Myanmaar Military Are Forcing Certain Civilians To Flee Their Homes

A number of civilians are believed to have been forced to flee their village in the Sagaing Region of Myanmar after security forces allegedly burned down homes and opened fire on residents.
The Irrawaddy news website reports that on Thursday – one day after two police officers died along with their families – government troops burned down a village in the township of Taze, northwest of Mandalay.
The Irrawaddy identified the area as Kyikone Village in a series of images posted on social media. Attacks on the military have increased since parliament members were ousted by the generals who called for a “people’s defensive war” earlier this month.
On September 18, soldiers attacked some 100 members of a local defense group after being “ambushed” in Thantlang, Chin, a military spokesman said on Tuesday, without specifying casualty numbers.
20 homes and a government building were destroyed in a fire after the clash, without specifying the cause. There are reports of casualties.
As a result of the violent overthrow of the government in February by the military, Myanmar has been in turmoil ever since. The ensuing uprising has been suppressed by the army.
Sagaing’s violence comes just one day after thousands of people fled Chin state near the Indian border following fighting between anti-coup dissidents and the militar

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