Donkey Kong Is Now Part of Super Nintendo World In Japan

Super Nintendo World in Japan is expanding to include a Donkey Kong themed area, and I am ready to plan my trip to Donk City.
If you’ve been daydreaming about your next holiday when travel restrictions ease, let me suggest Super Nintendo World. You can find it set inside Universal Studios Japan in Osaka.
Perhaps you want to race on a Mario Karts-inspired course? Or maybe you want to hunt for eggs with Yoshi? You can also punch real blocks and even eat one filled with tiramisu in a restaurant modeled after Toad’s house.
If that isn’t enough for you, though, everyone’s favorite executive ape (Donkey Kong is always wearing a business dress, after all) is getting his own area in the park in 2024.
According to reporting in Video Games Chronicle, the expansion will increase the size of the Super Nintendo world by 70%.
In a press release, Nintendo announced that the new area will include a roller coaster, interactive experiences, and themed food and merch.
Shigeru Miyamoto, the illustrious video game designer (and as he calls himself, ‘Mario’s dad’!), added:
“I am very happy to be able to make the world of Donkey Kong a reality following the world of Mario. I am looking forward to creating a thrilling Donkey Kong experience with the amazing team at Universal. It will take some time until it is completed, but it will be a unique area for not only people who are familiar with Donkey Kong games but for all guests.”
Super Nintendo World opened up in March of this year in Japan. There are versions being built in the Universal Studios theme parks in California and Florida. If you are excited to go ape (I’m so sorry), then you can start planning your trip to Donkey Kong’s area in Osaka in 2024.

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