More Myanmar Military Killed By Opposition

The Chinland Defence Force (CDF) chapter in Thantlang, Chin State, ambushed the troops on Thursday, killing two soldiers while injuring four others.
Recently, the CDF-Thantlang launched a surprise attack on the junta troops conducting inspections in the town.
“They would come to every house and check people’s mobile phones and household registrations. “t attacked them because they harassed the people,” he said.
CDF-Thantlang withdrew from the area after the attack, to which the military responded by indiscriminately firing heavy artillery and guns into the town, a CDF spokesperson said.
A home was reportedly destroyed by shells fired from Thantiang.
A few hours after the fighting, the junta’s soldiers cordoned off the town and searched thoroughly. They continued inspecting both houses and cars on Friday morning.
CDF-Thantlang has threatened to attack the residents of the township if the junta continues to engage in violence.
After the February 1 coup and the brutal crackdown by the junta on anticoup protesters, young people across Chin State formed the Chinland Defence Force (CDF) and took up arms against the junta.
Shadow National Unity Government (NUG) announced on September 7 that it would wage a “resistance war” against the junta. Fighting broke out in Hakha and Thantlang in Chin State.
In recent months, CDF groups say they have killed hundreds of junta soldiers in Hakha, Thantlang and Mindat, respectively, in Chin State’s guerrilla war against the coup.

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