Thai Crime: Bangkok Police Ruin Party in Ramintra Area And Confiscate Drugs

59 young people were arrested in the early morning hours of Bangkok for possessing illegal drugs and holding an illegal party in a hotel in Ram Intra. At a birthday party last night, 29 men and 30 women were arrested.
Police officers from Khok Khram police station and members of the Special Operations Police raided the party at 1:30 a.m. based on reports that a large group of youths were gathered at the Galaxy Resort Hotel and that drugs were involved.
The police were easily able to locate the hotel room hosting the party as loud music could be heard. 59 people were found drinking in the room after the raid. During the search, police found 8.5 grams of ketamine and 61 ecstasy pills.
The police confirmed that the room was booked for a birthday party for only one person, named Bird. The illegal party itself was reportedly held in the reception room of the hotel despite the Covid-19 Emergency Decree restrictions which forbid large gatherings, especially those involving alcohol.
Tor was reported to have attended and brought the drugs seized during the raid. All 59 people at the party were tested for illegal drugs by the police, but the results have yet to be released.
The 59 participants were all tested for Covid-19 when they were taken into custody at the Special Operations Police office where they were transported,ve. the Khok Khram police station to face charges. They are all being charged with colluding in illegal possession of illicit drugs as well as violating the Emergency Decree and Communicable Disease Act by holding activities in a crowded location and attending an illegal gathering.
The police also intend to summon the owner of the hotel who approved or allowed the party to face subsequent charges.

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