Thai Crime: Khon Khaen Police Want To Hold Their Alleged American Attacker Longer

Thai police in Khon Kaen are seeking a court order to extend the detention of a sexual assault suspect who allegedly beat and raped a Thai masseuse. Due to concerns that the man might try to flee, the chief of the Muang Khon Kaen police station says officers want to detain the American for another 12 days..Robert Gordon, 37, is accused of sexually abusing and raping a 45-year-old woman at a massage parlor last week. The victim was found naked and bloodied on the floor. On the same day, he allegedly molested a 13-year-old girl in Ban Phai. He fled Khon Kaen on his red motorcycle before being arrested in Bangkok’s Nana district. Police say Gordon told officers he was high on drugs and not in the right frame of mind.Gordon’s re-enactment of the alleged assault, which is standard practice among Thai law enforcement and usually open to the public, was canceled at his request after he expressed fear for his safety. According to reports, the masseuse’s son criticized the police for cancelling the re-enactment, saying a Thai suspect would have to participate. At the re-enactment, the victim’s son said he wanted to confront the suspect.

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