Nonthaburi Restaurant Remains Open Despite Flood

A restaurant in Nonthaburi that had been flooded along the Chao Phraya River turned a negative into a positive after videos went viral showing diners seated knee-deep in floodwaters.
Chao Phraya International Cafe in the Bangkok suburb Nonthaburi province had already been suffering from the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, which saw customer counts plummet, along with closures of restaurants and other businesses across the province. As Thailand has been ravaged by heavy rains and floods from the north, river water was rising and the restaurant owner braced himself for more financial loss.
But instead of closing the restaurant and sandbagging, the owner decided to stay open and, as floodwater rose, customers embraced it. According to the owner, customers love wading into the water to their tables and dodging the waves created by passing boats.
The owner was pleasantly surprised by how much the customers loved the unique element of getting soaked while dining. As a result, he schedules 2 sittings for dinner each evening when water levels are at their highest.
The viral restaurant goes viral as diners brave floodwaters | News by Thaiger
Viral videos show customers enjoying the adventure – alternating between shoveling food into their mouths and jumping out of the way as boats sail past and waves knock over chairs as customers laugh.
The restaurant, once known for its delicious barbecue pork and beautiful sunset views, has evolved into a culinary experience, and the owner couldn’t be happier.

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