Thai Crime: Tak transgender Was Arrested For Doing LINE Sex Shows

A transgender woman was arrested in Tak province, accused of selling access to live stream sex shows via a group chat on the LINE app. The 30-year-old woman known as Nong Phrai was tracked down and arrested by the Crime Suppression Division in her hometown after the Wang Thong Lang Police in Bangkok also issued a warrant for her arrest on similar charges.
Authorities say they were responding to a complaint regarding a website promoting a group on the LINE app with a 700 baht subscription rate to watch sex shows, including sex videos and live sex shows at various locations. The Criminal Court issued a warrant regarding the sex streams for the transgender woman on August 2 for the charges of producing pornography and putting that porn on computer systems for distribution or commercial purposes, along with similar related charges
Investigators identified the woman and tracked her down to her home town in Sam Ngao District of Tak where she was picked up walking along a dirt road. The transgender woman is reported to have admitted to the crimes and said that she made the live streaming sex videos featured in the LINE group with her boyfriend.
She said that the couple started making live sex shows and sharing them via the LINE app sometime last year and that many people had subscribed to their group. An exact figure was not disclosed for how many members the LINE group had or how much money the couple made with their sex shows.
After the transgender woman’s arrest by the Crime Suppression Division for streaming the live sex shows, she will be handed over to the Wang Thong Lang Police to face prosecution

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