Thai Crime: An Expat Biker Is Being Sought For Rape And Attack Of Thai Massage Worker

In Muang district, a foreign national attacked and raped a masseuse.
The woman, 45, was working alone at a massage parlor on Rob Muang Road when the attack occurred, said Pol Col Preecha Kengsarikit, chief of the Muang Khon Kaen station.
According to him, a foreigner visited the massage parlor and is believed to be the culprit.
“The foreign man fled on a red motorcycle after the incident. He was treated at the hospital and released. “She has regained consciousness, but she can’t speak,” said Police Col Preecha.
A witness was outside one of their homes when a foreign man wearing trousers and a pink T-shirt left the massage parlor. A motocross bike was parked in front of her house, so he crossed over to it.
According to a witness, he smiled at her, changed into his riding gear, and left his bike.
She called the owner of the massage parlor in Bangkok, who viewed the inside of the premises using a surveillance camera through the internet and then called her back. The owner asked her to help the masseuse who lay bleeding inside after being choked and beaten.
A son of the victim told Pol Col Pisanu Sitthithoon, the investigation officer at Immigration Division 4, that his mother had been working in Australia for seven years. She returned to Thailand about seven months ago and began working at the parlor in Khon Kaen immediately.
The chief of Khon Kaen police, Pol Maj Gen Nopakao Somanas, said staff at another Thai massage parlor on Maliwan Road in Muang district told police the suspect visited there on Sunday and Tuesday.
The customer allegedly swore at the staff and acted aggressively.
“The suspect may not be a local and may have committed crimes in several places aboard the same red motocross motorcycle without an identification plate,” Pol Maj Gen Nopakao said.
He believes the same man molested a schoolgirl in Ban Phai district that day. The girl called for help and the man fled towards Nakhon Ratchasima, he said.
A warrant for the arrest of the unnamed suspect has been approved by Khon Kaen’s court.

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