Myanmar Residents Returned To Village To Find It Destroyed By Myanmar Military

Residents of Htei Hlaw, a village in Magway Region’s Gangaw Township that was occupied over the weekend by junta troops, returned home to find burned houses and the remains of an unidentified body.
Soldiers raided the village late last Friday and stayed there until 5 p.m. on Sunday, according to residents. Villagers who returned the following day found the body in one of nine houses that had been burnt down.
“They left it in one of the houses.” they recalled. A Htei Hlaw villager told Myanmar Now on Monday that all the flesh had been burned off, leaving only bones.
In addition to destroying two brick houses and seven made of wood, the troops also stole two vehicles from the village monastery.
In addition, many houses were looted, and several pigs left behind by the fleeing villagers were slaughtered and eaten by the occupying soldiers, he said.
Both residents say young men who returned to the village on Saturday to extinguish fires set by the soldiers were forced to flee when they came under fire.
The young villagers did, however, extinguish a number of fires before retreating.
The Htei Hlaw residents said that the troops also shelled positions where fleeing villagers had taken shelter.
“They would shell early in the morning,” they said. They fired five to ten shells at a time. One of the villagers who spoke with Myanmar Now said that it was only in the morning.
The military has repeatedly attacked Htei Hlaw in the strategically important Yaw region of northern Magway since last month.
Regime forces raided the village on September 12, torching 27 homes and killing a villager and a member of a local resistance group.
Thousands of civilians have been displaced by the conflict, which borders Sagaing Region and Chin State, where the military has also encountered fierce resistance since seizing power in February.

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