Thai Crime: American Was Recently Arrested For Attacks On Women In Khon Khaen and Bangkok

A 37-year-old man was taken into custody on charges of brutally beating and raping a masseuse as well as assaulting and attempting to rape a 12-year-old girl. Initially believed to be Australian, Robert has now been identified as an American.
On Soi Nana in Bangkok, the Provincial Police Region 4 tracked him to a condominium and took him into custody. He is accused of beating the 45-year-old masseuse on Monday, which was captured on CCTV, before driving off and injuring a young girl at a roadside stall selling honey the next day. The police are holding him in Bangkok until they can transfer him to Khon Kaen.
She identified the attacker as the same man that left the masseuse in a pool of blood earlier that day at Dee Na Massage on Rob Muang Road, so violently assaulted that she has been barely conscious and unable to make a statement to police. The girls said he was not wearing a face mask, was wearing the same clothes, and was riding the same motorcycle as seen in CCTV footage of the massage parlor beating.
In an attack that took place just hours after the massage parlor attack, police were called to Mittraphap Road in Ban Phai at 1 pm on Monday.t 1 pm on Monday.y of the young girl has 2 roadside stalls 500 meters apart selling honey, one manned by her mother and the other by her father with the girl’s help. The father had gone to a forested area nearby to gather wood to repair the stall when the attack occurred.
After the weekend, police will continue their investigation and interview of the young girl in the attack along with child welfare officials and psychologists. They are seeking a court-issued warrant for the man’s formal arrest in this case
Around 1 pm, the American man passed the girl eating at a shed near her stall on a motorbike without license plates before making a U-turn and grabbing her by the collar. He pulled her down to the ground by her collar when she screamed for help. She continued to yell for help and he punched her in the mouth as he groped her and spoke in non-Thai words.
The man tried to continue his attack by unzipping his pants and removing his genitals. A passing oil tanker driver spotted that attack and honked his horn while stopping his truck. A loud noise spooked the man, who fled on his motorbike.

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