Game Bits: People Can Fly Changes Strategy, Ex-Electric Square People Form Rev Rooms

Gaming Company Wants To Find A New Strategy

This change in strategy will see People Can Fly expanding into AA games and new genres alongside its AAA shooter efforts.
According to the Outriders studio, its AAA games will have quality comparable to its previous titles but will have a shorter development time, lower budget, and smaller scope.
A goal is to release at least one game each year, beginning in 2024, and the company plans to hire new teams or acquire new studios specifically to work on those titles.
After acquiring Chicago-based Phosphor Studios in April, People Can Fly now has seven studios worldwide.
The company emphasized that the new strategy will be pursued in addition to its previous one and that it will work on multiple AAA titles simultaneously.

Rev Rooms Developers Come From Electric Square

Former Electric Square developers announced the formation of Rev Rooms, a game audio studio.
Based in Brighton, the new office will provide services such as original recordings, sound effects, and voice-overs.
Gwen Raymond, Andy Gibson, and Gavin Shepherd formed the new studio.
Previously, Raymond, Gibson, and Shepherd worked at Electric Square, where Raymond served as a senior programmer, Gibson as audio lead, and Shepherd as studio audio lead.
Gibson remarked, “We are so fortunate to have brought together such a strong team at Rev Rooms.”
According to him, “We have all worked in small and large studios and know how important it is for outsourcing companies to become as much part of the development team as possible, delivering integrated audio without pain and friction.

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