Judge Issues An Injunction In Apple V. Epic Games That Allows Developers To Do What They Want

Despite a judge’s refusal to call Apple a monopoly in a case brought by Epic Games, the giant tech company did receive an injunction related to its App Store, according to SBJ’s James Fudge.
Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers ruled in favor of Apple on nine of ten counts brought forward by Epic, the developer of Fortnite. The company has 90 days to comply with the order, though it is likely to appeal.
In opposition to Epic, Rogers agreed that Apple’s implementation of “anti-steering policies,” which prohibit developers from contacting consumers directly or placing links in-app that direct consumers away from the store’s purchasing system, was heavy-handed and anti-competitive.
After Epic introduced a direct link to buy in-app currency directly from the developer, Apple and Epic filed a lawsuit in 2020. Apple and Epic Games pulled Fortnite from the App Store. Epic, from Apple’s perspective, wanted to avoid paying 15-30% commission on in-app purchases, while Apple saw it as an additional option to consumers’ direct purchases within Apple’s ecosystem.
Epic is suing Google, which took similar action against its game, in federal court. As of this writing, Epic has not announced when or if Fortnite will return to iOS devices.

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