Myanmar Military Uses The Internet and Weapons To Maintain Power

After committing a series of violent assaults, including shelling towns and burning villages, Myanmar’s military regime recently cut off internet access to Chin State, except for Hakha, and to three townships in the Magwe Region.
A blackout of the internet could signal the regime’s intention to use even more force against the anti-regime resistance groups in the affected areas. There have been no internet services offered by Myanmar’s three main telecom operators in Chin State.
Since Thursday evening, three townships in the Magwe Region have been experiencing internet blackouts – Gangaw, Hteelin, and Myaing.
These townships are strongholds of anti-regime forces that have suffered heavy casualties at the hands of junta forces.
Approximately 300 firefights have broken out in Chin State since late April between the military regime’s forces and the Chinland Defense Force, armed mainly with homemade traditional hunting weapons.
Nearly 500 junta soldiers and about 60 civilian resistance fighters were killed in the firefights, according to the CDF. As junta forces and civilian resistance fighters engage in fierce urban combat, all rural areas of Chin State are under the control of the Chinland Defense Force, a CDF spokesperson told The Irrawaddy.
In response to the recent attacks by CDF units, the Myanmar military has bombarded residential areas of three Chin State towns-Thantlang, Hakah, and Mindat.
In response to a shootout with the CDF, junta forces shelled Thantlang, destroying more than 20 houses. Also killed were soldiers who shot a Chin Christian pastor who had left his home to put out fires caused by the artillery barrage.

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