their audiences. We also do not take a cut from their ad revenue, which aligns with our mission of being a creator-first company.”
With 1 billion views across its network this year, Paragon features content creators like SypherPK, xNestorio, and Kiingtong.
The Paragon influencer lineup will join StreamElements’ YouTube creator program. Non-Paragon creators will be able to apply for that program “in the coming months.”

Thai Crime: Thai People Connected With Red Bull Fugitive Have Been Charged

October 1, 2021

A former national police chief and a lawyer for the fugitive Red Bull heir, Vorayuth “Boss” Yoovidhya, are being investigated over the 2012 fatal hit-and-run case and are accused of ordering an officer to change the reported speed the billionaire was driving when sped his Ferrari through Bangkok’s Thong Lor district, running over a police officer and killing him. Reports say they allegedly told an investigation officer to change the speed from 177 kilometers per hour to just 76 kilometers per hour.
Changing the speed is said to have led prosecutors to drop the charge of reckless driving causing death. The billionaire managed to evade justice and fled the country in 2017, ditching his private jet in Singapore.
Nation Thailand reports that a Royal Thai Police special committee will investigate the ex-police chief, Somyot Pumphanmuang, and the lawyer, Thanit Buakhiew, to determine whether they changed the report on the actual speed Boss was driving when he hit the police officer.
The Police Internal Affairs chief who chairs the committee said yesterday that the investigation officer in the hit-and-run case presented an audio clip to the committee where the then-police chief and Boss’s attorney told him to change the speed from 177 kilometers per hour to just 76.
The committee’s chairperson says the audio recording will be reviewed and officers will investigate to determine if anyone else was involved. He says the committee is expected to reach a conclusion by the November 10 deadline.
“The reported reduction in car speed was the reason why the public prosecutor decided to drop the charge of reckless driving against Vorayuth… The committee will now carefully analyze the clip, interview Pol General Somyot and Thanit, and conduct further investigations to find if there were any other individuals involved in altering the true speed of Vorayuth’s car.”

Thai Crime: Members of A Thai Drug Network Caught With A Lot of Illegal Drugs

September 12, 2021

During a raid on a house in Bang Pa-in district, seven members of a major drug network were arrested with more than 7 million speed pills, 300kg of crystal methamphetamine, and 184kg of ketamine.
The Narcotics Suppression Bureau raided the house in tambon Chiang Rak Noi recently.
During the search, large quantities of speed pills and other drugs were found, and seven people were arrested, according to the arresting team led by Pol Lt Gen Mantri Yimyaem, commissioner of the NSB.
The house was seized with 7.1 million speed pills, 184kg of ketamine, 300kg of crystal methamphetamine, and four vehicles.
The seven suspects consisted of six men — Siwa Somseesai, 30; Natthaphol Singwisut, 29; Sunthorn Yongyut, 26; Natthayot Wongphuttha, 20; Weerayut Seethao, 20; and Thiwanon Innok, 20; and a woman — Ms. Ratchada Soda, 20.
Three drug suspects were arrested in Bangkok after 40,000 speed pills were seized from them. Later, the officers extended the search and seized 1 million more speed pills from the gang.
The extended police investigation found that the drug network kept large quantities of illicit drugs at a house in the Bang Pa-in district of Ayutthaya, and that the network had more members.
Narcotics were stored in rented houses in several areas, and pickup trucks loaded with crops, especially corn, were used to move illicit drugs under them.

Thai Bits and Crime: You Will Need Proof of Vaccination Or Negative Result On COVID0-19 Test To Eat In Dark Red Restaurants, 25 People In Chaing Mai Drink Alcohol In Restaurant And Get Arrested

September 7, 2021

Can’t Drink Alcohol In Thai Bar Or Restaurants Without Proof In Dark Red Provinces

Restaurants within the “dark red” zones will require proof of vaccination, or a negative antigen test result, starting on October 1, 2021. According to the Bangkok Post, the negative test result must be no older than a week old, and people who have had Covid-19 must show medical records proving they are healthy.
According to Suwannachai Wattanayingcharoenchai from the Health Department, the rule was introduced to allow businesses to re-open during a pandemic. Using the government app, “Thai Save Thai”, customers will be required to provide information on their infection risk prior to entering a restaurant as part of the measures. People entering barbershops and hair salons, as well as spas and beauty treatment centers, are also subject to the measure.
Additionally, business operators will be required to adhere to strict regulations, including ensuring all staff is fully vaccinated, observing social distancing measures, and being screened weekly for the virus. Every 1 – 2 hours, each premise must also disinfect common surfaces and those that are touched frequently. Furthermore, businesses must be properly ventilated and air-conditioning units must have high-efficiency particulate air filters.

Thai Crime: 25 People Arrested At Chiang Mail Restaurant For Drinking Alcohol In Restaurant

Chiang Mai, a northern Thai province, was raided yesterday and 24 people, including the bar owner, were arrested for allegedly gathering to drink alcoholic beverages, a violation of the emergency decree.
Police say the 25 suspects were seen drinking alcohol and dancing to a band playing at a bar. In addition, police say the suspects disregarded provincial control measures by not wearing face masks or avoiding eye contact.
25 suspects were taken to Chang Puak Police Station for further legal proceedings. The 24 bar patrons are currently charged with violating the order of the Chiang Mai Communicable Disease Committee, which prohibits the consumption of alcohol. By allegedly allowing customers to consume alcoholic beverages at his bar, the bar owner violated the provincial order. Media outlets did not identify the bar.
In Thai establishments, alcohol consumption is still largely prohibited as the government has yet to reopen bars, and restaurants are also prohibited from selling alcohol.

Note: Chiang Mai is the second-largest city in Thailand.

A Man Nearly Assassinated The Developers of RPG Game Genshin Impact

April 28, 2021

The Shanghai police arrested a man for allegedly attempting to assassinate the creators of Genshin Impact.
The man used a knife to gain access to MiHoYo’s offices recently but was eventually caught by police. No one was hurt during this incident, and the man is now in jail.
The man was angry about another game by the company called Honkai Impact 3rd. MiHoiYo is probably best known for its role-playing game Genshin Impact.
Honkai Impact 3rd is a 3D mobile game with hack-and-slash elements. Recently, the creative team apologized for the contents of the game that were seen as offensive.
The cause of the incident is unclear. It could be related to the Honkai Impact 3rd game or not. What is clear is that this incident demonstrates the dangers publishers and game developers face when they are in charge of video games.
Genshin Impact will soon have a new PS5 port.
In other MiHoYo related news, Genshin Impact is getting a PS5 port this week. A 4K resolution, enhanced textures, and faster loading times will be available in the new version of Genshin Impact, due to be released on the 28th of April 2021. With a player base of more than 21.3 million, Genshin Impact has continued to gain popularity since its release last year.
Genshin Impact is available on the PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, iOS, Android, and PC. A PS5 version of the game will also be available on 28th April 2021.

The 2000s: The Thai Mob Struck 3 Times with Tragic Consequences

April 4, 2021

When I mean mob, I don’t mean an organization that violates the law. I mean the kind of mob that is a group of people who turn into vigilantes and go after somebody that they feel is violating the law or their beliefs. In movies and TV shows, they are the ones with pitchforks and fire torches.

One day, at a BTS Skytrain stop, a man took a woman hostage with a knife. Somehow, the police had managed to free the woman and the knife.
As soon as the man had been disarmed, the group of Thai people that had watched this situation play out descended on him and killed him.

There is a Buddhist shrine in Bangkok near the World Trade Center (this is what it was called in the 2000s) called the Erawan Shrine.
One day, in March, a man walked into the Erawan shrine and almost immediately started to smash a Buddhist statue.
After he finished smashing the statue, a Thai mob descended on him and killed him.
A family member said that this man was mentally ill and that is probably why he smashed the statue.
The statue was replaced a few weeks later.

In Thailand, after a person files a police complaint, the victim and the criminal, should the criminal have been arrested, must perform a reenactment of the crime.
One day, there was a reenactment of a man raping a woman. A crowd showed up and the father of the victim.
Unfortunately, a crowd thought the father, who kind of looked like the rapist, was the actual rapist. They descended on him and started beating him up.
Fortunately, somebody showed up and told them that he was not the rapist.
The father lived.

I tried to Google all of these to be more accurate about these events. I could only find information about the smashing of the Erawan shrine statue.

Jack The Ripper in Thailand Has Been Sentenced To Death

April 3, 2021

A Thai man known as the Jack the Ripper in Thailand has been sentenced to death.
In Khon Khaen, a province in northwestern (Isaan) Thailand, the court announced their decision regarding his fate. Somkid Poompunag, the convicted killer, was sentenced to death.
In 2005, Somkid killed five women, four masseuses, and a singer.
He would negotiate a sex payment with the women, and then he would drown or strangle them, and he would take their valuables. He did this because he didn’t like how they kept changing the price for the sex.
Originally, he was sentenced to life in prison. His sentence was reduced when he confessed to the police that he killed these women. The Department of Corrections released him in May 2019 on parole because they considered him to be a model prisoner.
He strangled a 51-year-old woman in Khon Khaen seven months later. Officials found her body with clear adhesive tape wrapped around her neck and phone charger cable tied around her ankles, according to the Bangkok Post.
Somkid was caught again in December 2019.
Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha knew about this case and asked the Justice Minister to review Thailand’s regulations on sentence reduction, especially for convicted killers.

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Thai Crime in the 2000s

December 11, 2009

The Stupidest Thai Criminal of the 2000s

            Once upon a time, Tesco Lotus fired a security firm made up of former soldiers. They did not like being fired so they hired a man to do some damage to Tesco Lotus. They hoped that he would do enough damage to prove that they were better than the new firm that Tesco hired.

This man’s first action was to put a grenade in a shopping cart. A store clerk moved this cart and the grenade exploded. She lost an arm.

Somehow, he got an anti-tank missile launcher and fired a missile at a branch of Tesco Lotus. The missile missed the branch and hit a neighbouring building.

The police tracked him down to his house and surrounded it. He killed himself instead of surrendering.

This is Thailand Criminal of the 2000s

        At a medical school somewhere in Thailand, a love triangle had formed between one man and two women.

The Thai man decided that he wanted to be rid of one of the two women. With the help of the woman that he actually loved, he killed the one that he did not like in this love triangle.

After killing the woman and dumping the body on the side of the road, they went to a karaoke. Because after  you kill someone, you just have to go and sing a song. It is the only way to relax and get rid of that pumped energy.

The Thai Serial Killer of the 2000s

One year in this decade, a Thai man moved from province to province. He killed as he travelled and he mostly killed sex workers.

When the police finally caught up to him, he told the police the reason that he killed was that the sex workers kept on changing the price for the sex.