Myanmar Acitivists Fear For The Life of Student Acitivist

Activists say they fear for the life of a students’ union chairperson who was detained by junta forces while riding a long-distance bus.
Aye Nandar Soe, 21, was stopped and arrested at the Yadanabon bridge connecting Mandalay and Sagaing. She is a student leader at the Sagaing University of Education, where she is in her fourth year of studies.
They believe she was arrested for opposing the military’s February coup and don’t know where she is. The junta is cracking down on student and youth activists across the country as she is detained.
The junta has not publicly announced Aye Nandar Soe’s arrest or the reasons for her detention. Other student activists who have been detained recently have been charged with incitement.
The All Burma Federation of Student Unions (ABFSU), of which Aye Nandar Soe’s union is a member, said in a statement that Aye Nandar Soe is being detained.
The statement said, “We fear for the safety of our comrade Aye Nandar Soe.”
ABFSU spokesperson said he had no idea where she was traveling when she was detained.
The military has increased its arrests of anti-junta student activists in recent weeks, but the exact number detained is not known, the spokesperson explained.
He told many students from the ABFSU and other student unions were arrested, but those who weren’t will continue to revolt against the military.
An ABFSU member and two others were recently detained in Yangon on suspicion of organizing bank robberies in order to fund armed resistance against the junta.
The Assistance Association for Political Prisoners estimates that at least 1,122 people have been killed by the junta and 6,698 others are detained.

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